How To Show A Girl You Like Her- 7 Crucial Tips You Must Know


How to show a girl you like her should not be so difficult. So, Let me guess you have the fancy for a girl who has probably not noticed you and you cannot stand it any longer. You are itching to let her know that you like her.

However, you do not want to approach her and tell her to her face with the fear that she may reject you. If you are looking for ways on how to show a girl you like her, then you need to consider the following easy ways to let her know that you like her. You are looking to win her heart and get her to your side.

What to do first before telling a girl you like her


1) Initiate friendship first

Identify a window that will bring you together. You do not have to pushy and patience will come in handy. If you are in school, try to pair during activities such as science projects, attend a music class, or complete a project together. This will give you an opportunity to highlight your good deeds and outstanding personality. Remember, you are looking to show her that you exist and not scare her away. It is best that you first become friends. Complement her with every opportunity so she gets to open up to you.

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2) Greet her

Greeting her when you meet is a great idea. However, ensure that you do not scare her away from frequently coming up to her hugging her and pecking her. You are not yet at this level and this will freak her out. a greeting is more generalized and will not raise an alarm before she can warm up to you.

3) Smile when she is around and retain eye contact

Warmly smiling in her direction when you are in the same place is a great way to draw her attention in a positive manner. However, avoid staring too hard. She may confuse it with a lustrous man. Retaining eye contact means you are placing a focus on just her and by smiling, you will be offering a welcoming sign. As much as girls love bad boys, it is evident that they also love feeling as if they are the only girl in the world.

4) Become friends with some of her friends too

One way to approach a girl you fancy is through her friends. She is more likely to approve of the entire concept if she notices that her friends are for you. For women who are shy, it is easier to get through to them through their friends. Do not go all out and start flirting with them. In fact, only stick around them if the woman you like is in their presence to ensure you lay out the desired effect.

5) Start a conversation

Another great way on how to show a girl you like her is by starting a conversation. A conversation is important to get the two of you started. She will also get to know you in person. It is, however, important that you choose safe topics to discuss and avoid personalized or controversial topics such as religion and politics. This is also your opportunity to get to know what she likes and dislikes.

Show her that she is the center of the discussion. The more you get to know her, the easier it gets to interact with her under other occasions. Allow her the opportunity to direct you with the direction of the conversation. During the conversation, be keen and remember what she says as it will come in handy in the near future.

6) Complement her

Every girl loves to know that her effort is recognized. You do not have to focus on her beauty every time you make a compliment. You can also complement her on any of her talents or good deeds. If she plays an instrument, tell her she is really good. In fact, avoid physical complement before she misunderstands you especially in the initial stages of getting to impress her.

7) Exercise some patience

Patience is a virtue and if you really like this girl, you will not rush into things. Take one step at a time keep giving her the right attention and over time she will get the hints you have been dropping. Take on several activities together so she can know that your focus is on her. While you would love to go to a whole new level with her, you should be willing to nature the journey to the destination. Grow your friendship and with time, it will bear fruit.

Implementing the above tips will help you to learn how to show a girl you like her but you also need to know when to call it quits. Not every girl you fancy will like you as well. With the ability to observe if the girl is reciprocating is important so that it can motivate you on whether you should be pushing on or not. Remember to act like yourself and retain confidence. In addition, keep your cool when you are around her. No matter how it turns out in the end, you will have made your intentions known and hope that she feels the same way too.