How to Propose to a Girl-9 Tips You Must use

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How to propose to a girl can be mind blowing especially if you are not sure if she will say yes. So, you have found the girl for you; she gives you butterflies, and she has stayed with you through good times and bad. She understands your addiction to Star Wars and likes you anyway.

You have met each other’s family and didn’t break up. She is a keeper. So you are looking for ways on how to propose to a girl in a romantic and memorable way? First, there are a few things you need to do to prepare for the big event.

9 Best ways to propose a girl


Make sure she is the One for you

Before you do anything else, make sure (as much as you can) that this is truly the girl you want to spend forever with. Talk to trusted friends and some older, married family. Let others tell you what is involved in marriage. It isn’t always what it seems on the car commercials. Forever is a long time, so you want to be as sure as possible.

Purchase the ring

Once you decide to go forward to propose to her, you need to purchase a ring. There are differing opinions on this angle. Some guys let the lady dictate what she wants. Personally, I think it is better for you to pick out the ring. Of course, you want to keep your girlfriend’s tastes and preferences in mind.

If she wears silver jewelry, it wouldn’t be an excellent idea to buy a big old gold ring. Try to channel her as you look at rings. The accepted rate is usually to spend about two months salary for the engagement ring. If you don’t know her ring size, it’s okay…rings can be sized later. If this is something you need to save for, you will need to think far ahead in advance.

Ask parents for permission to marry her

A modern tradition when proposing to a girl is for you to ask her parents for their permission to marry her. This is usually done in private, without the girl knowing. Most girls and parents appreciate this gesture. It is a good idea to ask them for a nice dinner for the occasion. Good luck trying to hide this from your girl. If your girlfriend is a hardcore feminist, you may need to skip this step altogether.

Choose the right place to propose to her

You will require more planning as you prepare for this special day. Picking the right place and date is as important as the ring. Areas can vary from incredibly romantic to goofy to outrageous. This is where you need to be yourself. If you haven’t been outside for recreation, like ever-don’t choose the beach.

If you are a jock, don’t choose a fancy garden spot. The place you propose should reflect you two as a couple. Search your memory for unique places that you have been. Think about places that are personal to her…does she always talk about Disney? Where was your first date?

Avoid big screen

One thing you may want to avoid is the big screen at sporting events. Besides being a little cheesy, what if it doesn’t go well? Do you want to be rejected on the Jumbotron? While sports venues appeal to you, they might not talk to your girlfriend. Make this about her and her personality. Pay attention to things she says about places that are special to her.

Be Romantic

If you want to go romantic, you can go big like a hot air balloon or simple as a picnic lunch by the river. Whichever place you choose, it is your job to make it romantic. Bring along some wine or champagne and find a way to have your favorite song playing. You also may want to get one of your buddies to be the “secret” photographer. Hopefully, he can stay hidden until the precise moment and then capture it on film.

Come up with fun ideas to propose to her

Some guys choose to make a unique proposal. They set up clues and props ahead of time almost a scavenger hunt. When the girl gets to the last place, it is time for the big reveal. This is a clever and fun way to make the proposal. She is bound to remember this.

  • Another classic proposal trick is to hide the ring. You could hide it in a dessert (somewhat messy) or at the end of a string for her to discover. Some restaurants will work with you to bring the ring out, covered by a cloche. Then, when she opens it…you can pop the question. You will be surrounded by patrons who will most likely reward you with applause.
  • If you want to make a grand gesture for your proposal, you can arrange to propose to her at work. Girls like for you to show your feelings in front of her co-workers. This will make you a popular guy around the office, not to mention draw the anger of other boyfriends who will have to hear about your beautiful proposal. Let them eat their hearts out!
  • Destination proposals can be a great choice. If you two are scheduled to take a vacation in a scenic locale, it might be just the right time to ask the big question. Once again, the more planning you put into it, the better it will be. The surprise is the key. Sunsets are a beautiful way to propose…it makes great pictures and what a romantic way to ask.
  • Another thing for you to consider is the “position” you want to take. Do you take the traditional route, down on one knee? Many girls expect this and dream of it for years. You know your girlfriend better than anyone, hopefully. What would she like? The typical pose or something unique?


Keep it as a surprise for her

Just remember, as you plan your proposal, the fewer people you tell- the better it will go. Well-meaning friends can let things “slip” which would ruin your plans. If you have a good friend, who is trustworthy, you can let him help you set things up. Otherwise, you shouldn’t tell anyone, especially her friends.

Plan something special ahead for the two of you

Something else for you think about is, what happens after the proposal. Trusting that she will say yes, you need to plan for some alone time after the big event. If you propose at Christmas dinner, in front of the family you, need to plan a short escape where just the two of you can be alone, even if it’s just a walk. This is a very special time that you need time to share together.

So, how to propose to a girl varied as the personalities of the people involved. The most important factor in the proposal is that you put her first and think about what she will like. Hopefully, you have done your homework and knew your girl and her preferences.

If you two have built a solid relationship and have the same goals, she will surely say “yes.” You are putting your heart on the line and your fear of being rejected. But chances are, she feels the same way about you, and this will be one of the happiest days of your life when she agrees to spend the rest of her life with you.

Once she does say “yes,” you better hang on for a long ride. The wedding plans will begin, and this is a whole different world. Make sure you are ready for all of this before you propose. In many cases, the plans take off like a rocket, and you will be left feeling a little dazed and confused. That’s okay, you’ve done your part…now leave the rest to your bride to be!