How to Have Sex with a Woman you like?


Having sex with a woman may not exactly have a formula for how to do it but there are pointers on how to go about it. How to have sex with a woman is a process that requires gradual progress from one-step to another.

If you want your woman to have a night to remember (or day) then the following tips will guide you on how to have sex with your woman. Though there are different types of sex such as anal sex, the following will generally get you through to please your woman during sexual intercourse.

Men tend to get aroused through sight and in many cases; they are bound to want to have sex more easily as compared to women. Women on the other hand are aroused by touch.

5 steps to Have Sex with a Woman you like


1) Work on foreplay

As a man, chances are you will start by playing the lead role. As the lead player, you will initiate sexual activity. This is in an effort to arouse your woman and get her on the same page as yourself. As indicated above, women tend to get aroused by touch and it is your role to make the right move. .

This is where foreplay comes in handy. You cannot simply go straight to sexual intercourse because you may hurt the woman, as she is not yet well lubricated. The following pointers will help you through the fore play stage.

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2) Kissing

Kissing is a key aspect if you are looking to have sex with your woman. While it is okay to kiss her on her lips, this should not stop there. A woman has a number of sensitive areas such as her ear lobe or her neck that will help you one-step closer to getting her naked. Work your way through her body. Take your time and exercise patience.

3) Touching

Touching your woman is the main key aspect to get her going crazy. You will have to identify which parts of her body are sensitive to help you maximize on the effect you have on her. The crazier it gets, the better the sexual intercourse. It is advisable that you combine touching with kissing for a sensual feeling. Some of a woman’s body parts that are sensitive to touch include her breasts and her neck.

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While still touching, this is your opportunity to start stripping her naked. Make it slow and always be keen to read her reaction. It takes different times to arouse different women. In this, study your woman. Watch out for signs such as fast breathings and if she starts to pull you closer.

Once the two of you are naked, you have the opportunity to reach out and gain access to more sensitive body parts. Gently playing with her breasts and vagina will get her up against the walls. This plays a very important role as it also works towards lubricating her vagina.

Make her as wet as possible before you can penetrate her vagina. Finger her gently. This makes sexual intercourse more pleasurable for both you and her. This will also enable you to identify when she is wet and ready.

You can help her to get wet by sucking her breasts and if she is relaxed and confident around you, you can lick her pussy. This is by far one of the most arousing sexual activities for a woman.

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4) Talking sexy

This acts as a tease to make your woman feel like she is the most important thing to you. In addition, with the rights words, it will add to turn her on. However, do not make her feel like a tramp, as your initial effort will turn to a deaf ear. Whisper in her ear

5) Approach sexual intercourse

Once both of you are horny and are in the mood to take it a notch higher to penetrative sex, you have to take it upon yourself and work through into her vagina. Penetrate your cock slowly as you go deeper and deeper. Start by playing around with the surface, as her juices will wet your cock enabling you to make deeper penetrations with the right lubrication.

While many will get started on the missionary style where the woman lies on her back as the man rhythmically pounds in and out of the vagina, there are other sex styles to venture into. You can flip her over and allow her to take charger as she rides you or you can penetrate her vagina from the back when she is on all fours. Be adventurous and try out something fresh.

As you have sexual intercourse, it is advisable that you keep touching her in the areas that you identified as sensitive so the two of you can keep going. Keep this up until both you and she explode in cum after an orgasm. Keep in mind that a woman can have more than one orgasm so you have no reason to stop until you experience an orgasm.

At this point, hold her close to you and rest together. It is a turn off when you wake up and leave her in the room. The above pointers will guide you on how to have sex with a woman. You are free to make it creative and it does not have to be necessarily on a bed. Have your woman and blow her away.