Signs a guy is into you – what you must know now?


Guys also have the fear of rejection and it can be difficult for them to express themselves. While it can be tricky to know if a guy is into you or he likes you as a friend, you can watch out for a number of signs that support each other to create a definite answer to your worry.

The following are signs a guy is into you. You cannot rely on just one sign to provide a conclusion but if you notice more than half the signs below, then the probability that the guy is into you are very high.

6 signs a guy is into you


1. He grabs every opportunity to treat you like a lady

Not every guy will treat you like a lady. If you are friends, guys will treat you more like a buddy and not any different from other guys. When you notice that a guy will make every effort to treat you like a lady and different from the rest of the group, he is probably into you. He will pull out your chair, offer you gifts or starts to treat you like his girlfriend. Clearly, he is into you.

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 2. He will find a reason to get close to you and even touch you

When a guy likes you, he will want to spend time with you and with every opportunity; he will try to find out if you have time on your hands as well. While spending time with you may not exactly mean he is into you, watch out if he tries to touch you. This is a solid recognition that he is into you.

In his attempt to touch you, he will not make it obvious. For example, do you notice that when he laughs he will stretch to touch your lap? He will also try to push back your hair or even touch your shoulders. However, he will try to limit himself to how far he can go and he will always have a reason for touching you. Learn this: How to flirt with a guy over text?

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3. He flirts with you on several occasions

Flirting with you is normally on impulse and the guy cannot help himself. When a guy is into you, he will find himself flirting with you or sweet talking you. Be keen to notice if he will pull you aside for this or if you notice that you are the only one he does this with.

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If so, he is probably into you and not just a guy who is a charmer and will flirt with right about all the girls. If you notice that he flirts with other people, he is probably one of the guys who find flirting pleasurable and does not mean anything they say.

4. He makes you the center of his discussions

If a guy is into you, you will notice that you are the center of his discussions and he rarely talks about other girls in the same manner. This strategy focuses on letting you know that he fancies you without having to make it straightforward. While he is dying to let you know he is not sure on how to put it in words yet. He will also talk about you around other people in an effort to make it known to all.

5. He wants to be with you

When a guy is always trying to find a reason to hang around you, he is probably into you. If you notice that even when you are hanging out with friends he will make his way to you, he definitely cannot stay away from you.

This is because many guys tend to shy away when a group of girls is hanging out. If you want to be sure that it is you he is interested in, you can try excusing yourself from the group and observe he requests to accompany you or leaves the group simply because you left.

6. He seeks your approval

When a guy is always asking after you and you notice that he is always trying to impress you, he may just be into you. A guy that is into you will not want to be on your wrong side as he is trying to gain favor with you.

He will always be trying to act as if you are on the same page. He may go as far as changing his preference just to suit your own preference, and then you can be sure that he is into you. Most guys will debate it out on what is better rather than agree with you.

Video of ways to know a guy is into you

It can be tricky to tell if a guy is trying to be more than a friend to you especially if you have been good friends before. However, the above signs that a guy is into you will guide you and help you draw a line between friends or probably more than friends.