How to make a woman squirt fast – New 2015?


Making a woman squirt has easily been confused with making a woman orgasm. While it may take almost similar tactics will a twist to a few pointers, these two are very different.

Squirting which is also referred to as gushing refers to the expulsion of a clear fluid from the stimulation of the inner vaginal wall. Because women are different, it may require different processes on how to make a woman squirt.

However, by factoring in all the different aspects, the following will get any woman to squirt as long as you can follow and understand your woman. In this, you will be able to explore your woman and rebuild your creative and innovative side while in bed or on the floor. It is all about exploring your fingers around her pussy and even her ass to get the desired effect.

4 easy ways to make a woman squirt fast


1) Get started with foreplay

The key objective of foreplay is to make her wet, horny, and make the entire oral pleasurable as you get her to relax and open up to you. Start by kissing her and working your hands and fingers through her body. By getting her wet, you are providing for lubrication. The other alternative is for you to use a good natural lube option.

Because you will be looking to finger her, it is important that your fingers are clean and your nails short. Your hands and fingers are key tools to help you make your woman squirt. Caress her thighs and start to kiss her inner thighs you work your way up to her vagina. Make it slow and sexy.

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Give her some oral foreplay, lick, and suck her clitoris. Oral sex is a definite turn on for any woman. Knowing how to do it right is the key and the results are outstanding for both you and your woman. It increases the levels of pleasing her faster than sexual intercourse can.

You also need to lubricate your fingers. Using her juices, you can easily wet the fingers you intend to use to read into her vagina. Just as you got her wet to help her relax, you also need to get your fingers wet so that you do not hurt her. Keep in mind that a vagina is a sensitive organ and it can easily tear up if not taken care of. Play around with the lips of her vagina and in no time, your fingers will be wet enough.

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To ensure that you get to this point, your woman must be comfortable. In this, you must also look into cleaning and arrange your room. Picture; making out with a girl, only for plates and other items to keep falling off your rack or table.

It is a disturbing scenario and it will disrupt her during fore play. If you cannot get past foreplay, you can as well count your chances of making her squirt nil.

2) Finger her to stimulate her further

The point of fingering her is to be able to reach her G-spot and her deep spot. If you are looking for ways to make a woman squirt, it is important that you reach to her most sensitive areas. Depending on how tight she is, you can start with one finger and as she relaxes, you can insert another finger. To reach her G-spot, try getting in about 2 inches into her vagina. For the deep spot, go in deeper until you feel a rough tissue-like spot on the upper side of her vagina.

As you get started, stroke in and out to help even out wetness so it can work in your favor. Make it slow but firm. With time, you can increase the pace but be sure to observe her ensure that you are not hurting her but rather deriving pleasure from it. Keep going for a while for at least ten minutes. Fingering her and getting to reach these important points is the key to learning how to make a woman squirt.

Hitting the G-spot
At this time, you should be able to insert two fingers. In addition, she will be moaning and groaning with pleasure. This is your queue to keep going as she is definitely asking for more. On the G-spot keep pressing using the upper side of your finger as if to leave her vagina with your finger print. Keep teasing her just to get her off the roof.

Keep pressing on this spot as you rhythmically tap, press, or simply pull in an out. You will notice that she is already getting wetter. The wetter she gets, the better, as you can be sure that you are doing it right. Thanks to the increase in her juices, you will also start to here a squashed sound as you still play with her. Keep in mind that the vagina is like a sponge and it contains a lot of fluid. In this, you should be able to explore this feature and make the best of it. By increasing the amount of fluid, you can be sure that you are doing it right and that you can go a step further.

Picking up the pace
She is increasing her wetness and it is time to increase the pace. Be keen to make sure that you are keen to watch her reaction. She should be squirming and squelching as a sign of loving the entire endeavor. Initially, you were concentrating on tapping on her spot. At this level, you need to concentrate on sliding your finger in and out. Ensure that the pace is increasing. The key point is that you make it appear as if you are in her with your cock. Maintain the rhythm as you keep increasing your pace. Because she is wet and horny, you can also make it more forceful.

Tips to watch out for before moving to the next step

  • If she says it hurts, slow down or stop altogether depending on what she says. If she says it for the first time, you can slow down and watch for her reaction. If she says it more than once, then maybe you need to stop it, as she will not relax.
  • Ensure that she remains as wet as possible at all times. If you feel like she may be going dry, get back to some more oral play or use some lube and find your way back on the saddle.
  • Be keen to watch if she is enjoying it. The key is to get her relaxed to the point that her response is amazingly horny and over the roof.


3) Get her to ejaculate

You have gotten to the point that she cannot hold herself and she seems to want it to go further. At this point, she may mention that she wants to pee. However, this is not the case and it is best that you reassure her that it is not make her comfortable and it should get her mind off that subject. This is important as the disruption may distort her concentration. Keeping her relaxed is the most important thing in making your woman squirt.

The feeling of peeing is temporary and as long as you can reassure her that she does not need to pee, then it should be over in no time and the two of you can be back on track. However, the fact that she will mention this is good and motivating sign as you are sure that you are on the right track. However, you need to handle it in the right manner to avoid getting her off track and uncomfortable.

Other than reassuring her, you can try to spread her legs wide open by either using your other hand or by using your head and knees. Most importantly, you should keep going at any cost as long as you are not hurting her. Remember, you trying to keep her legs wide apart is also an attempt to keep her still. The sudden movement may give a wrong turn considering that your finger is still in her. When she claims to want to pee, this is your queue that you are steps away from making her squirt.

Keep going harder and faster. In just under a minute after she makes the pee claim, she will start to cum. Do not confuse this with squirting. Allow her cum but do not stop at this point. Because her senses are heightened at this point, keep going and make it harder and harder. Believe it… she will not feel a thing because she is having the time of her life.

4) Get her to squirt

After she is done Cumming, and you are still down on her fingering the G-spot, she will ejaculate and the long-awaited task will come to be. You will notice a clear liquid that has no scent starting to shoot out of her pussy. This does not come out in small quantities so it is best that you prepare to get wet. The liquid is not thick so things can get pretty wet and you will definitely need to change your sheets.

By following the steps above, you will get right about any woman to squirt. The best part is that she can squirt more than once. If you are in the mood to get started and work through it again, all you have to do is get on the saddle and repeat the entire process. It should be easier to work for a second time, as you will have mastered her body. This makes it easy, as you know what she likes and how to get her to squirt without second-guessing.

Make a woman squirt

For many women who will experience this fantasy will want you to allow them rest. The experience can drain her energy to levels that Cumming has never. However, once she gets used to it, it will be easier for her and she can take on a few more times. Some women have been noted to pass out after squirting but it is okay. All you have to do is allow her some fresh air. Despite the passing out period, this will be a night to remember.

From the start, you need to get your woman relaxed so that she can open up to you both emotionally and physically. Once you can maintain this aspect through the entire process, you can be sure that she will let you do whatever you want without her feeling much of it. This is because the pleasure will be driving most of her thinking rather than allowing her to think rationally.

Remember to exercise patience. Rushing into anything will cost both of a lot. The probability that you may hurt her is very high and that is where she will have to stop you at every cost. You, on the other hand, will not get the chance to achieve a breathtaking experience.