No Contact Rule After Breakup To Get Your Ex Back

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The no contact rule after a breakup is simple and straight to the point. It means that you will not communicate with your ex for a given period of time and it applies after a breakup. Whereas it is rather obvious, there are different purposes for doing so. Some will implement this in the right way whereas others have difficulties doing so.

The following guideline is on the No Contact Rule to help you get your ex back. It is all about strategy as well as working at the right time. It applies to both those who are trying to get their boyfriend or girlfriend back.

No Contact Rule to Help You Get Ex Back-Exactly What to do


1) Not Allowed to Call or Text Your Ex

During the no contact rule, you are not allowed to call or text your ex on phone no matter the situation. In addition, you cannot hang out with them even when your mutual friends are going out and asking you to drag along. Emailing them or leaving notes is also forbidden. You are also not allowed to pump into them on purpose. This is ensuring that there are no contact or communication processes. In fact, you cannot send a message across to them even through a friend.

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2) 30 Day No Contact Rule

The duration of how long the no contact rule should apply is debatable. The 30 day no contact rule has gained popularity though others will recommend more time. Looking at this concept, the duration is dependent on how far the relationship had gone. This time provides a sufficient amount of time for both you and your ex to breathe and cool off. While different people will require different amounts of time, the minimum amount of time is 30 days. This is enough time for both parties to think with rationality.

Before going any further, it is important that once you are on the no contact rule in an effort to get your ex back, you must not at any time think of breaking it. There are activities you can take on to help you focus. Staying at home all alone is definitely not one of the options you have. Also, avoid heavy drinking, constantly sleeping, telling everyone what is going on probably for pity’s sake, as well as avoiding work.

3) Your Physical Appearance

Another key aspect you need to focus on is bettering your physical appearance. If you have been saying that you need to lose weight and you have not done anything about it, well this is your chance. Go out shopping and update your wardrobe. Do something you have always wanted to do with your hairdo, and address all other hygiene concerns. Once you work on your physic, it is time to work on your mental perceptions.

4) Your Mind Set

The mind can do wonders for you and the manner in which you perceive change greatly contributes towards doing the very best for yourself during the no contact rule. This is also a great time to relax and determine the origin of the problem that caused the breakup and work towards figuring out a solution.

Many may disagree and figure out that both parties must be present to solve the problem. As much as this may be true, it is important that you work on it as an individual first. After all, this is why you are working towards getting your ex back.

How the no contact after breakup works?

It addresses the following aspects:

  • It gives you time to calm down. After a breakup, both parties will not be thinking rationally and this makes it difficult to reason from the right perspective. This will not help your girl or guy back but instead will keep drawing you apart.
  • You gradually heal rather than constantly arguing over the same thing. It is difficult to let things go if you will be facing each other constantly after a breakup. You are more likely to heal while separated as you do not have to constantly argue with the assumption that you will be solving the problem soon
  • It prevents the on and off type of relationships. It may be the ideal time to figure out whether or not you still want in or out. The no contact rule offers great and sufficient time to focus on what you want. While after the breakup you may still want your ex back, you may realize that maybe, just maybe, the best thing would be to let it go.


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This is not difficult to implement because it is straightforward on what it requires you to do. However, it is difficult for many to stick to it whether it is out of anger or whether it is because you miss your ex too much. It helps you focus on you and with the aim of getting your ex back, you should work towards bettering yourself so they can realize that they need you back in their lives.

Boost your strength, remain stunning, and build your confidence. You can now ease back after the time is over. This does not have to be obvious. You can attend a party that you know your ex will attend or any other gathering.