How to make a guy hard fast?


When it comes to getting a guy hard for you, there is no formula. If he is attracted to you he will get hard, there is no doubt about it.

It is obvious and he cannot hide his attraction, unlike the ladies. Men must get very frustrated wondering what girls think of them, however when a woman meets a man, she knows immediately if he is interested and if she is having doubts about his interest, then she is into him too.

How to get a guy hard fast?

A woman would probably only need to stroke a man’s thigh to start getting him hard and even if he does not think he is attracted to you, he will be once he thinks about it. It is far easier for a woman to enjoy a ‘one night stand’ than it is for a man, as the man usually has to find a woman who is open to casual sex.

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We are heading back to the Golden Days a little because women are realizing that casual sex with a stranger is not very good for the reputation. If a woman wants a man, she will likely get said man and everything he is able to offer her beneath the sheets. Women these days want a lot more than a roll in the hay with a good looking man.

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If you are women and you are inexperienced with men and you like a guy at work but do not know how to approach him. I recommend you choose a time when you are at a social occasion for work. The chances are better that he will be a little more relaxed and it might be easier to approach him.

It is better that you find out now whether he is interested, rather than waste your time thinking about this. If he is interested or attracted to you, you will have his undivided attention once you start a conversation.

If he starts the conversation then that is even better, the chances that he is attracted to you are pretty good and if you want to even to end in the bedroom, there is every chance you will get your wish. If he is not interested he will move on and talk to other people and will ignore you. Guys are pretty transparent when they really like a girl.

Okay, so what if you are in a relationship with a man, or perhaps an older gentleman who has trouble getting hard. It is so much you can do besides give the guy viagra. You could spend a lot of time kissing and stroking each other, enough of this kind of action and he will probably be raring to go.

All he needs is encouragement from you. He could be waiting and try not to get hard because he may think this will offend you. If you keep being affectionate and touch him in places you know he likes he won’t be able to help to get hard.

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Men are often worried if they show their interest too soon, such as getting hard, that you will be turned off or might think that is all they interested in. You cannot blame men for being cautious, given so many men out there are only after you for sex and there are great many more who want much more than to sleep with you. So do not worry if he does not get hard immediately, all guys are different when it comes to that and what turns them on. We really do not get the right to judge them.

How to make a guy hard video?

If your man does find it a little difficult to get started, you can always spice things up a bit, like dress up in lingerie or do a little strip tease for him. You could try things like massage and non-sexual affection.

Sometimes just being affectionate with each other is just what the doctor ordered, sometimes when a woman expects her man to be hard the instant she wants to have sex, the pressure can be a little too much for the guy and he needs a little breather and some loving without the sexual pressure.

It is not just the women who feel under pressure when it comes to sex. The above tips are some pointers on how to make a guy hard.