Obvious Signs a Guy Likes you a Lot


There are situations when you are not sure whether the guy you think you have a crush on feels the same way as you do. While it is not as easy to walk up to a guy and ask what he feels, there are some obvious signs a guy likes you that you can look out for. In other circumstances, the guy may just be shy and may want to stay away as they are not able to express themselves.

In many occasions, despite the silence, guys are too excited and overwhelmed to hide it even when they cannot say it. There are signs that they cannot simply hide and these signs will always sell them out no matter what. These signs are more on a subconscious mind and they may even be able to notice that they are expressing them. It is a natural thing to like a girl and you have no idea how natural it is to express the attraction even on impulse especially when the guy is around the girl he fancies.

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There are some obvious signs a guy likes you but there is also more to the obvious signs. You never know, your guy may be the shy type you can also pick up a number of signs a shy guy likes you as well. The order below starts with the more obvious signs to the less obvious that shy guys will tend to indicate.

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18 Signs he likes you a lot


1) He will say it

Some guys are brave enough to walk right next to you and declare what he feels for you. Many times, ladies feel that the straightforward declaration may come as a joke. However, if he says it, then he definitely means it. In an effort to be sure about the whole ordeal, you can wait and observe other signs that when combined make the expression a complete deal.

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2) Constantly making inquiries with questions about you

When a man is trying to find out more about you and what you stand for during a conversation, then something is up. It is obvious that he does not go around asking about everyone’s preferences. Be sure to differentiate between a guy who is conversing with you at a party as he tries to be friendly and one that has a keen interest in you. It’s not just about small talk but about a more personalized conversation.

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3) He points out similar interests between the two of you

During discussions or conversations, if you notice that the guy seems to put emphasis on how what you like is also something he is into, then he probably likes you. This is because a guy that likes you will prevent any source of argument or even a disagreement. All he wants is to appear on your good books no matter what.

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4) He will lean in

This is a way of identifying what he feels through his body language. During conversations or even at a dining table, if the guy leans towards you, then you can smile. It may be complicated when it is just the two of you and he is leaning in. but when you are more than a number of people and he leans in just in your direction, you can count this as a plus for you.

5) His behavior changes when you are around

This is a comparison of how he acts when you are in the same gathering and when he is just out with his pals. If you notice that he seems to care about what he does when he is around you, then you have reason to count your intuition as a right one. He is probably trying to appear as a decent young man in your presence because he likes you.

6) He tries to ignore you completely

This is a very common sign with shy guys. Due to the fear of rejection, they will try to keep their feelings to themselves and since they know they will be all confused around you, staying away seems to be the right solution.

This is how this works so you can be sure that he likes you and not the exact opposite. When people are around you, he acts like he has no idea who you are but when he passes by when you are alone he may even pass a greeting, he has a thing for you and all he needs is a sign to bring him closer. You could try saying hi from time to time or even being a little bit nicer at the office or at school. These hints do not go to waste as they build his confidence and he will start to reciprocate.

7) He gets a drink without being asked

The question of buying drinks can be debatable. However, if a guy likes you, he will buy you a drink and not ask of anything later. Probably, he will get the drink or simply settle your bill. However, he will want to see you again and depending on the venue he picks, you will know if he considers you more than just a friend. This sign is best accompanied by other signs.

8) He requests for your number

If you have not been assigned to undertake a given project together and he will need your number to call you to complete the project, the number he is asking for is definitely to catch up more often. Alternatively, this is also a sign that a shy guy likes you but he will tend to ask for it in a more cunning way. Alternatively, if you like him, you can trick him into a situation where he will be forced to request for your number. If he does, then you are on the right track and he likes you. This is a golden opportunity for a shy guy.

9) He attempts to go for the kiss

This is rather a more obvious sign. Unless he is dared, he definitely likes you. A kiss is a definite sign that any guy would go for. At this point, you can be sure that he likes you even without other signs attached to it. A person’s personality should also be accounted for as there are guys who have no problem expressing themselves and they will peck even friends but never do they go for the lips with just about anyone.

10) Look at his area of concentration as he talks to you

This is one of the obvious signs he likes you. When a guy likes you, he will tend to follow you to anywhere with his eyes. He may be stationary but the moment you make a move, his eyes are practically following you around. This reaction is more on impulse but it will work in your favor to know if he likes you.

11) Eye contact

Always maintaining eye contact is a good sign. He will stare longer than usual when it is you and since he is not able to notice the situation immediately when he does, he will try to hide his intentions.

12) He looks away

You must have noticed that some guys will stare at a female and when she turns and notices the look, he tends to always have something to do and he will change his attention abruptly from staring to even reading a book, “If at all it’s even the right side up.”

13) He will constantly smile at you

If a guy constantly smiles at you even when there is nothing much that is funny, then this becomes a positive sign. This tends to reciprocate in many circumstances. You will find that he will turn towards you and smile and you may also notice that it is a habit just for the two of you. In this, you will find that you also smile back on impulse.

14) Asks if you have a boyfriend

The obvious reason that a guy would want to know if you have a boyfriend is if he is weighing his options and the chance he has of getting you as his lady. In some instances, the question is not as direct but you will definitely know that he has a keen interest in you depending on how he asks. This is very common with shy guys. To build his confidence, try to invite him over for a cup of coffee. This brings the two of you closer, and these are some great leaders on how to tell if a guy is into you.

15) He is rather protective when it comes to you specifically

If you notice that the guy gets protective over you, there is a definite good reason for it as long as he was not sent by your father or bigger brother. He always tries to ensure that you are fine even in situations that do not require it, then he likes you and he just wants to make sure that you are fine.

16) He gets jealous

A jealous guy is a guy that likes you. He cannot stand the sight of seeing you with someone else even when you are just having some fun out with friends. He may pop up with concerns of who you hang around especially when it is another guy. Jealous men also want to be protective.

17) He is always trying to impress

Any guy who makes the extra effort to impress a lady has a thing for her. Making a great impression on you is what he wants to do as he also tries to out beat any competition in his way. He will go out of his way to do something you may consider cool even when it is something he may never have thought of doing. He may not be able to afford a given gift, but he may go as far as getting into debt just to impress you.

18) He schedules for a date and immediately for the next

A guy who likes you will be the first to call you up for a date, make the reservations if need be and make sure it is a process. Bold men will not agree to take a “no” for an answer.

Video of signs a guy likes you

However, shy men may not make it so obvious and they will keep dragging either a friend to invite you to the same parties. If you notice this, you can try passing the invitation to the guy. You can ask his friend to allow you pass the message on to the guy rather than the usual invitation from the one source. The guy will take this positively and you tend to get him closer. The above signs are more promising although there are other signs a guy likes you.