Understand Signs of Attraction: The 6 Tips you Must Know


Signs of attraction to members of the opposite sex occurs more often than many think of but it will probably pass you by without the slightest clue when you are not careful. It can be difficult for many to express themselves but there are other signs you can look out for that do not require wording to indicate that there is an attraction.

Whether it is a physical or sexual attraction, you should be able to identify the possible attraction signs more easily with the following. The best part is that the following signs of attraction apply to both men and women. You can trust these signs, as they will normally occur involuntarily. In this, you will not have to rely on wording to make a judgment.

6 Attraction Signs You Must be Aware Of


1) Direction their feet are directed

This comes at the top because many people tend to ignore the feet or forget to check them out most probably because they are normally undercover on tables. Ideally, as a sign of attraction, their feet will be directed in your direction.

This is because feet have been observed to face in the direction you have an interest in. For example, even when you want to leave a room, you will notice that you will first direct your feet towards the door. If they are facing elsewhere, your perception is questionable.

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2) Eye contact

Eye contact is very easy to notice sign but you have to be careful not to confuse it with someone who is rather shy. Eye contact works even better with women. However, if you notice that the other person is retaining eye contact but cannot hold it for long, then they probably fancy you and are attracted to you.

This is different from dealing with a shy person. Someone who is shy will avoid eye contact at all times and even when they are looking at you, they will avoid direct eye contact and they will concentrate on other body features but will not maintain their focus. Women will also flutter their eyelids. It is by far one of the best attraction signs that you can quickly identify

3) Touch

Other than being attracted to someone, touch is also a sign of the person being comfortable around you. When referring to touch, this refers to a slight touch that is not planned for.

For example, when you notice that when you start laughing and you notice the other person pat your shoulder or arm, the probability is that they like you. This is not a onetime act for you to consider it a sign of attractiveness. If it happens frequently, it contributes greatly towards indicating that the other person is attracted to you.

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4) Mirroring

When you are attracted to someone, you will subconsciously begin to mirror his or her behavior. If you are attracted to someone, you will find yourself doing things the way they do him or her on impulse. You will find yourself adjusting your sitting position or the way you place your arms on the table then it is a sign you are attracted to the other person. Look out for this sign the next time you are out on a date.

5) Preening

Preening gestures vary between different people but the most common signs include playing with your hair or playing with your jewelry. This is more evident, especially for women. They are a sign of attractiveness because they indicate that you are trying to adjust so that you are appealing.

As long as you are going the extra mile to look extra good, you are definitely looking to impress and you would not be impressing someone you are not attracted to. Preening cannot be avoided even after the first few dates. Take your time and take note of how often these gestures appear.

6) Lips

The lips will sell out the ladies. Guys, this is a sign to check out with ease. You are looking out for a subtle lip bite. A genuine smile will also sell her out. This also works for men.

However, it is important that you are careful that you do not confuse a smirk for a smile when looking for a sign of being attracted to someone. Alternatively, when you notice a guy staring at your lips, it is likely she wants to reach out and kiss you.

What Should you do If You See The Above Signs of Attraction

It can be difficult to approach an individual especially when you have no idea whether they like you too. If you cannot ask him or her directly, you can take your time and look out for signs of attraction. These are more reliable as they are involuntary. Body language is one key aspect that you can rely on. The feet, eyes, lips, and other preening acts will take you through what you need to know.

However, it is important that you are keen and that you take your time to prevent judgments from a single observation. It is also important that you look out for more than one attraction signs.