Side Chick Signs – 16 Ways to Know For Sure If You Are His Side Girl

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Side chick simply means that you are not his real girlfriend Let’s face it; every date doesn’t make a relationship. Not every hookup means a commitment. We hope that these things lead to something, but it isn’t always the case. No one wants to be the “side chick girl or the side girl .” This does happen, however, and if you suspect this of your guy here are some tips that you can look for to see if you are the “side girl.”

16 Signs that you’re his side Chick


1) All of your dates are at your house

If your guy doesn’t ever take you out in public or to parties with his friends, you may want to ask why. Cozy dates at home are great, but you also want him to acknowledge you as a couple to other people. He should be proud that he is dating you. If he parks his car around the corner and slinks to your house, it may be a red flag that you are his side chick girl.

2) He doesn’t introduce you to anyone in his family

Even though you have been “seeing” each other for a while, he hasn’t made any attempt to let you get to know his family. He may be vague when you ask questions or try to learn about the ones closest to him. This is not a good sign.

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3) Your “dates” are on the same day, at the same time each week

Is this pattern a little shady-why can’t we meet for coffee at two on a Thursday? This might indicate that he has you “scheduled” to fit nicely into his life and obligations. (Or it might be the one night his girlfriend is working or busy.)

4) Your man disappears at the same time every day or week

No matter how many texts you send or calls you to make, you can’t get in touch with him, and it is the same all the time. This is probably when he is with his “real” girlfriend or another side chick.

5) You don’t appear anywhere on his social media

You don’t appear anywhere on his Facebook, Twitter, etc. This is a dark sign in today’s world of social media. There is absolutely no reason he shouldn’t post pictures of you or say things about your date on the Wide World Web. This could only mean you are a secret from his virtual world.

6) He Blocks you on his Facebook or Social Media Account

In the relationship with the above social media, if his Facebook says he is in a “relationship,” don’t assume it is with you, especially if you aren’t on his page anywhere. Even worse is if you can’t even find his page on Facebook. That could mean you are blocked.

7) Your name and number aren’t programmed into his phone

Another telltale sign that you are the side chick girl is that your name and number aren’t programmed into his phone. Do a quick check when he isn’t looking you should be on his fast dial but instead, you are nowhere. Not good! It could mean he doesn’t want your name popping up when you text.

8) Does your guy always call you a nickname?

This may be so he doesn’t mistakenly call you the wrong name. Guys with a lot of girls on his mind will have trouble keeping track. Cute names solve that problem nicely.

9) Does he invite you to spend the night at his house, ever?

If not, this could be a sign that you are his side girl. Or if he never spends an entire night with you, be suspicious!! He may have to get home before his real girlfriend, or he may have to get you out of his house before the next girl shows up.

10) He won’t make any plans in advance

he is troubling if he can never give you an answer about an upcoming date. He probably has to check his crowded planner to see if it conflicts with other dates.

11) Does he ever pick up when you call?

If he only answers texts, you should be concerned. If he is with his girlfriend or another side girl, he won’t be able actually to talk to you. He can text without interrupting what he is doing.

12) Does he protect his phone like it has top national secrets?

It probably does, other girl’s numbers, pictures, etc. If your man takes his phone into the shower with him, something is up.

13) Netflix and chill

If your guy’s favorite phrase is let’s just “Netflix and chill,” that is man code for sex. If all of your dates have centered around this idea, you have a problem. This means you are his go to “booty call.” Not a good place to be in your “relationship.”

14) You never celebrate holidays together

Another telltale sign that you may be his side chick girl on the side is that you never celebrate holidays together. During these special times, when couples are usually inseparable-he always seems to have an emergency or something to come up. He is MIA on all special occasions.

15) He never gets upset if you have to cancel on a date.

Most men would become irritated or at least sad that you two won’t be seeing each other. The guy who acts almost relieved has too many other things going on to care.

16) He never talks about the future

Lastly, if he doesn’t ever bring up the future, you have cause to worry. You try to pin him down or make suggestions, but he won’t commit. This may be because his future is already promised to someone else.

What to do if you are his side girl?

No one wants to think of themselves as the side girl or a side chick girl. We invest energy and emotion into building a relationship with someone we care about. We have to realize that everyone isn’t playing by the same rules or any rules sometimes. Some guys are out for games, sex or to see how many women they can date at the same time.

Thankfully, though, there are still many good guys out there who will cherish you and be worthy of your trust. It is up to you to learn to tell the difference. If you do have a bad experience with a player who makes you his girl on the side, don’t hold that against all men. You can’t paint all men with one broad stroke. Just take the time to make sure you get one of the good ones.