There are several ways of communication and body language signs will always sell you out. It takes time for a man to admit that he likes a given girl. While speech may be difficult to express since he has to get the wording right and make the move at the right time, body language cannot be hidden. The reaction is out of his control and sometimes, he may not realize that he is actually doing it.

14 ways to read the body language of men

In this, you need to understand the body language of men. More importantly, you need to know how to read the body language of men. Keep in mind that words can be deceptive but it will take a genius to make false body language signs. Other than relying on your intuition, look at his body language sign and tell if for sure he is attracted to you or if he’s not. With a combination of any of the following, you will be able to draw a better conclusion towards where he is heading.

Facial expression

read his facial expression

Believe it or not, most of the body language signs are expressed through facial expression. You can tell of excitement from observing facial reaction every time he is around you. The following indicates some facial expression that will be evident if the guy hanging around you likes you.

  • He tilts his head slightly towards either side is a sign he likes you. He is showing interest as he seems to want to move towards you.
  • When you see the guy lift his eyebrow as he tries to look towards your direction, you can take this as a positive sign. His forehead rising high normally accompanies this body language sign.

Watch out for his smile. Depending on the surrounding, a man can deliver several flirtatious smiles when he has a liking for you. If he is interested in you and is seeking to achieve much more, he will deliver the closed mouth smile. However, he is also saying that he is shy. Alternatively, he may smirk. This is seen as a side smile and can be rather obvious.

Eye contact

he makes eye contact

Eye contact defines confidence under any circumstances. However, when you notice a guy look at you and shy away soon after you turn to look, the probability is that he will shy away and avoid eye contact. However, this body language is evident during the initial period the two of you are meeting. With time, he will start to gaze longer. He is making his intention known to you. The more comfortable he gets around you; he also develops strong eye contact as he gains confidence. If you’re struggling to get him to notice you, take a look at these proven tips that’ll help you with just that!

Look at the direction of his chest and shoulders

Another body language sign is the direction of his shoulders and chest when the two of you are together. This will happen even when you are in the same room but are different places. He will be making conversation elsewhere but directing this body part towards you.

Let’s say a lot too

If he is spreading his feet apart when standing, believe it, he is showing off while at the same time give you the impression that he is all-powerful. When sited, he may spread his legs. This exposes his sensitive areas. Translate this to mean that he is willing to get you into his life so he can get to know you better. Beware of the position he does this with to ensure that the interest is with you and not someone else. Also, watch out for the manner in which he crosses his legs. In an effort to show, he likes you, he will cross his legs while at the same time turning his upper body towards you. On the other hand, if he turns away from you, you are just another ordinary pal.


look at his teeth

Guys will tend to show their front teeth more often when he likes you. This is because he tends to be extra excited. This is not necessarily about him laughing. A simple conversation will get him showing his teeth. Smiling all the way thus showing your teeth more, rather than smirking is a great sign especially if you know you are not saying anything funny means he has a keen interest. He is also glad that he is right by your side.

He licks his lips

he licks his lips

When a guy likes you, he tends to produce extra saliva. This, in turn, forces him to quickly lick his lips. Alternatively, he will lock them together in an effort to retain his saliva. However, be keen to avoid the guy who slowly licks his lips in a creepy way.

Taking a deep breath

If your guy takes a deep breath when you come into contact with him followed by puffing up his chest and pulling in his belly, he likes you. This is because he is trying to attract you by making himself appear more physically fit with a broader chest and smaller waistline.

Leaning towards you

he is leaning towards you

When you are hanging out in public and during a conversation, he is trying to get close to you. If you are in a noisy place and he is forced to lean towards you so that he can hear you, then this does not count. Look out for this sign especially when the two of you are in a suitable environment where he will not have reason to lean over.

Initiating physical contact through excuses

initiating physical contact through excuses

Many times, a guy will simply tell you that something is wrong and you end up fixing it. However, if a guy takes up this role and tries to initiate physical contact, you are in luck. For example, if he tries to push your hair back and tuck it at the back of your hair for no just reason, he is simply finding a reason to get closer. Another gesture is when you sit and he sits close enough to ensure your knees are touching.

The catch to distinguish whether he wants you for sex or to get to know you are what he does as he pulls closer. If he does it suddenly and retains the position, chances are he only has an interest in sex. However, if he does it slowly and gets shy which leads to a smile as he tries to pull back, he is showing interest though trying to hold back so it is not so obvious.

Touching his throat

When your guy is trying to make conversation and you notice that he has a thing of touching his throat, then he probably likes you. This gesture implies that as much as he would love to keep talking to you, he is also worried about what to say in an effort not to get on your wrong side. However, this must be accompanied by other body language signs. This is because some men are good at what they do and they will converse like a charm.

Grazing your forearm as he talks to you

This is a definite body language signs to indicate that he likes you. By grazing your forearm, he is trying to get your attention and his intention is to impress you. As well, he is trying to draw your attention to justify himself by keeping you to himself. He is trying to own you subconsciously. His thoughts are all about you and him.

Hand gestures

hand gestures

This is another definite gesture that a guy likes you. He may take your hand and simply embrace it as he presses it against his palms. When offering to hold your hand, he will offer his hand with the palm facing upwards. Alternatively, he may interlock your fingers whether you are walking together or simply sited. Crossing fingers is a gesture that indicates he wants to connect with you and get to know you better. He is also trying to initiate physical contact for good reason too. He is also not afraid to let in others on his little secret that he likes you.

Whether you are meeting for the first time or you have attended a few dates, men who are trying to show interest will try to look their best. If you notice that he tries to fix his hair, chances are he is making sure he looks great just for you. Since he is avoiding making it obvious, he will use his fingers to try to fix it.

Walking beside you

If the guy is trying to match his pace with your pace by walking beside you, the probability is that he wants to spend more time knowing you. However, if he is walking ahead of you, he probably is thinking of him and not the two of you unless he is helping create a path for you to walk through in a crowded area. Lagging behind you shows disinterest and that he is probably trying to avoid you.

Enhances his grooming

he enhances his grooming

If you met him before, and know his usual grooming techniques, then this body language tells a lot. When a guy likes you, he tries to be at his best every time he comes around you. This is in reference to the change of the way he dresses, the hairdo or how he composes himself; he is trying to impress you. He is trying to stand out so you notice. Naturally, men will not care about anything but when they start to dress up; a girl’s impact is taking action.

Catching the body language signs

  • Monitor his change in behavior and observe his behavior around other girls as well. If the behavior is similar, then do not make any judgment. It is evident he is just social with everyone.
  • Take into account more than just a few body language gestures before making any conclusions. Making a decision based on one or two gestures will mislead you.
  • Take your time. Avoid flings by taking your time to see if the interest you are thinking exists is actually present.
  • Do not appear desperate by trying too hard to fetch signals from him. If he is not doing it by himself, he does not fancy you in the way you thought.

The body language of men when they like you can be rather obvious yet tricky to conclude on. You, therefore, need to be thorough on how to read the body language of men before you embarrass yourself.

It is also advisable that you pick out several body language gestures before you can make an overall decision. In addition, take your time and allow his thirst for more if he truly likes you.

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If he is truly drawn to you, he will not leave or rush you. In addition, beware not to confuse body language for men when he likes you and body language for men when he wants to get you to bed. The above should act as a guide in understanding how to read the body language of men or body language signs he likes you.