8 best long distance relationships advice


Long distance relationships take place all the time. They usually happen when two people make a connection and then have to depart for some reason. People also form long distance romances when they meet each other online.

A long distance relationship can be extremely challenging because people typically have a hard time making things work. The following advice will provide some useful information is for long distance couples who want a practical way to keep their relationships intact.

How to make a long distance relationship work?


1) Be Realistic about your Situation

When a relationship forms between two people and they are separated by a great deal of space; chances are the union will fail. Why? The truth is that people must spend face-time with each other to help keep their relationship going.

People involved in relationships typically spend time together going out in public, they speak directly to one another and they engage in physical intimacy. This is a necessity for making a relationship work. Couples who cannot form a direct intimate bond will usually fail. People cannot underestimate the importance of intimacy and the direct one-on-one interaction.

2) Creating a Strong Sense of Intimacy is Crucial for Long Distance Relationships

There is a saying which states that a person is only as faithful as their options. This particular statement should be considered by people before they develop a long distance relationship. Why? Because people will usually go to the easiest and most accessible person to get intimacy.

It is a fact (and no accident) that most people date individuals within their social circle. They date people that they meet at work and get involved with people from places where they socialize. People also meet other individuals from their churches, clubs or bars, by joining local sports teams and in public places close to their home. In other words, they meet people that live within a close proximity to them. This is important because a person’s physical presence is necessary for a relationship when it is first being developed.

One of the things that makes a relationship so special and addicting in the beginning is the physical intimacy that people share. Physical intimacy does not necessarily mean sex. Communicating and getting to know each other’s personality is what is being discussed. Being able to look directly into that special person’s eyes or to experience those warm feelings when they are directly in each others presence is also a part of this process.

So, couples who are separated by many miles will have to be able to find some practical ways to mimic intimacy. If they do not find a solution that will overcome this problem their relationship will fail. If it does not fail, there will probably be a lot of cheating going on because people want and need to have direct intimacy with another person.

3) Practical Solutions for Overcoming Intimacy Problems


Talk to each other on the phone as much as possible

This is doable in today’s world because of smartphone technology and the internet. Use social media and your cell phone to contact people at least once a day. A person does not have to spend hours a day communicating but a simple message will help to keep the intimacy going.

Contact each other through a video camera

Video cameras are great because they allow people to see one another directly while they speak. This will give a couple a chance to develop their intimacy almost as if they were with each other. It will also allow them to do things together such as to eat a meal or watch a movie. They could leave the camera on and let their partners see what they are doing when they are walking around their place.

Couples could also dance in front of each other or discuss what is happening in their lives. They could even walk around out in public with their tablet or smartphone video cam while their partner is on the other end. Honestly, a video camera is probably one of the most important tools for people involved in a long distance relationship. It allows people to get that direct contact with one another and this is almost as good as the real thing.

4) The Sex Factor

One of the most important reasons why people get involved in relationships is for sex. Do not be deceived about this point. Many people are driven by sexual urges and desires to form a relationship. Once they are involved in a relationship they expect their partners to fulfill this need in some type of way. Whether it is by holding hands, snuggling or literally through intercourse people want sexual intimacy.

Sex will definitely be a problem for people who are separated from one another. They will have to find creative ways to overcome this issue, otherwise, they will probably cheat or be frustrated to the point where they will give up the relationship.

Some people (such as Christians) have religious views that prevent them from having sex outside of marriage. If a person has beliefs that prohibit sexual intimacy before marriage; then a long distance relationship might be able to last longer without the sex. This is also true for people who might not be a Christian but has a strong moral code which prohibits the use of sex.

However, a lot of people want their sexual desires to be fulfilled. Men and women both want to be touched, caressed and pleasured by their love interest.

Major tips for long distance relationships

The following activities could be carried out to help alleviate sexual pressure within a relationship.

Video Camera Intimacy

I will not advocate the use of premarital sex between people, but if a long distance couple wants to engage in this practice they should use a video cam to achieve this goal. Long distance couples who want to become sexually intimate should make sure that they are ready to engage in this activity before they go through with it.

They should also trust and be comfortable with their partners if they decide to have a sexual encounter over a webcam. Again, a long distance couple should not do this type of thing if they are feeling uncomfortable or they have doubts about the relationship. Honestly, if a couple can wait, they should engage in this behavior once they have become engaged or married.

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Phone Intimacy

Getting intimate over the phone might be fun for the short run but it is not a practical long-term solution for sexual intimacy. A lot of people just do not engage in phone sex and this could prove to be a problem for a long distance couple who uses this method as a means to intimacy.

Sending Pictures

People can send intimate pictures to one another for this purpose but once again they should think long and hard before doing this. They have to make sure that their relationship is strong enough to engage in this type of activity.

5) Expectations

All relationships have expectations. Long distance relationships will have them as well. These expectations are necessary for a relationship to thrive. Long distance couples should expect communication from each other and they should expect to have some type of face-time with one another as well.

If a long distance couple is serious they should expect the other party to remain loyal to the bond. Other expectations could some agreed upon standard for the relationship. Both members of a relationship should voice their expectations to one another. This is necessary for keeping a long distance relationship in-tact.

6) Being Alone

Loneliness is a natural state for many people involved inside of a long distance relationship. It is also a part of a regular relationship as well. The fact is that people cannot spend every last waking moment with one another. People who are directly involved with each other can easily overcome this obstacle by meeting up with their love interest.

However, someone involved in a long distance union will have to struggle at times with the reality of being apart from the person they desire. Loneliness is not always an easy thing to overcome. A person should fall back on other relationships in their life when they start to feel lonely. Friends and family can help to overcome this problem. Getting a hobby or volunteering can help as well.

7) Uncertainty in Long Distance Relationships

Do not be fooled. A long distance relationship will be filled with a fair amount of uncertainty. When people who are in love with each other cannot be around the person they desire it will cause problems. Long distance relationships have a higher failure rate than those formed in close proximity. Long distance couples will have to find practical ways to overcome or navigate uncertainty if they want to be successful.

8) Financial Aspects of a Long Distance Relationship

A long-distance couple will eventually have to meet up at some point during their relationship to keep it going. If they do not have the financial resources to make this happen their relationship will be over. Money is not everything but it is important to the success of a long distance relationship. People must have money to pay their cellphone bills, their internet service and to cover their transportation costs. If they don’t their relationship probably will not last.

The worse thing that a long distance couple could do is to trick themselves into believing that a long distance relationship does not require money. While that might seem like it is true, it is not. People must have certain resources in place for this type of romance. Having some money is important for this type of union.

All Long Distance Couples will eventually have to Hook up in Person

Most couples cannot stay separated all the time and expect to make it. Only a small percentage probably would be okay but most will not. Eventually, all long-distance relationships must do away with the distance barrier. If not, the distance will impede the future growth of a long distance union.

Long distance partners must schedule a time to meet in person. This should happen no more than 6 months of being separated unless outside circumstances are creating a further delay. Factors such as a job assignment or military service could delay couples from seeing each other within a 6 month time period.
However, if a long distance relationship goes on for years with the couple not having some type of direct face-to-face communication; it probably will not last. People should save up their money for a plane ticket or be able to drive to see the other person. Once again, having the financial resources available to do these things is necessary.

Couples who are involved in a long distance love affair and cannot come together will probably be forced to let go of their bond. Most couples will eventually have to see each other in person to work. Face-time is just that important and should not be disregarded. Also, the whole goal of any couple is to be directly together for the rest of their lives. So, all couples will eventually have to come together at some point in time. Once a long distance couple comes together their relationship will be strong, prosperous and long-lasting.