12 Ways That Will Make You Last Longer In Bed

How to last longer in bed naturally shouldn’t be a rocket science. Sex is amazing and the best part is when both parties get the satisfaction of their lifetime at every moment. In this, premature ejaculation can be embarrassing and can kill your morale in the event that it becomes a frequent occurrence, it can be devastating.

This is mind; you do not have to rush to a doctor or chemist to buy Viagra for lasting longer in bed. You can employ some techniques both before and during sexual intercourse so you can last longer in bed.

12 Tips you can use to last longer in bed

There are a number of things to consider even before sexual intercourse. This will help you better your sex drive as well as stay longer. Some of the tips are things you can do or avoid in your day-to-day lifestyle in an effort to make the results long lasting in the long term.

Remain positive and relax your body

remember to relax

The concern may be related to both physical as well as mental well being. It is advisable that you approach sex in the most confident way with a positive attitude. What you feed your mind is a powerful enough to help you fulfill it physically. Getting into sex with fear and doubt will get you nothing but shorter sexual intercourse every time. Work on your confidence and you are on your way to longer lasting sex.

Master masturbation

This one of the best tip to use when looking to learn how to last longer in bed naturally. While the debate about masturbation and its effects is still ongoing, you will be glad to know that it aids in ensuring that you last longer in bed. This is because you get to understand yourself better and know your reaction when you are about to end it. In this, you can then know that it is time to slow down and keep it going rather than picking up the pace and let it loose. You can term this process as practicing with yourself so you get to know yourself better.

Try to retain a monogamous relationship

Keeping to one regular sexual partner will help you master the art of lasting longer in bed. Every time you have a different woman with you, you will always experience the excitement of a first-time sex. This excitement is more likely to lead to premature ejaculation/ shorter periods of sex. On the other hand, you retain your sexual partner and once the excitement is under control, you will be able to tame him down and last longer. It also builds our confidence, as you are more comfortable around her.

Use a condom

use a condom

There has been a complaint that using a condom can decrease the pleasure one experiences during sexual intercourse. However, if you are trying to learn how to last longer in bed, don’t you think that this is the right direction in bed? It will keep you going more than usual as you try to reach the climax.

In the end, both you and your partner get the excitement you deserve as you climax. This contraceptive may be advertised for preventing pregnancies and/or sexually transmitted diseases, and you can now add the advantage of helping you last longer.

Avoid the intake of alcohol and drug substances containing tobacco

avoid intake of alcohol

The use of substances such as alcohol, tobacco, and hard drugs tends to interfere with a person’s ability to control ejaculations. This is because you are not in the right thinking capacity to make decisions. In this, you can barely even tell you are about to ejaculate thus getting you to cum even before your woman does.

Follow the above tips on how to last longer in bed and you will be fulfilling your sexual objectives. These tips need not be followed only when thinking of sex but should be at the back of your mind from time to time. It is like preparing for a battle. You need to start practicing and equipping yourself with the right tools and tactics to survive it in the long run.

While you may have prepared before sex by applying the above tips, you can make things even better during sex without having to seek the use of Viagra and other medications that may come with side effects. Remember, you are trying to remedy a problem and not introduce another in the process.

Make foreplay even longer

make foreplay even longer

Foreplay helps you to get things started and arouse your hormones. Instead of rushing and having sex first, you can keep to this stage. Not only will you be staying in bed longer, but you will also get your woman to get to the point that you are so you can both get to the point of no return together. Women are aroused by touch and by kissing and touching longer, you will be getting her to the point that you need to last over the same period of time.

Change positions more often

change positions more often

Changing positions in bed act as a distraction as it changes the pace at which you and your partner are going at. It also slows down the session as well as the level of excitement. In addition, changing positions will help you explore much more and keep sex exciting so you want to keep going on and on. If you want to learn how to last longer in bed naturally this another great tip to use.

You can also take a brief pause and focus on your woman. While she may want you to keep going, the brief pause will help calm her just enough to allow the two of you pick it up all over again. Try it all and do not get scared of trying something new.

Allow her to gain some control

Being in control has a positive effect on you. It is noted that the individual who experiences the most excitement is the person that is in control this is because they know what they want and they are looking to make sure they receive it the way they want it.

In this, it is advisable that you allow your woman to be in control sometimes. During this period, you will get off the high horse for some time. Making control shifts will help you last longer and make your woman excited so you can both experience the excitement.

Get your woman to go on top. In this position, make the request that she thrusts slowly. Avoid the quick and long thrusting. This gets the man excited and should be saved for last when both parties are good and ready.

Look for points of distraction

look for points of distraction

Sometimes, you may be too excited during sex. In this, you need to change your line of thought and get something to distract your excitement. Sex is also affected by our mental and psychological well being and by creating a distraction; you will be affecting your sexual drive.

However, be sure to think of something that is not related to turning you on. You can think about work or school, depending on your situation. This will help to slow you down and you can easily pick up later and get the moment over the hills. It is therefore important that you stop thinking of your orgasm. Remember that your brain plays a major role during sex and the response you get in the end. This is why the distractions come in handy.

Breathe slow deep breaths

breathe slowly

During sex, you can employ the strategy of taking slow and deep breaths. Just like in yoga, breathing techniques will help you relax. Similarly, you will find yourself relaxing as you breathe in this manner so you can gain control of your excitement. You will remain not only relaxed but also calm all through and when the right time comes, you can stop pick up the excitement and make the two of you happy.

Go for more than one round

The first round may be short due to all the excitement. Relax shortly and get back for round two. It is evident that men will last longer in the second round as the excitement is under control. With practice, you will realize that your round one also starts to last longer than usual. This also works with women and is proven to provide positive results.

Keep the pace slow

If you are trying to last longer in bed, it is advisable that you take it slow until you cannot do it any longer. Getting started at a fast pace will kill your desire to last longer in bed. Make the moment memorable rather than trying to rush hit and destroying the moment. Be sure to use some of these techniques to get her wet while you go slow. They are bound to work!

While you are ensuring you are following the above tips, there are things you can do to make these tips even better. The key is to make the above ideas work for you and ensure that both you and your woman are having the moment of their lives.

Things you can do to be more relaxed

  • You can Take a bath before getting to bed. It is advisable that the bath is warm so it can help you relax as well as in building your confidence.
  • Have fun. Sometimes thinking too much about your concern may just be the reason you are having the problem. Having fun will also get your mind over any insecurity you may have and it will focus on making your partner come down to the same level of excitement so you are in the same boat.
  • Be yourself. Sometimes wanting to try so much gets you tensed. Ease yourself and even allow her to touch you. While she is the same reason you are excited, she is also the same person who can help you control it.


How to last longer in bed shouldn’t be a major issue as long as you follow the above tips correctly. When both parties are having fun and make the best of it, sex is a fulfilling action. It can get you to a level where no other activity can and provides other benefits to your body as well. In this, whether it is in an effort to experience long-term excitement or simply derive other benefits, lasting longer is a dream comes true for many and more so for men. It helps them boost their confidence as well as maintain the spark in the relationship.

The above tips will help you to learn how to last longer in bed without having to expose yourself to any harmful strategies and methods. They are also simple and they will bring positive results sooner.

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