How to make him love you more ?


There are times when it feels like your boyfriend is falling out of love with you. Sometimes, you just want more attention. There are a number of ways on how to make a man love you more.

You can keep the relationship alive and fun so you can embrace your relationship and warm up to it without feeling like you are just about to lose your boyfriend. In addition, you need to address matters regarding sexual and romantic interest. This can work on how to make him love you.

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The following will help you to address the concern of how to make your man love you more.

12 ways to make a man love you more


1) Allow your man some space

No one likes to hang around someone that is clingy. Avoid constantly following up on things from your man. This does not mean avoiding physical contact. You may be far from him but constantly making phone calls to find out what he is doing or where he does not help. Allowing your man to work on what he wants without you being on his back will get you a ticket to more love.

This is because once he is done with whatever he is doing in one piece you will have him all to yourself and in a good mood. He is also comfortable knowing that you trust him. While it can be worrying for women, they can try to get their minds off these types of concerns. For example, you can go out shopping to keep your mind occupied.

2) Get touchy from time to time

Sometimes, your man may seem withdrawn simply because he is drawing his attention towards other things in the surrounding. Getting touchy will draw all the attention towards you. Imagine what happens when you just touch and make out even without getting sexually active. While having a lunch date, try brushing your leg up towards his penis.

No matter where he was looking, what he was doing or thinking his attention will right away focus on you. Many may relate this to sexual appeal rather than love but you need to consider that placing his focus on you will get him to love you more. Remember, one of the main reasons that men fall out of love is due to a lack of affection.

3) Be there for him in person

In this time and era, many people are relying on the internet and mobile devices for communication. In this, relationships are also being created through such similar methods. It may sound easy to call your man and find out how he is doing or simply send him a text.

You can also call your man to console him over a misfortune. However, there is a big difference between being physically present and constantly making calls or going online to check up on him. While all this is a good gesture, it is more comforting to know that he was right beside you when he most needs you.

4) Hang out with his friends

It is important that you hang out with your boyfriend’s friends. This is not to mean that you and his friends should call each other and go out. No. This means that you should be able to hang out with your man and in the event that his friends are at his place, you should not leave. Blend in. While you are there for your man, enjoy the rest of the company. Do not sit in a corner and act like they are disrupting you and your plans.

These are his friends and you are probably going to see more of them from time to time. In this, it is best that you all get along. In addition, you need to remember that his friends are around and you need to respect that. In this, do not smother him or hung on to him in the presence of his friends. In this, your boyfriend will not be ashamed of hanging out with you in the presence of his friends. Solidifying this bond will definitely give you a plus.

5) Learn to listen

Listening may sound easy but it is not. This task requires that women need to improve on. In many circumstances, a girlfriend will talk for hours on end. Sometimes, it pays to actually listen to your man and find out what is happening in his world. Men also love to receive some attention and knowing that he can count on you anytime, is superb. In this, your man will always tend to look for you when he needs a listening ear that will listen and not nag.

6) Dress up for him

Men love what they see and neglecting yourself can easily come in once you get too comfortable in the relationship. While you may feel the need to get into your pair of baggy trousers and sleeping t-shirt, you need to remember that your man is looking for much more. Getting dressed up when going out together may work some magic. He gets to see the sexy woman he fell in love with. You need to d this from time to time and surprise him. You can be sure that he will appreciate it and even better, reward you for it.

7) Cuddle together

Many are centering their lives on works much that they barely find time for each other. This can be a warning sign as you are barely keeping in touch. If you are not at the office, you are busy running from one meeting to another. Saying you love your man is not enough.

You need to show him that you love him. Spending some time together just cuddling acts as a plus on getting your man to love you more. Take some time off and surprise him. It may not take the whole day but the few hours you cuddle together will stick to his mind over a long period. In turn, he gets to think of just you.

8) Keep him guessing

There is nothing as exciting as a man trying to figure out his girlfriend. Think of it this way, him thinking of you draws his attention and shuts out other things. This technique works easily when the thought is a happy thought or it affects him positively.

Just as curiosity killed the cat, you can be sure that keeping him guessing will look into how to get him to love you more. In addition, you can be sure that he is thinking of you and that he is still attentive to you. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to talk without feeling like you are all over the conversation. Avoid letting everything out of the bag. It will kill any conversation as you already said it all.

9) Spend time with your man

This one technique is rather obvious but is taken for granted. Many will assume that he will understand and even go ahead and expect that they should understand. You are looking to make your man love you more, it is advisable that you make some sacrifices and spend some time with him. He will always appreciate this gesture and you, on the other hand, will feel the reciprocal.

10) Enjoy sex

During the beginning of a relationship, the concern of sex is at the back of your mind as well as his. It is over some time that things start to get out of hand. You are probably too busy or you simply have one excuse or another for not having sexual interest. As you would have noticed, things were fine in the beginning.

It is now that you are realizing that your man may be falling out of love with you and you are stressed about what to do. While the spark in the relationship may not be the same as in the beginning, you can try to make it on a regular. Men are aroused by sight and this is more often as compared to you as a lady.

11) Always look out to make your man feel better

This is all about ensuring that your man looks at his best out in public. There are a number of ways you can make him feel good. Respect him out in public even when you are not on good terms. Always speak well of him in public even when you know you it is his weakness. In this, you will be building his confidence.

You can be sure that he will appreciate such gestures in the long term and love you for taking your time to make the best of whom he is. However, if you are the girlfriend who laughs at his concerns especially in public, he is likely to shy aware even of you. In this, it is advisable to be the pillar your man holds on to when need be.

12) Work on reviving some good old memories

Reviving some good memories in your relationship can get your man to love you more. This is similar to reminding of something he really loves about you. Women may change the deodorant they use but men will remember the one that always gets them into a frenzy. Give them these old memories and you will have something to hold on to in the long term.

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The following tips will help you met your objective on how to make your man love you more. They serve the purpose of boosting the above techniques so they bring about a positive outcome.

  • Show him that you not only love him but also trust him as well.
  • Be nice and warm towards him. He will always want to spend time with you even on a busy schedule.
  • Play with him on frequent occasions. This shows that the two of you are open-minded.
  • Make eye contact. It is amazing the impact on your guy.
  • Avoid constantly dwelling on mistakes.
  • Let little issues remain little. They are not worth sacrificing your entire relationship.
  • Appreciate your man.
  • Do not neglect your man’s sexual desires. This should not be confused with being easy and giving it away any time he is up for it.
  • Be his understanding companion rather than the one he avoids.


How to make a man love you more does not require that you beg and plead in the relationship. All the above tips revolve around remaining compassionate, caring, supportive, and loving. It is those little things that you take for granted that will get your man to love you. Help to build his confidence and give him reason to look forward to another day. If you are worrying that your man is probably falling out of love with you or that you just need more of his affection, try the above.