Picking up girls requires the right skills of not being afraid of rejections. Pickup artists have written books, and countless movies and YouTube videos are about the art of how to pick up girls. Since the beginning of time, men have chased women to get their attention.

15 Great tips you must use

Even though today’s man is more subtle about his goals, the outcome is still the same. Some people are sure of specific tricks and programs on how to be successful when trying to get a date with a woman. Here are some of the top ideas out there on how to pick up women.

Be on point

Before you think about even approaching a beautiful looking girl, make sure you look and smell your best. Dress nicely without trying too hard. Shower, trim, shave and use some subtle cologne. Most women don’t like extensive use of odor or perfume when you walk up to them. You will be more confident if you are looking your best, and ladies will sense that.

Pick a great place to pick up the ladies

pick a nice restaurant

When you’re picking up girls, you want to consider what type of girl you are looking to get. Are you looking for a hot girl to date or show off to your friends? A club would be the best place for this type of girl. Are you looking for long-term, more the kind of girl you can take home to mom? Grocery stores and the church may warrant your attention for this type of girl. If you want to roll the dice, try a nice upscale bar where there is a dress code. Here, you will most likely find some good girls with a “twist.”

Prepare your conversation starters

be prepared and give a gift

Another thing you need to do when learning how to pick up girls is to review your opening lines and conversation starters. If you haven’t already, be sure to read our quick guide on how to introduce yourself to a girl. You don’t want to be cheesy, but being witty is excellent. Saying something memorable and genuine is the best route to go. Don’t listen to your buddies on this one. Be original. Also, form a plan in your mind about how to keep the conversation going. Have some questions in mind that will help you learn all about her.

Survey the crowd

When you have chosen your venue, and you’re showered and fluffed up and thought about opening lines, you are ready to enter. Walk into the club, church or grocery store alone and pick an inconspicuous spot to survey the crowd. If appropriate, order a drink and begin to evaluate the room. The best girl to look for is one that’s alone and away from her friends. If you see a girl at the bar alone, but she is slumped over and crying into her Pina Colada, she might not be a good choice.

Time to show your confidence

Once you find a lady that you would like to meet, it is time to show positive body language. When you catch her eye, give her a friendly smile. You don’t want her to see your molars, so just a healthy smile. If she smiles back, you are well on your way. Also, pay attention to your demeanor. You want to look confident without being cocky, relaxed without appearing asleep. Picking up girls require a lot of confidence! Keep in mind that a woman will not be impressed by a man that seems nervous.

Build a connection

build a connection

Now that you have established eye contact, you will want to buy her a drink. Hopefully, once she receives it and if the waiter has pointed you out as the person who bought it (and not someone else), you’ll probably see a smile and a mouthed, “thanks.” If you are fortunate, she may even gesture for you to join her.

Make a move when the time is right

If you don’t get the universal “come on over” sign, you have the choice to make. Remember to prepare ahead on what to talk about with this chick! Should you ask her to dance or stroll over to start a conversation? I suggest asking her to dance. It is an excellent way to break the ice, and the music will cover those inevitable awkward silences. When you dance with a beautiful woman, respect her personal space, if it is a fast song. Maintain eye contact with her and lots of charming smiles.

Be a gentleman and dance with her

be a gentleman

If a slow song is your fate, embrace it. Hold her firmly but not too close and keep your hands off her personal areas. Look her in the eyes and refrain from whispering in her ear, unless she says something in yours first. Conversation if optional, but keep it to a minimum to not destroy the moment. When the music stops, walk her to her seat, thank her for the dance and walk away. Yes, I said… walk away.

Show her that you are enjoying yourself

Women appreciate challenges too, so when you walk away, she is analyzing the situation. She is wondering, “is he not interested?”. We have written an excellent step-by-step guide that explains the signs to look for when a girl likes you. If you have the courage, ask another girl to dance. You are enjoying yourself and “owning” the room. However, after a few dances, you will want to make your way back to your chosen girl.

Remember to be yourself

be yourself

Always ask before you plop down in the seat next to her. Now, is the time for your witty opener. If you nail it, you’ll most likely be greeted with a laugh or a cute smile. All you have to do now is be yourself and get to know this lovely lady. You can break up the conversation with more dances. Jokes and funny stories are good icebreakers but don’t do one right after the other. Also, do not monopolize the discussion it should be all about her.

Don’t get too drunk

One important thing to remember is that you do not need to get drunk. You must maintain your composure and be able to focus (soberly) on her. You don’t want to focus on parts of her body, but instead, you want to listen attentively. Compliments are great but don’t make them too personal. If you see that she has nice hair or beautiful eyes, it’s a perfect time to tell her.

Refrain from talking about yourself

Refrain from boasting and talking about yourself too much. Try to link your interests with hers to find common ground. Ask open-ended questions that will prevent her from only using yes or no answers. If for some reason, her friends or your friends show up, be welcoming but still focus on her.

Time to make the final decision

As the evening wanes, you are getting to the delicate part of the pick-up process. You have to make a snap judgment about where you want this encounter to go. If you are looking for a simple hook-up, a quick wink and nod of the head may suffice. However, if you look at her as girlfriend material, you must approach things differently.

Stay respectful

Respect is essential when picking up girls If you would like to establish an enduring connection with this lovely girl, you must be polite and generous. You can tell her how much you have enjoyed the evening and ask if you could call her. If she agrees, let her put her number in your phone. A quick kiss on the cheek or a witty line would work well here.

Time to call her

its time to call her

Finally, if you have successfully laid the groundwork, you will be able to continue your pursuit. Make sure you do the calling, even if you are no longer interested. Just a quick courtesy call will satisfy your obligation if you don’t want to see her again. If you are excited, however, call her sooner rather than later, and continue being your witty self.

The art of picking up girls shouldn’t be difficult as long you utilize the tips above correctly. The most important thing to remember is that they are just human beings like you and me. They get nervous, fear rejections and most are just looking for a genuinely nice guy. Women are not conquests but instead they can be friends or partners for life.

Picking up girls the easy way