10 Best Marriage Proposal Ideas That Will Make Any Women Happy

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Are you looking for marriage proposal ideas? A marriage proposal is a momentous event in a couple’s journey. As social media and other technology capture special moments, the pressure is on for the man to find a creative way to propose. Of course, there is nothing wrong with the traditional proposal, either. Some women are fine with the down on one knee question while others are looking for something unique.

Before you think about what proposal ideas you will carry out, there are a few other things to consider first. Make sure that your significant other is on the same page as you are. If your girlfriend regularly declares that she is “never getting married,” a proposal (no matter how great) will not change her mind. You should be in tune with the relationship. Also, you need to be ready, as well. Proposing marriage is not to be taken lightly. This should be a lifetime commitment, so put some thought into what it means to be married.

Some families insist on the groom to be asking the parents’ permission before a proposal. While you may consider this old-fashioned, you don’t want to get off on the wrong foot with your in-laws.

10 Best Proposal Ideas You Should Know


1) Using things she loves to propose

If your special girl loves books and reading, you can design your proposal around them. There are artist types who can cut the edges of ( copy) of her favorite book to read, “Marry me.” You could also highlight the “love” passage (I Corinthians 13) in the Bible with a note at the bottom. How about making a path with all of her favorite books that lead to you holding a sign that asks her to marry you?

2) You can use pets to ask the special question

You can use pets to ask the special question. If you have a cat or dog, you can attach a note to their collar that says, “Will you marry us?” If your pet is trained, you could get Fido to bring a package with a ring inside and have him “kneel” with you as you propose.

3) Surprise girl at her job

Some girls are workaholics, and they would love to be surprised at their job. You can rearrange the keys on her keyboard to read, “Marry me?” If she is a teacher, enlist the help of her class using signs that spell out the magic question. If you have the time and post-it notes, spell out the question on the bulletin board at work.

4) Write the question on her favorite mug

Is your beloved a coffee fanatic? Use this to your advantage and write the question on the bottom of her favorite mug with a sharpie. (Just make sure the right person reads the note.) Or you could spell it out on her stirring spoon. If you are going to propose at a favorite restaurant, you could go early and provide a distinctive white plate with the question written in. With the restaurant’s help, she will find the message underneath her gourmet meal. M and M candies provide personalization if you want to go that route.

5) Propose privately

If you would like a more private proposal, you can always use the magnets on your refrigerator to spell out the big question. The shower curtain is also a different place to write a message. If the two of you like board games, you can have a special Scrabble piece made that asks her to be yours.

6) Do the proposal at the beach

If you are looking for a grander gesture, you can use a wide expanse of land. Write your question in the sand at the beach, take a picture and have a canvas made of it. Or if you are a farmer, use your imagination to write with your crop circles.

7) Use her favorite season and flowers to propose to her

Think about her favorite season or a special time of the year that you two celebrate. You could carve pumpkins with a “Marry Me?” message. Or Christmas lights can spell out almost anything in December. Christmas ornaments can be personalized to say anything. For spring, you can use flowers to get your message across and in the summer, driftwood at the beach works great.

8) Make the proposal in front of a big crowd

Many people want to make their proposal in front of a crowd. If that is your style, consider graduation, concert or parade…the sky is the limit. Use your imagination to impress her in front of the multitudes. Plan your big moment carefully so it goes off without a hitch.

9) Use fun imagination

Some other great marriage proposal ideas include a barbershop quartet to serenade her with the question. A room filled with balloons that she has to pop to find the ring and the question is a unique way to request her hand. How about stopping at a festival to have the two of you pose for a caricature. When the artist turns the picture around, it has you asking the question.

10) Be sentimental when you propose

If you want to be sentimental, buy her a beautiful locket with the words inscribed inside; or have a fortune cookie made with “Will you marry me?” Have a group of friends helps you propose with signs on a rollercoaster or at a football game.

No matter how you decide to pop the question, make sure you have someone (secretly) taking pictures of the magic moment. You will want to remember this forever, so it is worth it to pay someone or have a buddy there to capture it. The most important thing about a proposal is that it comes from your heart, and it shows that you put some thought and planning into it.

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The above marriage proposal ideas work for any women just make sure you use your own imagination and make it fun. Every girl dreams of being proposed to, just about as much as she dreams of her wedding day. It falls to the man to make her dreams come true. You don’t need a lot of money or fancy accessories…it just needs to be thoughtful, romantic and special. Don’t let other people put pressure on you to do something that you don’t feel comfortable with. Follow your heart and things will work out correctly. After all, this particular time is ultimately about you and your girl.