How to Make a Girl Like You – 5 Crucial Tips you Must Use


How to make a girl like you without having to appear desperate can be tricky. The key is to get the girl to like you just as much as you like her. If you are looking to catch the eye of a girl you fancy, there are a few things you can look into to get her on your side. It can be frustrating to approach a girl only for her to reject you

How to make her like you – 5 major steps you must follow


1. Be keen on your appearance

How you look says a lot about what you stand for and it can be one aspect that can persuade a girl to like you. No girl will like a man who is dirty and unkempt. If you are seeking to keep girls away from you, letting go of your appearance will do the trick.

If you are serious to learn how to make a girl like you first you need to ensure that you are well dressed, maintain your hygiene (shower and shave), as well as take care of your hair. Finally, it is advisable that you get in to shape. Once you understand how to make yourself more attractive, you will make her like you or at least look in your direction, which is a good start if she is going to like you.

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2) Get on your charm

Being charming will always attract a woman. While it is not only being about being funny, it is advisable that you become a gentleman. For example, you should be able to pay bills for your date or being honest to make her like you. Alternatively, you should be interesting and be funny will do the trick.No man can win a woman heart without being funny Depending on the girl whose attention you are seeking, you can adopt a charm to impress her.

3) Compliment her

Another thing to follow when trying to know how to make a girl like you is by complimenting her. Girls love compliments but it is, however, important that you sound realistic. This is because sounding like you are mocking her will not get her on your good side. Be sincere about what you are saying and do not exaggerate it.  You can address several aspects if you are looking to compliment her. You can point out her physical appearance regarding her looks, clothing, body features such as her eyes or lips as well as her capabilities.

4) Be her knight in shining amour

There are times that your ideal girl needs help with a few things that may be difficult or challenging. Sometimes, you can simply volunteer to help her out. When she is in trouble, be outgoing, and offer to help her. In every situation that may prove difficult for her, be there for her even when you do not have all the answers. When a girl knows that, she can always count on you, she is more likely to get close to you and with time, she will like you.

5) Be reliable

When a girl knows that she can count on you, she is likely to like you. However, it is important that you indicate that it is by choice that you are reliable and not that you are doing it because you have no choice. In this, it is important to deliver your promises, ensure that you are punctual and if you have to delay, it is important that you inform her. You will, therefore, be building a good reputation and this applies whether she is around or not. You never know if she may appear from somewhere or maybe her friends are around.

What to avoid when trying to learn how to make a girl like you?


Do not be pushy

This is a complete turn off for women. As much as you are trying everything to impress her, it is important that you keep your cool. In this case, the ball is in her court and you have no choice but to let her run the show. Listening to her preferences and seeking to fulfill them will get you a better scorecard. If she does not want to do something, be the understanding guy and let it rest.

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Do not flirt with every girl as you seek her favor

The objective is to make this girl feel like she is important to you. Flirting too much with other girls will get her to believe that you are just a flirt and probability is that she will dislike you the more. It is therefore important that you identify how far you can go with other girls whether she is around you or not.

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How to make girls like you?

The above tips will guide you on how to make a girl like you. While you may not apply all the pointers, you can combine some of them to increase your chances of making your girl like you before you can officially ask her out. However, it is important to exercise patience when executing your strategies. It is important that you do not live a lie, because you cannot live the lie in the long-term. Work on your personality and your appearance and gradually, the girl you fancy will like you back.