How to Kiss a Guy to Make Him Love you More – 8 Tips to Use

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How to kiss a guy shouldn’t be difficult for any women at all. Kissing is passionate and perfecting this art can make your guy love you more and want to be with you.

A good kisser will always have her way through very many things without necessarily having to have sex. To make a kiss everything that he wants, you need to be prepared and it is best that you learn how to do it right with the best kissing tips below. The following tips will help you learn how to kiss a guy.

8 Kissing Tips You Must Know


1) Make your lips stunning

Before a guy will even want to kiss you, he must like what he sees first. In this, it is your role to ensure that you look more than stunning. While the rest of your facial appearance will play a major role when kissing, your lips are the most important aspect to help you deliver a kiss to remember.

Before you learn how to kiss a guy, ensure you have applied some lip balm to prevent your lips from drying. This will leave your lips soft and gentle as well as looking fuller. You can do away with lipstick to avoid leaving a mess on his clothing and all over your face.

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2) Hint your intentions

You can choose to let your man know of what you want to do. Most of the time, this will make your process easier if he also wants to get down. However, if you are the shy type, you can also take a different route that will help you make him know exactly what you want.

For example, you can place your focus on his lips when having a conversation. However, do not stare at his lips all through the conversation. If you are looking to tease him, place your focus on his lips by stealing quick glances. He is likely to notice the glances. Staring is also rude so do not stare.

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3) Approach his lips and start slow and gentle

Soon as he acknowledges the gesture, you are likely to hold it together and go for the kiss. Start slow and avoid rushing. Play with either the bottom or the upper lip.

It is, however, recommended that you start with the lower lip, grab the upper lip, and complete the cycle by passionately kissing. Depending on which one you started with, exchange them and from time to time lock in both lips and massage them with your lips.

4) From gentle, put some pressure to make him feel the impact

At this stage, you are looking to make him want to get closer. What you are looking to do is put some pressure on his lips. Now, you are not looking to bite him or crush his lips, no. you are looking to create a closer and more passionate impact.

5) Combine the use of your lips with your teeth

Everyone knows that lips are the main deal when looking to kiss anyone or anything. But it is evident that you can also incorporate your teeth in his session. Bite his lower lip and upper lip and ensure that you do not put in so much pressure to avoid biting him to the point where you are making him bleed. Try squeezing one of his lip between your teeth.

6) Play with your head’s position

When making out, ensure that you do not maintain one position of your head. Many women will tilt their head in one direction and retain it at that. It is, therefore, recommended that you change the position of your head. This allows you to play with each other, which in turn plays a great role in ensuring passion and make him want much more from you every time you approach him.

7) Let him kiss you

You may have initiated the ordeal but from time to time, allow him to play the lead role. This makes him feel like he is the main man. This will also play in your favor especially because you will also get to know what he likes and how he likes it. Rather than being, dominating and making him feel intimidated, it is best that you share roles and learn from each other. There is nothing as good and fulfilling as knowing that you surpassed his expectations.

8) Kiss other places other than his lips

It is obvious that every time a woman goes in to kiss a guy, she will go for his lips first. After playing around with his lips, venture into other features such as his neck and ear. This will also break the same routine and avoid boredom. The art of kissing is all about passion and adventure.

How to kiss a man and ensure that he is happy?

How to kiss a guy to make him love you more does not have to be as difficult as many think of. Ensure that you start right from your appearance in an effort to keep your relationship burning. It is not as complicated as you may think with the above kissing tips, all you have to do is explore your feminism side.