How to Make Him Fall In Love – 13 Tips You Must Use On Your Man

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How to make him fall in love shouldn’t be difficult. That is an age-old question. Since the beginning of time, women have searched for the magic formula to capture a man’s heart. Luckily, we live in a time where research and experience have given us some hints on how to make him fall for you:

How to make a man fall in love with you – 13 Tips You Must Use


1) The easiest person to be is…yourself

There isn’t a man around that is worth changing who you are as a person. Now, there is nothing wrong with pretending to like baseball or horror movies to be more in sync with him, but you should never change who you are at the core. Men can spot a phony or a fake quickly, and it is a big turn off for them. So, be you and if he is the right one he will like you as you are.

2) Be your best self

Now, just because you want to be yourself, doesn’t mean that you can’t beat your very best. When you know, he will be around, make sure you are looking and smelling good. Entice him with that sexy perfume and dazzle him with an outfit that shows off your best features. Men are primarily visual creatures, so it is important to catch his eye.

3) Humor

Men like to be around women who don’t take themselves too seriously. Guys like to laugh and appreciate a lady with a great sense of humor. Some men even say that a girl with a good sense of humor can be sexier than a gorgeous woman. You don’t have to be silly or an air-head-just witty and quick.

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4) Ask questions

If you want to win a man’s heart, ask him questions about himself and his life. Show you are interested in actually listening to his answers and following up with a comment. It’s okay to throw your likes and dislikes in there, but don’t monopolize the conversation. Try to ask open-ended questions that require more than a “yes” or “no” answer.

5) Little gestures

Men like to be surprised with sentimental little gifts or thoughts, just like women do. You can leave a sweet or funny note on his windshield at work or show up at his office with his favorite coffee. Text him a song that he will like or one that expresses how you feel. Guys like to receive candy or homemade cookies on a date, too.

6) Be there for him

Make a note of special dates coming up for him. It could be a crucial ballgame he is starting in or just a dental appointment he is nervous about him. A simple call or text to let him know that you remember will mean a lot to him. If he has a difficult exam coming up, help him study or if he is moving-enlist some of your friends to help.

7) Get to know his friends

Men value their buddies and if you want to be a part of his life, you need to get to know them, too. Some women make the mistake of viewing a man’s friends as competition for his time and care. But truthfully, a man appreciates a woman who gives him his space and he will enjoy being with a woman who can get along with his circle of friends.

8) Get to know his family

If it is appropriate and your guy introduces you to his family make an effort to get to know them. Ask them questions and do things for them and you will be doing it for him, as well. If you can get the approval of his relatives, you will have a big advantage.

9) Keep him guessing

No one needs to play games in a relationship, but there is such a thing as being too available. Make sure that you are setting aside time to spend away from him. Keep dates with your friends and family. Don’t try to keep track of him minute by minute. Give him a chance to miss you.

10) Always be honest and open with him.

If you had nothing to hide…then you would hide nothing. Don’t be overprotective of your phone or coy about being around other men. He has to know that he is special to you, so don’t play around with his trust.

11) It’s okay to be vulnerable.

If this guy is someone special in your life, it is okay to open up with him about things that are hard for you to talk about. Problems, health concerns, family issues…whatever it is you should be able to lean on him and speak to him. This also shows him that you trust him and need him.

12) Bring him into your circle.

Introduce him to your family and friends.This is one of the best tips if you want to learn how to make him fall in love with you. Don’t isolate one from the other. The more you include him in your life, the more he will realize that he is special to you. Make him an actual part of your life and it will bring the two of you closer. Encourage him to go with you on family outings or friendly get together.

13) Tell him

After you have gotten to know each other, it is good for him to know how you feel about him. Don’t assume that he knows or that he can read your mind. Sometimes you have to talk to a man. Don’t pressure him to return your feelings that have to come in his time. If he doesn’t immediately affirm his feelings for you, be patient. He may need to process it.

How to make him fall in love with you shouldn’t be a rocket science. So, as you can see, there are some things you can do to help build a relationship. There aren’t any tricks or magic spells for you to use on a man, though. You have to be yourself, be kind and take a chance. Relationships take daily effort, from both people. Once you get him to fall for you, don’t take him for granted…think of new ways every day to let him know how much you care. If you nurture and tend to his needs as well as your own, you will find that love is possible.