How To Make Her Choose You Over Her Boyfriend

To steal a girl from her boyfriend requires the right strategy. It is evident that you do not get to choose who you like. Sometimes, you even notice that you like a girl much later than you were aware. What do you do once you realize that you like a girl that is already in a relationship?

If you are looking to find out how to steal a girl, you will be glad to know that you do not have to throw in the towel simply because she has a boyfriend. There are things you can do to get her to like you too and leave her boyfriend for you. Whether you like your friend’s girlfriend or fancy a girl who told you she already has a boyfriend, you do not need to let go. However, you need to be smart about how you plan your next steps.

7 Steps to make her your girlfriend instead

Rather than walk to her and confess your love as you beg her to leave her boyfriend, we would advise that you try out the following tips of what to do if she has a boyfriend and how to steal her without having to let her know what your objectives are. This will keep you from getting messy as well as from getting into trouble with her boyfriend. The last thing you want is to make it obvious that you are trying to ruin a relationship just so it can work in your favor.

Build some communication aspect

build some communication aspects

Before you can do anything, you need to let her know that you exist in the event that she may not have noticed your presence around her. She needs to know that she has been missing out on something that is worth the while. Start by being friendly, maybe by sending a few flirty text messages and you can be the guy she simply talks to without feeling too pressured.

During the communication era, you will be able to build a good and healthy history together. Get to show her the better side of you. Remember, it will be difficult for a girl to leave her boyfriend for someone she barely knows. This here is the chance for her to get to know you. Considering that she does not know your key objective yet, should not be easy. This step may not be difficult, but it will take some time so you need to exercise some patience.

Build some trust between the two of you

build some trust between you two

When approaching a girl, it can be difficult for a girl to trust that you do not want something from her right from the beginning. During the communication process, you need to go the extra mile and get her to trust you around her. Talking or communicating does not exactly translate to trust. Work on this and she will runt you to hear her out.

Take advantage of these moments and solidify on the trust concern. This move helps her get relaxed around you knowing that you are not trying to get cozy with her but you are being there for her just as it should be. However, be keen to notice if a girl is simply using you to get away from trouble by constantly seeking advice on how to keep her man. This can get messy for you. Draw your limits without being harsh to her.

Look for an added advantage over her boyfriend

look for an added advantage

Remember, you are trying to be the best option so she can always think of you. In an effort to get to this point, you need to identify an added advantage over her boyfriend. Make her see that the concerns she is experiencing with her current boyfriend. Turn it around and be the best mate minus the problems and concerns she keeps mentioning. Sometimes she may not mention them but you get to notice them. Do not get to confuse this with being a stalker. You are simply taking advantage of your immediate competitor’s weaknesses and turning them into your strengths.

At this point, you will start to confuse her over who she should be with. She will then start to compare what she is getting from either side. What you will be achieving is to get her to think of you even when she is with her boyfriend. Every time he does something that is out of order, she will start to think of how she does not have those kinds of concerns with you.

Be the totally understanding man

be totally understanding

Another great idea when looking to get her to by your girlfriend is to be understanding. Be the understanding man in her life. While you do not have to agree to everything she says it is important that you encourage her. In addition, listen to her when she is speaking. This is not enough. It is about listening to her and being able to point out those little details that many would foresee. Once the two of you start talking and she trusts you, you can get a lot of information from her. This is the information that you can use to work in your favor.

Being the understanding man will help her get comfortable around you. It then gets easier to get her close to you. Try and get to make her laugh when you meet up. Remember, your aim is to get her from her boyfriend and make her yours. It would be a mistake to get her to leave her boyfriend just for some other guy to take her who is not you. Be the understanding man and try to get every other guy who seems to be a potential threat out of her way. It is all about increasing your chances as her next boyfriend.

Always look to make a compliment

Women love to hear how good they look and how well they are at something. While you are not trying to sound fake by overdoing it, you are looking to impress her and sounding realistic. Look for the right opportunity and make your compliment. You must have noticed that many people tend to take things for granted once they get into the relationship they desired.

This offers the chance to remind her how important she can be and it shows he how much she is of value to you. She has a boyfriend but after a while, the boyfriend may not look to complimenting her as much as she deserves. Make her feel that she is all of that and much more. However, be sure not to alarm her boyfriend as he will notice your efforts and if you do not watch out, he will jeopardize all your efforts.

Always look at her straight during conversations

always look straight at her

Do not look away from her. Look straight into her eyes when having conversations. The impact of eye contact can be a game changer that will work in your favor. It is not only a way of flirting with her without making it so obvious but it is also a way of making her feel your presence. She will also find it difficult to ignore you all the time without you having to ask for anything more. She will begin to warm up subconsciously.

Be every girl’s dream boy

be every girls dream boy

This can be a difficult move since different individuals will prefer different things but it is worth it once you get to achieve this goal. While your main aim is to get that one girl, you need to be a charmer when it comes to any girl. It is quite easy to get a girl of your choice when every other girl thinks you are everything any girl would want.

It is hard not to notice the guy every girl is talking about be it in school, around the neighborhood or at the workplace. This is your favor, avoid so much of the other girls and pay special attention to the girl you want. Before going for the next move, try reading her body signals and if they are encouraging, go the extra mile and be her friend.

How to make her choose you

After working on the above, you can include the following tips to get the girl you fancy. They will work in your favor to help you get her from her boyfriend if applied correctly. These include:

Tips for making your master plan on getting her

  • Identify her favorite things as well as those she does not. This way, you will be able to avoid stepping on her toes thus remaining in her positive books. You can be sure her boyfriend is not keen to look at these things.
  • Do not make it obvious that you are out to “ruin” her current relationship. She will think you are insensitive and inhuman.
  • Avoid getting in the way of her boyfriend, as he is the one person who can easily jeopardize your efforts considering the girl has the hearts for him currently. She is more likely to lean toward him as opposed to towards a guy who is thought to ruin what she has.
  • Exercise some patience. Remember, you are trying to get a girl who already has a boyfriend and it is not easy proving to someone that you are a better choice than what she cares for. In addition, taking your time will not get you embarrassed in the event the entire ordeal does not go through as planned.
  • Always be the shoulder she can lean on especially for things she expects her boyfriend should have been present. In this, she will tend to rely on you more and less on her boyfriend. In this, you are creating the ideal drift in their relationship.
  • Indicate confidence.
  • Play your cards well and remain smart.
  • Do not walk up to the girl and suggest that she breaks up with her boyfriend. This will not look good on your end.
  • Avoid getting into fights or picking fights with her boyfriend.
  • Do not bad mouth her boyfriend even if what you are planning to tell her is the truth. You will only look like a gossip and she may probably not believe it. This will also ruin your chances of building trust between the two of you.

Final thoughts

She has a boyfriend, so what? This does not mean you will like her any less. As a matter of fact, it is better as you know your battle is with one guy rather than anyone you meet and think he likes her. Though it narrows down the competition, it is also not an easy process as it calls for a lot of patience and effort on your end. Once you get there, it is victory well earned.

It can be a challenge, but if you are willing to take on it, the above can be the easiest way to get through to your girl and keep her in the long term. It is a risky adventure but it is worth everything in the end if you play your cards right. Be also sure to read our other tips on how to get a girlfriend that can improve your chances of success.

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