How to Increase Breast Size fast-7 Things You Must Do


There are several alternatives on how to increase breast size for individuals to explore. They all come with their advantages and disadvantages for you to explore and decide which, is the best option to help you achieve the breast size of your preference.

While others are natural, others are provided through medical/ surgery processes. If you are wondering if you can increase your breast size, the answer is yes. The following offer the several options you have on how to increase breast size.

1) Natural methods

Natural methods do not come with side effects as a result of the method in question. These methods are easily achieved from the comfort of your home and are not complicated. They include:

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Appropriate exercising

Exercising your chest muscles is a great natural way of increasing breast size. Workout with exercises such as push-ups, dumbbell chest presses, as well as isometric chest contractions. These exercises work on your muscles to firm your breasts thus making them appear larger.

Incorporating the right diet

A healthy diet is everything for your body and with the right diet; you will be able to increase breast size. Include soy products in your diet in addition to fruits or their juices, green leafy vegetables, and whole grain products in your diet. This is because they are a great source of estrogen, which is a hormone responsible for the growth of female breasts during puberty.

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Working on attaining a straight posture

A straight posture lifts your breasts as opposed to a slouchy posture where your breasts fall back and appear flat. Walk and stand up straight and you will notice the change.

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Breast massage methods

Breast massages work to shape your tissue and make them fuller and firmer. This method, however, requires patience. This method may go hand in hand with creams and oils seeking to achieve the same objectives.

Using enhancing bras and the right bra size
By using the right bra size, padded bras, or push-up bras, you can create the illusion that your breasts are larger in size.

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2) Medical/surgical methods

Medical or surgical procedures are majorly costly and the results are still not permanent. However, you can increase your breasts to any size that you want. The following are the possible options you have.

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Breast implants

You can choose between silicone and saline implants with the help of an expert. However, it is important to note that this method is costly.

Plastic surgery

A plastic surgeon will educate you on the necessary information regarding the different surgical options on how to increase breast size.

Cosmetic solution

Cosmetic solutions work by creating an illusion rather than tampering with the size of your breasts exactly. They are, therefore, safe for use to all. They include:

Breast contouring

This method works as a trick to the eyes of those looking at you because you use makeup to create the illusion that your breast size is larger. It goes well with low-necked tops as the make-up is applied around your chest and cleavage.

Invest in chicken fillets

These silicone bra inserts are designed for you to insert in your usual bra and give the illusion that they are fuller and larger. If you cannot find a skin tone that suits yours, you can go for the transparent ones.

3) Use of breast enhancements products

The market is equipped with a number of products promising to increase your breast size without surgery. The creams and products include:

Enlarging creams

There are several products out in the market promising to meet your breast size increment objectives. They contain estrogen and collagen which help your breasts fill up and appear larger. It is advisable that you carry out research on the available products before settling for one. To help you get started, try products that come with natural ingredients.

The Brava

The Brava works similar as a pump and it works by fitting it on to your breasts then it vacuums the inside. The results are noted to be gradual.

Breast fillers

Fillers fill your breasts to increase their size as a result of hyaluronic acid injections. You get your injections on the breasts and you are required to have several injections before you can see the results. For many, this is costly. Also, consider the side effects that come with this method before settling for them.

Electric acupuncture

This method requires that an electrical current is transferred through your breasts with the help of needles, which aim at plumping your cells thus larger breasts. The effects are not permanent and you may need more visits to the service provider.

How to increase breast size fast video

The above methods on how to increase breast size offer a wide variety of methods to help you meet your likes and preferences. The diversity offers different personnel the ability to meet this objective to suit their preferences and ensure that there is a solution for everyone who is not satisfied with their breast size.

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