How to know if a Girl likes you-6 Crucial Signs You Must Look For


How to know if a girl likes you shouldn’t be so difficult. Since time memorial, it has been said that men will ask a woman out. However, it is important that the guy feels welcome and ensures that they are on the same page before he can gather his courage before he can ask a girl out.

This becomes even easier when you know that the girl you fancy has a thing for you too. It becomes easier to ask a girl out if you know that she likes you. However, the big question for many is how to know if a girl likes you thus saving you the embarrassment of a turndown. If you are looking to know if a girl likes you, the following are signs that will guide you.

How can you tell if a girl likes you – 6 ways to know if she is really into you


1) She gets nervous around you

When you notice that, she tends to get nervous around you or in your presence, it is possible she probably likes you. This is more evident when she is shy. Shy girls tend to have a hidden fear and they tend to worry about what a guy thinks of them. In this, when they are in your presence, tension adds up. If a shy girl likes you, you will notice that She will always be trying to fix something in the hope that you find her attractive and pleasant.

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2) She works to better her appearance/ body language signs

When a girl likes you, she is likely to dress to impress when around you or since she figured she has a thing for you. Other than her dressing and makeup, there are other body languages that you may look out for to suggest that she likes you. Watch if she brushes her hair off her face even when it is not in her way.

Does she play with her fingers when it is you she is around? A combination of these signs contributes a great deal towards knowing whether a girl likes you because if they are not on impulse, they are definitely making the effort for you to notice her. Trying to fix her clothing or her hair every time you are around her is a good sign for you.

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3) She does not mind your presence

When a girl does not like you, she tends to feel as if your presence is a bother. Alternatively, when she entertains your presence is despite being nervous the first few times, she will get cozy and more than often, you will notice that when you are around, she is rather accommodating as opposed to how comfortable she gets around other guys. More than often, she will find a reason to be in the same group or around you. She will join a sport just because you are a part of it, and she will even offer her assistance even when she is not exactly sure of how to go about it.

4) She thinks you are always funny

If you notice that she finds you funny and will laugh at right about all your jokes, the probability that she likes you is relatively high. She will giggle at every joke and even when you are not trying to crack a joke, she will be smiling all the way. You will always see her laugh or giggle even when others around are not.

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5) She will seek your opinion/ approval

When a girl likes you, you will realize that she will find a reason to ask for your opinion. She cannot help herself as she is making effort to ensure that she is in your good books. This is also the reason for her to make conversation without looking so awkward. It also works very well for a shy girl as it does not make it obvious.

6) She will smile more than the ordinary

When a girl likes you, she will be more joyous than normal when you are around. She may not be able to put it in words but she will also not be able to hide her excitement. Just by your presence, she will find herself smiling hard. This sign can be more evident when she smiles and as you turn in her direction, she will shy away in an effort to try and hide her feelings. She will not make it evident but she will definitely try and steal a glimpse.

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How to Know if a girl likes you for sure?

Looking at the above signs, it is evident that though many girls will not directly ask a guy out, they will provide the necessary signals to indicate that she likes you. If you are looking on how to know if a girl likes you, look out for some of these signs. It is important that you do not rely on one of the signs as it could mislead you.

Working with a combination of the above signs will offer you a guide on what the girl feels. It is difficult for a girl to hide what she feels and many of the above signs are done on impulse. Probability is if you were to ask her, she will deny every bit of it. How to know if a girl likes you shouldn’t be difficult to notice even if the girl is shy. And remember body language is always a plus sign when she likes you.