How Do you Know if a Guy Likes You-19 Tell Tale Signs

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The mysteries of attraction run deep, and many of their secrets remained locked. Why does one girl attract a boy but another one doesn’t? Are there physical or chemical reasons for attraction? Moreover, how do you know if a guy likes you? .Researchers have pondered these questions for ages, and while we have some answers, many remain to be solved.

how can a girl tell if a boy likes her? How do you know if a guy likes you or if he is pretending? If you don’t want to be caught off guard, then prepare ahead of time. There are definite signs and predictors for women to be aware of.

How to Know if a Boy Likes You-19 Crucial Signs You Must Know



All Smiles-One of the most basic hints of attraction is a smile. When a boy likes a girl, he will follow her with his eyes and when she looks at him a great big smile will break out over his face. The smile is different from a polite, “Hi, how are you,” and is more of a “Wow…how are you??”

His Demeanor

Oops-You can tell if a man likes you by his demeanor. If he acts silly and tells lame jokes- he is probably nervous. If he trips over his shoes or even his tongue- he likes you. Men often get anxious about approaching a woman he likes and this may show in the way he walks and talks

Being Attentive

When a man is talking to a girl he likes, he is attentive to what she is saying. If he makes good eye contact and is engaged, he likes you. If he is watching television over your shoulder or texting, that means he is not interested.

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Touch when he sees you Or Call you after

A touch is worth a thousand words: Many men are demonstrative with affection, so if he touches your shoulder while he’s talking or gives quick little hugs, he is into you.

Just checking to make sure this a real number: Another way to tell if a man likes you is how long he waits to call after he gets your number. Some people still do the “wait a while, so I don’t look desperate,” tactic. But is a guy is interested in you, he may not wait to call you. That’s a great sign of attraction.

Compliment you

Love your hair: Men usually compliment someone they are interested in. If you are in a group setting, and he keeps saying nice things about you, he is most likely interested in you. Men who compliment a girl in front of their friends are showing a particular interest. Bonus points!

Want to schedule a special date

Carriage rides and midnight picnics: If a man is interested in you, he will be thoughtful about special dates. He will take care to plan something unusual or something special for you. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, just well -planned out.

Best foot forward

Something to look for, to determine if he likes you, is how he presents himself. Does he take pains to be well groomed? Is his car always clean and organized? This means he cares about your impressions of him.

Introduce you to a family member

One sure way to know if he likes you if he introduces you to his family. This old-fashioned idea still rings true. Even if he slowly introduces you, by letting you meet his 4th cousin- that is still a positive indication.

Jealous about You

Brad Whatshisname: Jealousy- if he gets upset when you notice other men (even celebrities) that mean he is attracted to you and interested. If he rolls his eyes or turns red when you drool over another man chances are he likes you.

Talk to you about his plan or events

Cinco de Mayo: If a guy mentions parties or other events to you, he is hinting he’d like you to go with him. This is especially significant if the events are in the future. Extra bonus points if he asks.

Using emojis :)

Smiley face, goofy face…lol: texting Texting-This is a good sign that he can’t get you off his mind. Silly or witty texts are his way of saying,”I like you!” Ten texts in thirty minutes could be stalking-it’s fine line.

He put all of his focus into you

Angelina Who? All about you- If he is looking in your eyes when a beautiful girl walks by, you may have him hooked.

That time again?

If a guy really likes you, he will not run away during monthly mood swings. If you find the monthly dates marked in his calendar with X marks, might want to invest in some Midol.

Surprise you for a coffee break together

If he likes you, he will surprise you with little surprises, for no reason at all. This is a very good sign! If he gets the exact coffee you like, complete with a hint of mocha-he is definitely paying attention.

Skipping meeting to meet with you

What meeting? When a guy likes you, he will suddenly skip things, just to be with you. If you mention being somewhere at 8-he will cancel his plans and show up.

He cooks For you

Bon Appetite-If a man cooks for you, just know that he really likes you. So what if you see takeout boxes in the trash-it’s the thought that counts.

He listens to your story

A man who listens to stories about your childhood or sits through endless baby pictures is definitely interested in you!! If he can remember the name of the softball team you played on…it’s a definite interest.

He laughs at your Joke

Is Laughter contagious? If he has to laugh when he hears you laugh, there’s a good chance he likes you. Also, if he laughs at ALL your jokes, he is smitten. Even you aren’t that funny all of the time.

Interested in every detail about you

How hot does that drive in window get? A man who is interested in every detail of your job is certainly interested in you. If he doesn’t yawn or nod off while you tell him about your day, that’s good for some points, too.

What is the best way to tell if a guy likes you?

Here’s the best way to know if he likes you: He ignores his phone when you are around. Believe it or not, there really are men who have not attached anatomically to their cell phone. If he keeps his out of sight when you are around – that’s a great sign. (However, if you have been dating a while, his absent phone becomes a bad sign!!)

So, that’s some of the ways you can tell if a guy really likes you. While there are no hard and fast rules to attraction and chemistry, wise people have put this list together. At the very least, you can print them and have them in your purse to consult at the club. When all the faces run together and you can’t remember his name, just watch his body language. If he comes over to ask you to dance, between songs, you can probably bet he is attracted.

Girls, at a certain age, become adept at reading signs. A man’s posture or facial expressions say much more than his words. The age-old art of flirting can be lost in the fast-paced world of Tinder and Facebook. Just remember that our parents did not have these helps. They had to go out and meet people the old-fashioned way. So, while you may not read him on Skype-you can definitely tell at Starbucks if he likes you or not. It’s worth the chance, what do you have to lose? You can always go back to swiping right…