7 Signs of Someone Having a Crush on You


It is not everyone that is courageous to step up to someone they like and declare that they have a crush on you. They will probably have the fear of expressing themselves either because they are afraid of rejection or because they know you are seeing someone and may not want to get in your way.

Whichever reason they have for staying away, it is definite that they cannot entirely hide what they feel for you. This is because, many of the signs of having a crush on someone are on impulse, and the individual may not know when displaying them. The following are signs you will notice of someone having a crush on you.

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Signs you will notice of someone having a crush on you


1. They look at you a lot/ eye contact

When someone has a crush on you, they will find themselves looking at you a lot or even staring. This goes hand in hand with the aspect of eye contact. When someone is confident to retain eye contact for a given long period, chances are they have a crush on you. Many times, they may not be aware of the stare until they snap out of it and find reasons to cover for staring. Probability is that the reasons will not make sense.

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2. They will get nervous around you

When an individual gets nervous when they are around you but you notice that they are confident when they are around other people, chances are that they have a crush on you. This is of course if you did not do anything to scare them before. This is because of anxiety and they will stick around you but they are nervous around you.

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3. They are always there for you even when you are not that close

Talk of having a knight in shining armor and probability is that the person in question has a crush on you. In this time and era, people do not simply stop to help you out or offer assistance without a just reason.

If you notice that someone is always offering to be of assistance even before you ask, the probability is that they have a crush on you. It is even more evident when these types of occurrences repeat themselves more than is necessary.

4. They tend to tease you a lot

Many times, teasing comes as a way of flirting only that it takes a different route so that it is not easily identifiable. The key objective to teasing when someone has a crush on you is that they are seeking body contact without making it obvious. For example, when someone likes playing with you and is wrestling you gently, lifting you when hugging, or trying a soft punch on your shoulder.

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5. They never run out of surprises

When someone has something up their sleeves most of the time and most of the time, they will have you involved. Because you are not yet dating, they will try to make it as casual as possible. They may bring you lunch.

When having conversations and you point out a favorite color or food, you will notice that they were listening and out of the blues, they will make it happen. They are trying to show that they have an interest in what you are all about.

6. They start inviting you to events

If you notice that, someone is always finding a reason for you to accompany him or her to his or her events or even invite you for dinner. If it is a crush, they will not have a reason to invite you but that they simply thought it would be a good idea. It is during such occasions that they will try to impress you and leave a great impression.

7. Hand gestures

Hand gestures speak a lot when someone has a crush on you. Depending on the individual, they will employ hand gestures to indicate interest. For example, you may notice that a girl will always be trying to flip her hair from her face even when it is not exactly on her face. A guy may try to explain a simple aspect by using hand gestures. If the individual stretches out to touch you, then the probability that they have a crush on you is relatively high.

The above signs of someone having a crush on you are evident for both men and women. Other than enhancing their physical appearance by trying to look smart and appealing, they will try to get close to you.

Having a crush is a great feeling but due to some fears, many will hold on to this feeling for a while before they can make it open. However, they cannot hide some signs because they may not even be aware of what they are doing. However, it will work in your favor as you will be in the know-how of what the person feels for you.

Individuals may combine some of the above signs so you do not have to look out for all the signs. In addition, one sign is not enough for you to make a conclusion on whether they have a crush.