How to Let a Guy Know You Like Him-16 Things You Must Do

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Men and women struggle daily with dating issues. We seem so far apart that one often wonders how we ever get together. One age-old question is how to let a guy know you like him? This dilemma has been around from the beginning of time.

I’m sure the cavewoman had her special techniques for cluing in her favorite cave guy. Nowadays, we are supposed to be more sophisticated and worldly but here is a few time approved ways of  how to let a guy know you like him:

Telling a guy you like him – 16 Ways to do that


Be a good girl

You would think that this would be a given but for some reason, ever since we were five years old, girls think that being mean to a guy lets him know you like him. Back in the day, we would chase them and kick them. Now, we may just use sarcasm or haughtiness, but the theory is the same. We treat you badly so you must know we like you. This does not work guys do not get the hint when we are hateful to them. Instead, try being nice-complimenting them or being friendly.

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Take an interest

Guys (like most people) are flattered when you show an interest in any part of their life. You compliment their car…you have their attention. You like his cologne…he starts getting the message. Showing a genuine interest in a man will help him realize that you are interested.

Do the unexpected

Another great tip on how to let a guy know you like him is by doing something unexpected. If you are tired of being in the friend zone with a guy, do something different. Make him a cake, for no reason. Buy him that CD he has been talking about; surprise him with a ticket to a movie he wants to see. If you can startle him out of the friendship mode, he may start realizing you like him a lot.

Make a real date

You usually hang out with a group of friends, but there is one guy who you want to develop more with. So, single him out for a meal or to come over to your house alone. If he doesn’t start getting the idea, you may have a difficult task ahead of you.

Say it in a card

If you find yourself stumbling over words when you are with him, and you just can’t work up the nerve to tell him to find a card to say it for you. Find a cute, semi-serious card and add some personal words to let him know how much you care.

The “eyes” have it

Sometimes you can let a guy know you like him without words. Your body language and gestures can say it all. Catch his eye and hold it just long enough to go beyond friendship; be affectionate with him…guys pick up on things like this quicker than words.

When all else fails..text him!

It is often easier to communicate when you don’t face to face. If you send him some flirty texts throughout the day, he may begin to catch on. Include some hearts and other emojis to get the message across.

It worked in grade school

Some girls get the message across by talking to a best friend. You know his best friend, so you pull him aside and tell him how much you like this guy. Hopefully, the pal will pass on your little “secret.”

A picture is worth a thousand words

In this day and time, social media is updated by the second which gives you a good reason to snap pictures of just the two of you and post them. You can caption them with something sentimental or flirty to draw his attention.

Be on point

One essential thing you can do to let a guy know you like him is always to look and smell irresistible when he’s around. Hopefully, he will notice and appreciate your beauty inside and out.

Get to know the people he hangs out with

If they are important to him, make them meaningful to you. If you can get along with his friends, you are ahead on the dating thing. He will appreciate someone that his friends like.

Don’t become clingy

One thing you need to remember as an interested party is that men still like a little chase, too. Don’t become clingy…be independent and do some things on your own. Give him time to miss you and to realize things aren’t as fun without you.

Wait to see if he is picking up your signals

One way to see if he is picking up your signals is by mentioning another guy around him. Just notice how cute someone is or wonder aloud if that guy has a girlfriend and watch for a response. If you get a sarcastic answer from him, or he seems a little jealous, he might just like you too.

Take the bold approach

You can always take the bold approach and just ask the guy if he has a girlfriend or love interest. Hopefully, this will spark a conversation that leads to why not me? Of course, you need to be subtle somewhat, but this is a great conversation starter.

Do small (or big) favor for him

Another way to let a guy know you like him is by going out of your way to do small (or big) favor for him. If he didn’t get the notes from class, offer him yours. If he needs a ride to the airport, volunteer. These things should show him that you are interested way past the friend zone.

Laughter is the best medicine

We all love to be around someone who appreciates our wicked sense of humor. When you are with him, laugh at his jokes. You don’t want to go overboard so try for somewhere between a slight giggle to embarrassing hysterical laughter. You want to go for just the right laugh. He will notice you much faster after that.

Quick Video Tips Of How To Let A Guy Know You Like Him

So, there are some things you can do to let him know you like him. Guys are just like us; they sometimes need a little extra hint to get it. It can be frustrating to try and alert him to your feelings but don’t give up-you just might capture the love of your life with the right signals. If you use the  above tips correctly you will be able to learn how to let a guy know you like him