9 Easy To See Signs That a Girl Likes You

Many believe that it is the role of a man to pick girls up, set the pace and ask a girl out. However, it is comforting to know that the girl you are working to grab her attention actually likes you too. But there are signs a girl likes you that you can look for.

9 Signs that a girl likes you

There are several signs a girl likes you that you can look out for rather than chase after nothing you desire. You can look at body signs to help you understand a girl you fancy. Many shy girls are afraid of looking desperate and rejection is a great deal for them. The following signs a girl likes you will guide you. Even for girls who are shy, it is difficult to get her to accept and agree to like you. However, there are also signs a shy girl likes you that you can notice before you decide to withdraw your interest.

A girl will steal glimpses from you on a regular basis

she will steal glimpses from you

This is a more obvious sign that a girl likes you because she cannot avoid trying to look back at you. This is more of an impulse rather than doing it on purpose. Many times, even when her friends notice and ask after what she is doing, she will deny it in the initial stages. Her aim is to enjoy the sight but she will try to avoid eye contact.

She does not want you to find her looking but she cannot seem to resist the temptation. This is more evident for shy girls rather than the more confident girls who will try to make it more evident that they are looking. They might even try to look as you look back in an effort to tempt you so you can make the move sooner. However, do not make this decision from a one time or on a few glimpses. Ensure that this is something that is on the regular anytime the two of you are close by. This is because a few stares may be for a different reason.

She becomes more nervous in your presence

she becomes nervous in your presence

Shy girls find it very difficult to show that they like a guy. However, the resistance cannot be held back in the long-term and the body has a way of selling you out. On impulse, a shy girl will be very nervous when they start to approach the guy they fancy. Her nervousness will be indicated by other signs such as being clumsy more than the usual when around you or when she seems to be more confused than the usual. This is one of the definite signs that a shy girl has a thing for you.

She plays with her hair when around you

she plays with her hair when around you

When a girl starts to play with her hair and you know it is not falling on her face or out of place, it is evident that she is trying to keep herself busy while at the same time drawing your attention

She tries to impress you rather than put it in words

she tries to impress you

Girls who like a guy will try to stand out so you can notice them. In this, they will try to impress you in an effort to draw your attention towards them. She will try to dress up, look neater, ensure that her hair is in place and she will ensure you notice. To ensure that you notice, she will wave over or pass by with the friends’ real close. As much as she is trying to hide from her friends, she will ensure she stands out as an individual.

She laughs at any of your jokes

she laughs at any of your jokes

In case you are familiar with her and bump into each other a lot, you may converse together. During your conversations, note if she laughs at every joke you display. Sometimes, you will notice that she will laugh at jokes that you will consider corny. She is excited that the two of you are having a conversation and she will disguise her excitement by laughing at everything she deems was meant to deliver a joke.

Identify random hugs

identify random hugs

In the current state of things, hugs are more common than ever. Whether it is between two girls or a guy and a girl, it is more common. This is, therefore, a sign that is reliable for shy girls. Shy girls tend to be shy with everyone and they will not go around hugging randomly. In this, she will try to make it casual with you in an attempt to make it look obvious but she will hide in making it seem like it is what everyone else is doing. If you are looking to make sure that, she has the hearts for you; you will notice that these hugs are directed towards you more than with any other person.

At this stage, you are wise to know a few kissing tips that will blow her mind! Those tips will help you on your way to become a great kisser which is great for the next steps!

She tries to bump into you more often than you can put a finger to

This trick is as old as the world yet it still works to serve the same purpose. You will notice that she is trying to touch you a lot. There is always an excuse for her to reach out and touch you. If she is not trying to dust your shirt, she is straightening your clothing for some reason; she may pat you on your back or even pulls one of those instances that resemble a guy’s punch such as giving you a soft punch on your chest.

This sign is mostly identified within the older girl. This trick is normally used to weigh her chances. If you fancy her back, it is important that your response is friendly. Make her feel like it is okay. Make her feel comfortable and you may e seeing more of her and more signs that will ensure that she does like you.

The stare she gives you

The shy girl will try to steal glances towards the man she likes but a more confident girl will keep it more in her control and she looks right at you with the hope that you will appreciate her. A confident girl will not be afraid of letting you know what her intentions are. This is evident in the two of you are already at the stage where you are talking.

Sometimes, a confident girl will walk up to you and sit down for a conversation. If she looks straight at you during the conversation, she is probably not listening to what you are saying. Instead, she may be fantasizing and building castles in the air. While most of the time, they do not realize how hard and uncomfortable this may be for the guy, you need to e rational and not harsh.

Observe her close friends

observe her close friends

The shy girl makes it really hard to know what is on her mind. In this, this plan always sells her out. While a shy girl will ensure that her intentions remain with her, she cannot resist telling it to her friends.

While she is busy making sure you do not find out, her friends will be busy ensuring that you do with the attempt to keep the two of you around each other. In addition, friends have a way of not being able to hide hat they know considering that they think it does not affect them.

Friends make it their business when one of their friends likes a guy. In this, they will also talk about you. You will get to hear your name mentioned a number of times would definitely tell you that she likes you. However, be sure to listen out for her name as well so you do not get the wrong message from the wrong person.

Sometimes, she may love to talk about you with her friends and act as if she does not care at all when you come around. This is common when you hear them talk and when you try to pass close by where they are they all go silent as they try to make sure you do not listen in. if they were not talking about you, the probability is that they would not even notice your presence.

She tends to be there for you more than is necessary

When a girl likes you, she tries to draw your attention by any means necessary as long as she does not appear desperate. Sometimes, you may not even realize that there has been a pretty girl right next to you for one reason or another. The first thing is that this girl will draw your attention while at the same time try to show her good personality.

Anytime you will require some help, look out to notice if she offers to help you out. Sometimes, she will help you out even before you get to ask just to ensure that she is the one who gets to hang around you. She will always be in a position to help you out with something she thinks you need.

In some instances, she may be sure that she is not in a position to help. She will then tell you that she is not in the position to but she would have loved to help. It is this determination that you are looking to identify. This sign is more direct but it has to take place a number of times before you can conclude that the girl likes you. An essential step in getting to know a girl is to prepare a few conversation starters. Take a look at these topics you can use to boost your confidence and talk with any girl that you like.

The above signs are great signs that a girl likes you whether she is shy or confident. However, the following tips will guide you to help identify when a sign is genuine. Ensure that the sign you are observing is a repeat and occurs more often before you can make a conclusion that she likes you. This also means that you need to take your time.

How to know if a girl likes you

Body language always sells a girl out. Be sure to look into it. Look at her lips, eyes, and hands.

Try initiating a conversation, if she tries to leave fast, let it be. She probably does not like you. If she stays around even when she cannot utter a word, she probably likes you but cannot converse with the fear of not knowing what to say.

Exercise some patience especially if you are working with a shy girl. Shy girls tend to be secretive but with the right motivation, they cannot hold back in the long-term.

Girls try not to be obvious when it comes to liking a guy unless they are officially dating. This is due to the fear of rejection or embarrassments. However, you can look out for the above signs a girl likes you and also signs a shy girl likes you. Their pride, as well as sensitivity, get the best of girls but their excitement will get you reading the above signs. Though they may not be applied all at the same time, you will notice more than one over a given period.

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