Romantic Things To Do With Your Girlfriend

You have been dating for a while and you are looking for fun things to do with your girlfriend. You have probably gone out and you feel like you are running out of ideas. Fun things to do together always tend to spice things up in your relationship.

List of romantic things to do with your girlfriend

You need something new, it is about time you think out of the box, and put aside dinner dates and movies. Probability is that you have attended almost all the ideal restaurants and watched quite a number of movies. The following are great ideas for fun things to do with your girlfriend.

Go to a vineyard for wine tasting

go to a vineyard

If your girlfriend takes wine, this is a fun moment to explore. Identify a vineyard and take her there. Do not let her know where you are taking retains the aspect of curiosity and increases her anxiety.

The aim is not to drown her in wine but to get her to have a fun moment. Taste wine together and give your personal opinions. You will also get to know her preferences, which will work in your favor the next time you are buying wine in the house.

Go out for a late night walk

go on a late night walk

Have your girlfriend come over if you are not living together. She will probably think that you are up for another night together. After dinner, simply ask to walk around the block. The night is cool and the noise is controlled. Just hold hands and stroll away. This is also intimate and even better; you will not have to dress up for this. This will, therefore, be memorable and fun.

Send her exotic flowers – Avoid roses

send her some flowers

Women love flowers. However, it is time you avoid the usual roses. Get some exotic flowers such as orchids and surprise her. What makes this fun is that you will send her the flowers while ensuring that there is no special occasion. So, different flowers with no special occasion will get her excited as she knows you are simply thinking of her.

Solve puzzles together

do a puzzle together

Solving puzzles, in this case, is not about competing to complete the puzzle. You need to make it a fun moment with your girlfriend. Help each other out and cuddle up together. Finishing the puzzle is important but ensure she is having fun. Let her have her way but ensure you are discrete so she does not feel like you are undermining her capabilities.

Go out skiing

go out skiing


Winter season does not have to be boring. Skiing is fun and contributes a great deal to warm up the winter season. Whether or not she can ski, it is no reason not to go out. Either she will be learning how to ski or if she is familiar with it, she will enjoy skiing with you around. Falling and getting up together is bound to create memorable fun moments.

Go through photos of the two of you

There are several photos you can go through which come with memories. The key is to rekindle the moments you had fun together. Take out your old photo album and with every photo, there is a story to tell. Going through them will get you laughing and cuddling together. It is best that you remind each other of the fun moments before you got this far.

Take her out for a game

take her out for a game

While games are related to men, women also have fun watching specific games. For women, it is not about knowing every player in the sport but rather simply following and having fun. Find out a sport she likes and takes her out. Support her team and allow her to have fun.

Go out for karaoke

go for karaoke

Karaoke is a great way of seemingly acting stupid while at the same time having fun. Allow her to test her vocals and have fun. She will get to pick her favorite songs and sing her heart out.

Encourage her and if possible, get on the stage and sing along. You probably have a song you both love to sing and here is your moment to create a memory out in public. Whether you do something stupid or using the wrong words, you have each other and you will probably laugh it out. You do not have to have a great voice to enjoy karaoke.

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How to find other fun things to do with your girlfriend

You will be able to pick out fun things to do with your girlfriend, Since you know and understand your girlfriend better than anyone else. This outlines indoor and outdoor ideas in different seasons. You love your girlfriend and seeing her happy is a blessing to you.

Make these ideas spontaneous. One good turn deserves another and your girlfriend is important and so is her joy. While you have her best interest at heart, the ideas will not leave you bored either.

Go out and have fun! 🙂

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