How to Impress a Guy you Like: 7 Tips You Must Know


How to Impress a Guy does not have to be complicated. However, keep in mind that you will be sending the wrong message if you try too hard. Pretending is also not an option for ladies.

The following is how to impress a guy and leave a long-lasting impression. As you implement the following easy ways, it is important to remember that you have to be yourself rather than living a lie.

7 Ways to impress a guy you like


1) Catch his eye

This is the very first step you need to make before you can make any other. You cannot make a further effort if he will not notice. It is also important that you create an accommodating atmosphere for both of you. Get to talk to him and when this is successful make several of the topics about him.

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This will help you find out his likes and dislikes. However, it is advisable that you concentrate on aspects that intrigue him so you have fun around each other. Do not be pushy, the more you talk, the more you will find out without having to be a nag.

You can try asking for his opinion rather than asking a direct question which can be intimidating.

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2) Identify some common interests

After communication lines are open, you will be able to find out his interests. While this is key, the most important objective is to identify the interests of the two of you share. This gives you a common ground where you can have fun without intruding on the other person’s desires.

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The passion derived from sharing a common interest can get you to be the best of friends with the understanding that you understand each other. Keeping a conversation going is far much easier when the topic of discussion is similar. You will not have to pretend to listen and enjoy it.

It is fun and warm when both of you can laugh and want to meet again because you both enjoyed the experience.

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3) Pursue your interests and hobbies

Your personal interests are also a strong point. Taking on your interests and hobbies also brings out the best in you. Do not be the girl who clings to the television all the time. It can be tempting but it is best when you are out there and give him something to be impressed about.

Guess what, you will be glad to know that a guy will be impressed that you can actually achieve something that they have not thought of. As long as you are not trying to rub it to his face, you will impress him by simply doing what you love to do and dedicate yourself to it.

4) Embrace your individuality

While your key objective is to impress a guy, you should not neglect or ignore who you are. Just as indicated above, you cannot pretend to be someone you are not and get through it your entire life.

If you think you are different in one way or another, it is important that you do not through that away just in the name of hoping he will not get to know. Your individuality defines you and even better makes you stand out and might exactly what you need to draw his attention.

5) Explore your charisma

A charismatic personality is the key to impressing a guy. With this personality, you can impress right about anyone, as you are a warm and welcoming nature.

When everyone agrees on your charisma and wants to be around you, it is next to impossible that the guy you are hoping to impress will not notice. He will feel really good knowing that the two of you are closer despite all the attention you are receiving.

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6) Be confident

Confidence is a definite winner that will contribute towards impressing a guy. A confident woman portrays the illusion that she has everything, well most of her stuff, figured out. No one wants to hang around the shy girl who is constantly facing the ground or avoiding everyone.

Even for a guy who likes shy girls, adopting the art of confidence makes it easier for a guy to approach them. Walk with your head high and he will be asking after you. For some ladies, confidence is not exactly a strength. You can work on it gradually over some time.

7) Do not act damn or needy

Acting damn or needy is one of the greatest mistakes ladies make when trying to impress a guy. Tackling things on your own will get him to turn. Yes, you can ask for an opinion but do not sound like you will not achieve anything. You will sound more like a burden than an outstanding lady.

How to impress a guy to make him like you?

Looking at the above tactics, how to impress a guy does not have to be rocket science. You probably have all it takes already with you to impress him but you need to pronounce them more to draw the positive attention. It is not an overnight agenda, but you stand to enjoy long-term benefits once you do it right.