How to Impress a Girl you like – 6 crucial Tips you Must Learn


How to impress a girl is a question many guys often ask. You have your eye on a given girl and you are looking to impress her. It can be a girl you have been friends with for a while or a girl you do not know very well. Though the circumstances are different, you still have the chance of impressing her and probably making her fall in love with you.

Implement the following tactics to help you learn how to impress a girl. Remember, you are still looking to remain natural and be yourself. You do not want to win her over just to get tired of being someone you are not.

6 crucial Tips to impress a Girl


1) Work on your dressing

Your dressing refers to several aspects. You will need to address the aspect taking a shower/ a bath, brushing your teeth, managing facial hair, wearing a deodorant as well as smelling good. However, you must not overdo anything as you will be selling yourself out by trying too hard.

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2) Be smart and intelligent

Intelligence is detectable and women love it. Intelligence contributes greatly towards girls liking you. Ask yourself why girls will approach the guy who could help them figure out what is happening. When referring to intelligence, it is important to note that one has to be all rounded.

It is not just about being book smart and you have no idea what the rest of the world is going through. This prevents limiting the topics to address. It can be a challenge but you do not necessarily have to know it all.

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3) Be polite

Every girl likes a guy who is polite rather than one who is pushy. At the slightest opportunity, use words such as sorry, please, and thank you. Being rude is a no-no and this will make her run faster than you could apologize. This means you have to treat people with respect and not just her. If you are looking to impress her, this is your chance to have another campaign for you too. You have no idea of the impact someone different has when they say how great you are. She will also start to see it too.

4) Compliment her

When you get the chance and you are around her or have had the opportunity of sitting next to her in your class or office, make positive and genuine compliments. It is advisable that you try and keep the compliments short and sweet as you get started.

When she is warming up to them, you can exploit all the other positive things you like about her.

After all, you are looking to impress her because you like her so this step should not be difficult for you to achieve. Ensure you also personalize the compliments. This means that you must use the compliment to reflect on just her. For example, rather than say how her dress is stunning, it is better to tell her that she looks great in the dress.

5) Concentrate on her and make her feel special

Keep in mind that you are trying to impress her and not every other female. You, therefore, need to concentrate on her. Depending on her personality, identify some little things that will wow her. Make an exception and ensure that you are there to help her. It could be her bag or helping her get a cup of coffee. You do not have to wait for her to make the request. It gives you a bonus if you can do it before she has to ask.

6) Avoid focusing on yourself

Many guys will keep talking and talking about what they have achieved and what their plans are and forget it is not about them. You need to learn to let her talk but if she asks you a question you can be brief with your answer and get to talk too. On the other hand, do not let her talk solely. She will probably think you are boring. Instead, give her the opportunity to talk while you contribute to the conversation.

This will enable you to get to know her so that you can be able to plan for the next move. In addition, you should talk about more general stuff rather than talk about personal things. This will get her uncomfortable and probably try to avoid you in the long-term. Look at topics such as music, hobbies, or her interests.

How to impress a girl fast?

The strategies above are simple and should not be overdone. Right about every guy can work on these. It is important that you do not push her or act like you are stalking her. This will get her running away from you. Bring out your charm and work on the above personalities and she will get to notice you.

How to impress a girl is by Starting off slow and pick up depending on her response. Remember, girls have a difference response period but you will surely get there. A little patience will take you a long way. The ideas above are great tips to help you learn how to impress a girl you like.