How to Make Your Ex Miss You And Really Want You Back

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Getting dumped is not fun. Regardless of the reason why you broke up you probably wish that your ex would miss you. You probably want revenge for the stuff that happened between you and your partner but that is not always a good idea. If you want your ex to miss you so you can get back together or if you want your ex to think about you, you may be successful with these eight tips.

Relationships can sometimes be complicated but absence does make the heart grow fonder, and maybe your time apart will make that person miss you. There is a lot of advice on how to make your ex miss you. Following these simple steps that I listed below will give you the help, you need to get your ex to miss you.

8 Ways to make your ex miss you and want you back


1. Do Not Contact Them

When you break up with someone, you should not contact them for a good two weeks to a month. Making the first move of communication can indicate that you miss your ex. You do not want to show that you miss your ex because that will ruin the total plan of making your ex miss you. When you first break up with your ex, they would expect you to contact them first. After some time has passed your ex may be wondering where you are at or get angry because you have not initiated conversation. They may think that you have probably already moved on. The longer you wait, the more your ex will miss you, and he or she will eventually get in touch with you.

2. Make New Friends

Making new friends can easily get your ex back and it is also good for your mental health. You are getting over a terrible breakup, and you would have a lot of different emotions going on at the same time. For that reason, it is not wise to hang out with friends in the same circle as your ex. Your ex could be thinking that you are trying to get closer to him or her through your exes friends. Making new friends is a perfect solution for how to make your ex miss you. Get a new group of friends and have some fun and he would think that you have moved on. You know the saying people want what they can’t have.

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3. Get A New Look

I am not talking about getting a new makeover and strutting down the runway. Getting a new look is simple. All you have to do is get a haircut or just wear a different type of clothes. Wearing a new jacket or dress can easily give you a new look. Your ex will become jealous of your new looks because all eyes would be on you. You will gain a lot of confidence by getting a new look, and your ex will miss you more because it would seem like you are not focusing on them. It is important not to go overboard when it comes to getting a new look, just add a new accessory along with a new attitude and your ex will be in contact with you in no time.

4. Don’t Call or Text Your Ex

Previously I mentioned that it is important not to have contact with your ex for two weeks to a month. If your ex decides to make the first move and it is too soon do not text your ex or call your ex back. Your ex might be calling you to see if you still have feelings for them or your ex might be looking for a temporary fix. Your ex is probably still hurting and needs to hear your voice, but it is best not to talk to your ex. The longer you drag out the waiting period, the longer your ex will miss you.

5. Do Not Stalk Your Ex

One way to make your ex not miss you is to stalk them. Not only is that a little creepy but it can really turn off any possibility of you and your ex working things out. You are not giving you or your ex space, and you will look desperate. Stalking includes cyberstalking, knowing when he or she leaves, following your ex around the city and calling your ex at 4:00 am. The healthiest thing to do is to leave your ex alone. Remember, you will push your ex away if you stalk him, so the best thing to do is to not be there.

6. Don’t Do Things For Attention

Making your ex jealous can be to your advantage, but when you overdo it, you would seem desperate. Don’t date any of your ex’s friends because that would just look like you are trying to get back at him. If you want to make, your ex miss you make sure you keep your distance. Getting his attention the wrong way will only make things worse for you and your ex.

7. Don’t Put Your Sadness On Display

I love social media, but it can also have its downfalls. When people break up with their ex, usually the first thing they do is make a post about it on social media. Don’t do that. Your ex is most likely keeping an eye on your Facebook page, so do not let your ex know that you miss them. Don’t even mention the breakup on your social media page. Eventually not talking about your breakup and not talking about how much you miss your ex will make him or her miss you.

8. Take Care of Your Health

Most likely when you break up with your ex, you probably want to indulge in junk food and not take care of yourself. You may get depressed and forget about your health. Focusing on your health and fitness will make your ex miss you. Your ex may see how good you look and will miss being with you. Taking care of your health will also make you feel better in return and would not make you feel so depressed about the breakup.

Video tips on how to make your ex think about you and need you back

How to make your ex miss you require the right strategy. My number one rule when it comes to a breakup is to not get revenge because you are hurt. You can do things to make your ex miss you but do not hurt them anymore. It takes some time to heal, and you may have ill feelings towards your ex. Don’t forget that your ex is hurting and your ex may truly miss you, without even doing anything. These tips will help your ex miss you but remember not to do anything to put a strain on the relationship.