It can be devastating when you find out that a guy you really like is into you. While you may like him, something seems off on his end. There are guys that may hang out with you but they are not that into you.

Yes, you are pretty and you may laugh together on some occasions even enjoy each other’s company but nothing much is happening. You feel like you are just like his group of friends and that nothing is about to change.

7 signs a guy is not into you

The following are signs a guy is not into you.

He introduces you as a friend

When a guy is not into you, he will introduce you as a friend or make a general introduction by using your name instead. In many circumstances, he will even avoid making an introduction especially when there are other women present. In this, he is indicating that he is free and ready to mingle with the other women.

He avoids you in public

he avoids you because he is not into you

While the guy is more than willing to spend time with you indoors, you will notice that he objects to going out together. He is trying to make sure that people o does not know that you are going out together or that you even associate.

He will also avoid introducing you to his friends. Anytime he hangs out with his friends, you are not welcome and he will give one excuse after another for not taking you along.

He always seems to be busy for you

he always seems too busy

When a guy is into you, he will go the extra mile to want to spend time with you even when he has a busy schedule. On the other side, when a guy is not into you, he will find a reason not to see you.

He is either busy with his friends or that he has to be going somewhere. The effort to want to spend time with you is definitely not available. He will even forget or purposefully ignore some of your invitations where your friends are involved. This is because he does not want to send the wrong impression.

He talks about other women with you

he talks about other women with you

When you notice that a guy is comfortable talking about other women around you, and these women are not family members, then you need to get the hint. He will even go ahead and mention how he has noticed that some woman has made her hair or that she was very neat and smart. Sometimes, he will ask you what a woman would love as a gift and you will probably never see the gift.

You also need to be cautious if he is constantly talking or referring to his ex, you are playing the role of a consultant and not getting any closer to him. Maybe when the time is right and he gets over his ex, he may be into you but at as long as he is referring to her he is not into you. No one wants to hear about another’s ex.

You do a lot with nothing in return

If you constantly find yourself doing a lot of things such as being the one to call him all the time, buying him gifts or paying for your dinners, well, something is wrong. Good gestures are appreciated especially if you like him a lot but if he likes you too, he will try to reciprocate the gestures. While you are not running the relationship on a 50/50 basis, it is comforting to know that he appreciates you.

To better understand how to get his attention, go through our best tips on how to get a guy to notice you. They are almost bound to work!

Booty calls are more evident

he makes booty calls

When a guy is constantly asking you to hang out after 10 pm or this is the time when he calls you and tries to call or text you, find out his intentions. In addition, if your conversations rotate around sexual content, you got another thing coming. In addition, if he cannot stop thinking of some feature on your body that is sexually related, it is time you let go because he is not into you.

He forgets important things about you

When a guy is not into you, he will barely remember much about you. Probability is that he was not keen to listen when you were having the conversation on the specific topic. Many times, he will not remember something you said less than 24 hours down the line.

Signs that he’s just not that into you

The above are signs that a guy is not into you at least not as you would want. While you may like him a lot, it is evident that you may as well be passing time thinking that he likes you too simply because he may call you or that he is still talking to you. This guide will help you identify if he is into you or not and help you take the next step.

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