9 Ideas For a Nice Second Date

You managed to get through your first date and everything went as planned. You had fun and you cannot wait for any of your second date ideas. During first dates, you have a wide category of first date ideas to exploit.

9 Good second date ideas you should definitely plan for

After this date, you definitely know your date better and you are looking forward to another one. While it is obvious that you are going out for a second date, it is not so obvious of the idea. Before your date, make sure that you prepare some great topics to talk about. It can save you from awkward silences! If you are looking for second date ideas, the following tips will come in handy.

Go out for a picnic

go out for a picnic

Picnics are great 2nd date ideas, especially for outdoor lovers. Pick grounds that are not too crowded to help you relax and get to know each other better. Pack a few snacks and drinks. As part of your second date ideas, you can enjoy feeding each other, as you are no longer strangers. You can try a park, the beach, or a lake. Anything with a great view is a plus.

Enjoy some live music

enjoy some live music

Live music either from a band or from a concert is fun and involving. This is a good idea as you can let loose and enjoy every moment. Live music is soothing and warm to entertain dates. With live music, the environment and setting are just right and it is not noisy. However, since you are still getting to know each other, attend music areas that are not too crowded so that you can also have the chance to bond.

Cook for your date

cook for your date

Many times, individuals will lean towards going out to dinner to a nice restaurant. For your second date ideas, think of cooking for your date. It is safe to welcome your date home for some home-cooked meal for the second date. Whether you are a female or a male, this works for both. Make the thought count and do not overdo anything. Cook around your comfort zone and do not try to cook foods that are not in your comfort zone.

Visit the Arboretum

take her to the Arboretum

The arboretum is a cool and calm place to have your second date. This will provide the best environment to know each other better. The peace is captivating and even when you are not talking; you have enough to appreciate in the arboretum You will not need any pick-up lines as you can derive topics from the surrounding. This venture is also educative.

Visit an amusement park

take her to the amusement park

An amusement park is a fun place to hang out. As a second date idea, you get to play several games, take different rides, as well as win your date some prizes. This also leaves memorable moments for both of you as you undertake so many activities. Take on all the rides you have to.

Go paintballing

bring her to the paintball court

Paintball is fun and the best part is that you get to act silly and still enjoy yourself. You are bound to create long-lasting memories while paintballing. Shoot at each other with paint. This is not about competitiveness but about bonding so do not rush the game.

Go hiking

take her hiking

Hiking is not only fun especially since you is the two of you but it also offers you time to be alone. Remember that you are looking for a fun day out with your date and not a physically fit agenda on your hike. Therefore, you need to slow the pace and enjoy the moment.

Go out to a jazz club

take her to a jazz club

Jazz music is soothing to the heart and soul which makes it part of the great 2nd date ideas. Identify a jazz club and reserve seats that are strategically placed so you have a perfect view. Jazz music brings out the romantic nature of your date and you can explore this opportunity to prove to your date that he or she is in safe hands.

Go to the theater

You can go out to the cinema or stay at home and rent a movie but it is best that you go to the theater where you can watch and listen to live acting. Get into it and you will identify situations that are fun and captivating for you to discuss. You will definitely find out more that will help you plan for other dates in sessions such as these.

How to come up with good second date ideas?

You don’t have to worry too much about more 2nd date ideas. Maybe on what you have to wear but depending on the venue and idea that should be easy to shortlist what is in your wardrobe. Depending on your date’s personality, picking out an idea will not be so difficult, especially you’re getting to know your date better.

A yes to a second date means that your first date went well but this does not mean that you are done and have scored 100 percent. If you are going to stick around your date, the second date ideas need to be just as great as the first. Before inviting her to a second date, it is wise of you to read his body language to know for sure if he’ into you. It can save you from an embarrassing moment…

To get you started, you will need great ideas for a second date. You should be able to perfect the second date because you now understand your date better. This is because you better understand your date’s personality and preferences. The above will guide you through to identifying the best 2nd date ideas to suit your need.

What to do on a second date

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