How to satisfy a woman in bed?

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As opposed to men, women tend to take time to get aroused. It is therefore important that both parties are aroused before a penetration. Sexual satisfaction is very important. While many have the concern of how to satisfy a woman in bed, it does not take rocket science to do this. While many say that different women get aroused by different sexual advances, this should not get you thinking too hard.

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Below are some tips that will help you address this concern. Whether it is a girlfriend or your wife whom you have been together for over 10 years, these tips on how to satisfy women are bound to keep the spark in the bedroom alive in the long-term.

15 tips to satisfy women in bed


1) Go down on her

This move works wonders on every woman. This acts as a guarantee that you are on your way to satisfying one of the biggest desires which when combined with the right moves will fulfill her fantasies. Do not be fast about it. Take your time and her reaction will direct you towards the next move and a great night all together. While there, play with your tongue and make sure to identify which move best gets her to give a positive reaction. This always gives it away even when other moves do not. Remember to be gentle and allow her time to connect.

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2) Nibble on her neck

The neck is one of the most sensitive areas for women. Nibbling on her neck will get her in the right mood simply because it gets her nerves alert and gets the both of you in a sexy position which makes her feel sexy. The confidence that she is outstandingly sexy goes to her mind and gets her in the mood. Be gentle and romantic about it. As you nibble on her neck, you can also play with her hair her hair can help you caress the back of her neck as you move it from one point to another. It arouses her and the sex is bound to increase on speed and the pace is definitely what you were looking to achieve.

3) Talking dirty adds to the excitement

Talking dirty to a woman gets her freak on and will promise you a crazy night ahead of you. Talking dirty works like magic if you know what to say as well as how to say it. Simply ensure that whatever you choose to say doe not turn out rude. Make it close to the ear and move further just to gain control. Verbal communication is great. Try and turn her on by letting her know the extent to which you are turned on. Make her feel like the only girl in the world and she will beg for more.

4) Get wild

Women love men who take control. This is in terms of physical strength. In bed, this portrays confidence and nothing drives women crazy like a confident and able-bodied man. Pin her down, turn her with a firmer grip or even pull her down and give her some more. This can be crazy yet arousing to keep the night busy without having to push extra buttons.

5) Avoid the same old routine

Even in bed routines will kill, the moment. The mind is engineered to know that every time you get close to her, the next move will be the usual. This becomes a bore and she cannot wait to get it over and done with. The aspect of keeping her guessing works a great deal into satisfying her in bed.

Every time you touch her, her imagination goes wild and she cannot be too sure of what expect. Increasing her imagination will get her aroused as she thinks of what she loves. Her mind is a great weapon that you should exploit if you are going to get her to orgasm when you want her to. By jogging her mind, you are getting close to satisfying her.

6) Enjoy the foreplay longer

This can be tricky for men as they get their erection fast and hope that they can meet their satisfaction. Women, on the other hand, need some time and if you do not do it right, she may take even longer. A tip to help you tackle this is by enjoying more of foreplay.

Get her hornier and you are bound to have a crazy night together. She will be yarning for you to give her more and the end result is satisfaction at its own level. The touching and kissing will get her wet and this puts her in the right mood. It plays with her mental and emotional needs and this plays in your favor as well. It brings about a perfect combination to ensure she is satisfied.

7) Suggest something new

Do not hold back. Try suggesting something new from time to time. This is not about the routine and how you have sex. It is about trying something you think can work even if you have not seen it anywhere. If you are not comfortable suggesting it, why not try it and watch her reaction. Actually, not telling and simply trying it will arouse her excitement.

There are the usual sex styles that everyone tries out. However, there are a number of ways you can spice these styles to make the sex better and less controlling. Use tables, use toys, lick some ice cream off her lower belly before getting to demand for more.

8) Play with her body parts

Most men once they get inside of their women, they tend to forget that caressing is not yet over. If you are looking to satisfy her, balance the sex and the caressing. Include foreplay even when you are inside of her. The combination is great and will get her to climax like you have not seen.

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9) Make compliments about her

Women love to be pampered and this should not stop even when you are in bed. It provides her with a sense of appreciation. It gets them relaxed and they are bound to let loose easier. They are able to put their insecurities aside and enjoy every moment like never before. Women worry about a lot and providing her with compliments especially about her body gets her excited. It makes her want more without placing her worries first. Enjoy sex and getting to satisfy her becomes easier.

10) Do not orgasm before she does

Women tend to take a while before they can orgasm as compared to men. However, they can orgasm more than once before they can rest. In this, it is important that you get her to orgasm before you do. Try to hold on to your erection longer. It is better she orgasms a number of times than you orgasm and she does not. Once man orgasms, that is the end of the session and you can be sure that it is a disappointment especially if it becomes a routine. Let her know that you love to watch her orgasm and what seeing her do that does to you.

11) Get started by getting her to talk about a fantasy

While you are getting her to talk about her fantasy, you are preparing her mentally, emotionally as well as physical. As she talks, you get the drift and you do not have to let her finish. Make the first half worth her time. While it shows that you were listening, the way in which you finish her fantasy work can be outstanding to please her. You are bound to learn a great deal for all other sexual encounters. Sometimes, they are indirectly telling you what you are not paying attention to.

12) Avoid the bed all the time

Satisfying a woman is more than simply making love to her. In an effort to spike up on your creativity, you can try other rooms and other places during sex. Try the bathroom, the table, the kitchen, the bedroom window; the crazier the better. Each memory will come to her and get her wet even without your presence. While the bed may be the traditional way of doing things, it is best that you explore your environment if you are going to satisfy her.

13) Pick up the pace while in action

It is advisable that you start up slow. It gets you time to play with a majority of her body parts and get to identify what each part does to her. You get to understand her sensitive areas and how far you can go with each area. Once you have identified what each button does, gradually pick up the pace. Make it faster and harder. With this move, you will definitely play by her cards and get to satisfy her.

14) After the climax, do not immediately leave the bed

It is important that you lie next to her and cuddle even more. While you could choose to talk softly for a short while together, you can also simply sleep while holding her tight. This shows that you are not in a hurry to leave and that you treasure the moments that you are together. This strategy works as it is all in the head. It is satisfactory to know that the guy was not just after an ejaculation.

15) Consider what she wants

If you are looking to satisfy your woman in bed, make sure you fulfill what she wants. While she may not tell it to your face, the manner in which she turns or poses may as well be the biggest hint you can get to ease your play. This is how you get to know what she wants and how she wants it. However, do not concentrate too much on studying her that you make the entire thing seem like a rehearsal and appear fake.

The above tips on how to satisfy women in bed are simple and they address every woman no matter what their preferences are. It should not be difficult or complicated to try out the above tips. The idea is to ensure that your girl is more than happy in bed. These tips apply to young couples as well as older couples.

Keep your love lives entertaining and this will satisfy your woman. The best rule to follow is that you should keep her desires and preferences in bed first before your own. With this in mind, satisfying a woman should be an everyday thing and you do not have to worry about not satisfying a woman.