What Do Women Find Attractive in Men?


You are probably wondering why some other guy is always hanging around gorgeous women all the time and there you are still struggling to get one woman aboard, the real question is what do women find attractive in men. It is about time that you understand that looks do not count for everything.

what do women find attractive is a whole lot and is not dependent on how you look. Of course, it contributes towards being attractive but this has to come as a package.

Other than your looks, the following will help you understand the bonus points that will help you understand why he is attractive and hanging around all the girls.

8 Things That Make A Man Attractive


1) Sense of humor

A guy who has a sense of humor means you will be happy around him. He is a charmer, he is a natural with this trait he is not working too hard, and it will definitely get people around his table any time there is free time.

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Though a sense of humor may differ from one person to another, the reason she is around him and not you is because your sense of humor matches his. A guy with a great sense of humor will light you up even in your dull days.

2) Strength

Strength is a great virtue that will get people to notice you. This is not about getting into fights all the times but using your strength to make things right. For example, you can defend a girl.

Strength goes a long way into boosting maturity. This also reflects on the physical capabilities of the man. Even if he knows he is not willing to do much but looks like he can, he remains attractive.

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3) Generosity

A generous man is attractive to write about any girl. However, the catch is that he is not generous because he has too much money on him but because he is glad to give a helping hand. Being a brag over your financial capabilities actually makes you unattractive.

When a man likes to treat the ladies rather than simply join them and have a great time, it is rather more important to be a helping hand than to simply want to be seen around some girls.

In fact, you can do something generous and walk away. Also, do not do something for the sake of recognition. Rather, it is best that you do it even when there are few people. A good deed is likely to spread like a fire bush even if just two people witnessed it.

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4) Affection

Every woman loves an affectionate man. A man who is welcoming and warm is more attractive most men think that being warm is a sign of weakness. On the contrary, this is a great sign to show that you are able to communicate and make a woman comfortable around you. This is one of the major reasons girls will hang around this type of man.

5) Cleanliness and smartness

Being attractive can also be about what the eye can see and cleanliness goes hand in hand with looking attractive. Cleanliness is about ensuring your clothes are clean and ironed, your hair is kept. Your nails are clean, as well as ensuring your shoes are clean. In addition, smell well and do not overdo it.

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6) Modesty

Even when you know you are good looking, do not go about highlighting it all over school or the workplace. That is the greatest turn off even when you are Mr. World. Women will run from you and the probability that no one will want to hang around you.

7) Intelligence

If you are good looking and cannot answer a simple question, more people will avoid you. Do not get this confused with showing off over how smart you are. This is about using the right opportunity to show that you know how to go about it.

Your mind will play a great role in highlighting that attractive look that women cannot resist. This can trigger chemistry faster than when simply relying on your good looks.

8) Confidence

The confidence in a man should be both in the bedroom as well as outside. This contributes a great deal to drawing attention. This is because you appear like you are not sure of what you want.

Build your confidence and you will realize how much more attractive you appear. Girls want a man that can pull the shots without seeking consultation at all times.

What makes a man attractive?

What do women find attractive in men is a question that will continue to go on. There are more traits that will make a man attractive but the above lit take first priority.

Do not exactly rely on your looks and feel like you have it all. What makes a man attractive is a combination of the physical and the emotional traits.

Despite girls being different, the above are common traits that you will find every girl responding to positively. Though the argument is that there is no perfect man, there is definitely an attractive man.