Top 7 Question to Ask a Girl for the First Time


Guys always concern about the question to ask a girl for the first time. There is a first time for everything and if you happen to see this lovely lady that you are dying to talk to, make the move and make the best of it.

It is evident that you know very little about her but you will be glad to know that you can stir up a conversation with the help of a few questions. Leave out the obvious such as her name (you are probably already past this stage and are looking to get into a conversation).

By simply identifying the right questions to ask a girl for the first time. By asking these questions, you will be able to ensure that the conversation goes both ways.

As you ask, she will answer and you will be directed on the next step depending on her answers. The following questions will guide you through.

Good Question to ask a girl for the first time


1) What do you value most in a friendship?

This question is open and it will not scare her away because you are focusing on friendship. This will also guide you through the rest of the conversation depending on the answer she gives. It is warm and open so she answers it generally. You think she is pretty and nice but you need to know where to get started on a conversation before seeming as if you are getting too much into her space.

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2) What would constitute a “perfect” day for you?

This question is also open for her and it will highlight what you would do in a usual day to bring out the best in her just in case you decide to go out on a date. This also shows your concern on how she would rather spend her day. She will be glad to talk about it because it is something that makes her happy without going too much into detail. It will help you figure out how to make her day.

3) What is your hobby?

Hobbies are people’s favorite things to do at any time and they will definitely leave a smile. Talking about your favorite thing to do is easy and fun. This will help her open up. In the event, she gives you a single answer, makes it your objective to find out what makes her hobby interesting.

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4) What is the most graceful thing to you?

This question also focuses on the things she holds dear to her. She will feel appreciated and with the answer you receive, you can carry on the conversation for hours on end. However, since it is the first time you are talking to her, you do not have to push too hard for very specific answers.

5) Which celebrity would you like to know better?

Everyone admires a celebrity though for different reasons. Girls will have more than one they look forward to meeting and this will give you a description of what she is in to. Before jumping into conclusion on why the celebrity is her favorite, allow her to tell you more about why she would love to know him or her better.

6) What was your favorite movie as a kid?

Everyone has a side of childhood that they cannot let go of. Movies were not only a way of using up the extra time on her hands but she will probably have that one movie that she could watch over and over without getting bored and given the chance, she would watch it with you just to show you what makes it interesting. It will also guide you on what type or genre of movies she would love to watch just in case you decide to go out for a movie later.

7) What do you think of pets?

Not every girl has a thing for pets so it is best that you start on an open note. Do not go straight into asking her of her favorite pet because she may not like pets at all. If her answer is positive, then you can get into the specific pets she prefers. If not, find out why and let it go before the conversation gets awkward.

8) What is your favorite music?

The good thing about music is that it is so diverse that there is something for everyone. Asking this question will also lead to several other sub-topics of conversation. Music is lively and because you are referring to what she likes, you will see a smile on her face all through the discussion as she highlights her favorite songs and musicians. This open question is warm and welcoming.

All the above question to ask a girl are not personal and you will be guaranteed not to get too personal. They are open and they will lead to several other sub-topics to keep your conversation going. You will also get to know her better and determine whether the two of you are compatible. Who knows, you may get to see much more of each other. other.