Having someone break your trust can make you feel hurt, shocked and even physically sick. This could encourage you to think differently about your relationship and your partner.

We put our trust in someone who did not deserve it and then later we find out we’re being fooled.

It’s sad, isn’t it?

“Did I do something wrong?” or “It is because I’m not good enough for him?”

Those thoughts always appear when we are been deceived with our partner.

Some couples split up when one of them cheats in a relationship while others remain together. Some people find it hard to get back together because they don’t want to trust their partner again. Meanwhile, some people still love their partner despite being repeatedly deceived. That’s a basic case in a relationship.

After all, once trust is lost, it will need a lot of work to build it again. 

Here is how to love your man again

The loss of your desired relationship can cause serious anger, jealousy, and disappointment, and also raise many questions.

Will you want to stay? Would things be the same anyway? One thing is certain that it will take time to build trust and fall in love again.

Here are a few tips on how to love your partner again after he cheated on you.

1. Forgive and build up a new trust

You need to accept the fact that everybody makes mistakes, including your boyfriend. Therefore, you need to taking enough time to evaluate what kind of relationship that you and your boyfriend have.

You can figure out where he went wrong, you can choose to forgive him and move on, even after he lying or cheating. But this decision totally depends on you.

Once you know that forgiving is going to give you more good for your relationship, you are going to do whatever you can to forgive him. You are also willing to take him back and move on to better things.

The more you learn to forgive, the greater your faith will become.

And even if it wasn’t meant to be the relationship, you’ll quickly move on with a huge smile on your face realizing you’ve done nothing but the best.

My advice is – before you forgive your boyfriend, you’ll need to make it clear you’re giving him the last chance. Your boyfriend should know that the relationship would bite the dust if he ever betrayed your faith, cheated or lied ever again.

2. Listen to your inner voice

Every relationship has its ups and downs. However, if the problem is about trust, then you will have to think about how to fix it.

The only way the relationship ever goes forward is to rebuild your trust in your relationship. Trust is very important and it needs to be treated with great care.

If your partner cheated or lied, you need to ask yourself what type of relationship did you want? Did your partner deserve the second chance? If you believe he does and he is a good material husband, then maybe you can give him another chance.

3. Trust your partner but don’t forget his deed

You’ll be showing your partner, that trust is earned. You can forgive him but you also need to keep in mind what he did.

Thankfully you can still find different ways to make your boyfriend earn the hard way to win your trust. You don’t really have to rub it in his face to get him to work hard and win your trust.

Letting him know from the very beginning that you have forgiven him but you also still reminisce about his behavior. This enough to make him work on the trust that he has destroyed.

You also need to make him realize that he’ll have to work hard to win back your trust. And if he is serious about the second chance that you give him, he will do everything in his ability to rebuild the trust and the relationship.

Once you’ve made your point clear, it’s time to set aside your trust issues and rebuild your relationship.

Also, remember to focus on other things that can make you trust him again. The more you focus on yourself, the more he can help rebuild the trust and make your relationship much stronger. At the end of the day, trust issues will only creep into you if you allow them.

4. Avoid talking about the past

The most important thing on how to love your partner again is you need to stop talking about the past.  Talking about the past will make it hard to move on and focus on your future. 

Yeah, it’s true that your boyfriend is wrong but if you still love your boyfriend and want him to work to gain your trust, you need to stop talking about the past.

Trust me, no one loves to talk about the past. You need to try to move on and forgive his wrongdoings. But bear in mind, forgiveness doesn’t mean you need to neglect his wrongdoings.

This way, it can make him be more careful in the future.

5. Don’t blame yourself for his mistakes

Sadly, we women often end up blaming ourselves when our partner cheats or ruins the relationship. This shouldn’t happen, when he cheats on you, then that was his fault and never yours.

He is the one who makes that decision, not you. In other words, your boyfriend should be the one who needs to work hard to gain your trust.

And if he doesn’t, you should just move on and doing fine on your own. In short, never allow these people or circumstances to give you heartbreak for a long time.

6. You need to learn to let it go

Particularly after your boyfriend broke your trust, you need to learn how to let go of the pain. Holding on to the pain does not only worsen your emotion but it also not help you fix anything.

When you trying to let go of the pain, it would make it easier to forgive your boyfriend and rebuild the trust in your relationship. However, you’ll need to sit down with your boyfriend and discuss a few issues, especially your way forward as a partner.

It will be a difficult task to do. But sometimes, you just need to be a stronger person in order to get the relationship back.

Just make sure your partner knows that he’s going to have to earn your trust all over again. That’s going to teach him and be a constant reminder that the moment he breaks your heart again, he will lose your trust forever.

Last But Not Least…

After the trust is broken, it’s quite impossible to build a relationship back. Whether it’s worth it or not, it depends on you and the needs of your relationship.

However, if you decide to forgive and love him again, you need to learn to let go of your past and accept him as a new person. But still, it is important for you to know that you should never sacrifice your feelings for the wrong person.

If you want to try and fix things, be prepared to take some time to do it. If both sides are committed to rebuilding the relationship, you may find that both of you are coming out stronger than before.

Lots of people make stupid decisions. We are doing it all the time. We are hurting those we love the most. For a moment, we become beings that we never thought we might be.

Rather than gathering the broken bits and throw it away, it would be much better to reassemble the relationship and make it stronger, smarter, sincerity and full of love.

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