How to Show a Guy you Like Him-7 Tips You Must Use


How to show a guy you like him does not come easy. Many girls will prefer that guys chase after them and this is more than allowed. However, do not let the guy you fancy to go. Sometimes, he may just need a little push for him to realize that you have been there all this while. From this point, he will take the necessary steps.

If you are wondering on how to show a guy you like him, the following guide will guide you on how to do it without looking too desperate. After all, you are looking to give him something to look forward to every time you are nearby. If you think he is great, show him you like him and in no time, he will like you and take the wheel. Here is how to show a guy you like him.

7 Ways to show you love him


1) Using body language

Body language is a great way to show interest while at the same time it keeps him guessing. Use your facial features such as your eyes, hair, lips, as well as incorporate your body. For example, turn towards him and retain eye contact when talking. Avoid checking your phone or looking around at other distractions. Play with your hair and smile warmly. But do not exaggerate it so you do not turn out weird and desperate.

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2) Make an effort to look nice

This is all about your appearance. Anytime you are around him, make that extra effort to look nicer but remember to be yourself. Check on your makeup, what you wear, as well as your hair. Make it special so he knows that you make it extra special just because he is around. Bring out that sexy figure if you are comfortable with your body but do not at any cost dress skimpy.

3) Laugh at his jokes

If you can get his jokes, you can be sure that he will notice. He will also understand that you get him. This is not to mean that you should go out of your way to give fake laughs and come off like a desperate person. Make it a giggle and ensure you place it in the right place so he feels secure. Do not just giggle at any time or force unnecessary attention.

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4) Flirt with him

Flirting is an art that comes with its own benefits. The more you flirt, the more he cannot ignore you. start off slow and watch his reaction if he is loving the attention, you can turn things up gradually. When flirting with him, speak to him softly and he will, in turn, have to lean towards you to hear you. Build a fun rapport and playfully tap his arm or shoulder lightly. However, it is important that you do not overdo anything.

5) Compliment him

Compliments always have a way of indicating that you like whatever it is you are complimenting. Do not go all out and declare how hot he looks but make the compliments mild. You can refer to his attire, a new haircut, as well as any skills you may have noticed such as playing football or if he is good in a given subject.

Another field you can exploit is his personality (if he is funny or caring). Play around this tips and your compliments will be safe and he will notice that you are keen on what is going on around him.

6) Introduce him to some of your friends

Sometimes, you end up like a guy that you were probably friends and you would like to turn things up to a new level. Start introducing him to some of your friends. Initially, you do not have to drag him along to every friend gathering. At the initial stages, make it somehow accidental. This does not mean that you invite him over just to make an introduction neither. In the event that you meet a friend, make a fast introduction rather than passing each other with a grin or something.

7) Be attentive and remember what she says

When having a conversation, it is important that you follow what is going on and try to remember it as it will come in handy in the near future. This will make him feel special and no one does not like some attention. You will also be able to carry along a conversation without constantly repeating stuff. Remember, you are looking to show interest and not drive him away. How to show a guy you like him will not be easy. It requires a lot of patience and dedication, If you like this guy, you will be able to show him that you like him more than just the basic level.

While you want him to make the first step, there is no harm in helping him to get there sooner than later. Do not crowd his space and you do not have to appear desperate. The above pointers will show you how to show a guy you like him without feeling too much pressure on yourself.