How to Start a Text Conversation with a Girl

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How to start a text conversation with a girl is not as easy as it sounds. This is because you still do not know her likes and dislikes or preferences. Once you start to text, it gets easier to keep the conversation going. It is therefore important that you find an attention grabber to also make her text you back. The idea is to have a conversation with her and not a self-conversation in an attempt to please her.

It is important that you take a conversation to favor both of you rather than one that will favor you. How you start a conversation will work for you or against you depending on how you start it. If you want to know how to start a text conversation with a girl, the following are tips on how to do it.

6 Ways to start a text conversation with a girl


1) Get her phone number personally

It is advisable that you ensure her number was given to you and not through someone else. This is because of the probability of starting a conversation with a total stranger. It is also rude as you appear to look as a desperate and not bold enough. The first step is that you need to show the interest before you can start chatting through text.

This gives you a head start way before you can start to text and it will also contribute greatly towards starting the conversation. However, it is important that after you try getting her number and she does not give it to you give her some time and try again rather than get it from someone else.

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2) Say hi but accompany it with a statement

By simply saying hi, you will be killing the conversation as soon as you started it. This is because it seems boring as well as difficult to respond to it. It is therefore important that after saying hi, you accompany it with another statement. This will help to keep the conversation going.

Simply ask a question such as ask after how she is doing. In addition, ensure that the question does not require a yes or no answer as it will keep the conversation short if not kill it. Try not to make it sound like you are flirting as many girls will not like this right at the start of a text conversation.

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3) Concentrate on her interests

If you are looking to keep the conversation going, ensure that the conversation is about what she likes and her preferences. It is however important that you remain open-minded as you may differ on some topics. Pick an open topic to talk about such as her favorite music, a movie or program. There is nothing to hide around such topics so she will be willing to carry on the conversation without feeling as if you are prying into her personal life.

While you may also have your interests, it is best that you concentrate on her interest at the start of the conversation to get her into a long conversation. As the conversation progresses, you will notice that she will also want to know what you like but this is only when the conversation is more open and interesting for both of you.

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4) Use of smiley faces

When texting, the use of smiley faces when brighten her mood and the probability that she will prefer to carry a conversation with you is rather high. Sometimes, she may not be in the right mood but with something to cheer her up, she will be more than happy having a conversation with someone that is trying to make her happy.

A cheerful person will be more open especially when it is you that caused the cheer. Smiley faces are also more open and not exactly suggestive so she will not feel like you are coming in too strong as opposed to using winky faces. In the event you cannot figure out where to use it, you can place it at the beginning of the text or at the end.

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5) Avoid very long texts

It can be boring to have the first few texts as long as forever. You want her to read and keep replying and long texts will not do that for you. Other than being boring, they will complete the conversation fast as you will text too much thus taking forever to reply to a message. This is a turn off for many girls.

6) Stay “alive” and keep the conversation going

At this point, you have been able to start the conversation and it is now up to you to make the conversation stay alive. You can make it as long as you want and text all day or all night if you so wish. You have started with a great tone and it is time to maintain it. She will also get into the mood and it will no longer remain your responsibility to keep her chatty.

How to start a text conversation with a girl can be tricky especially if you are looking forward to keeping texting with her. It is, therefore, important that you get started on the right foot in an effort to ensure that she replies to your texts.