How to Find a Girlfriend Online and Date with Her (8 Tips)

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It is no doubt that getting a girlfriend can sometimes be quite a daunting task. I know how disheartening it is when you unsuccessfully try countless times to get a fitting partner. You just may be a shy person or may not have much time to mingle with people and make new friends. You may also be clumsy and find yourself turning off girls on all your first dates. That is why I put together this list with tips on how to find a girlfriend online. My list will help you avoid deal breakers and date your girl longer. So, let’s cut to the chase and look at tips to successfully date a girl online.

Let Paramount Information Be On The Top of Your Profile

While looking for a suitable girlfriend, you will also want to help them find you. Not everyone has time to or is willing to go through your profile top to bottom. Ensure that the important information about you appears first in your profile.

But don’t fill too much information that you wouldn’t be willing to read. Your profile is aimed at giving people a snapshot of who you are. So, even if one doesn’t have time to read your profile, she will have a rough idea of who you are.

Carefully Go Through Your Prospect’s Profile

Remember, just as you created an online profile about yourself, so did other people. Don’t you think that theirs is as important as yours? You just don’t jump straight into talking to them.

All your potential mates are trying to communicate to you through their profile about what you should expect of them. Besides, it is all part of the online dating procedure so it will be pointless to skip it because there is vital information in that profile that will help you approach her.

Craft an Excellent First Message

It is through your first message a girl will gain the interest to get to know you better. A simple “Hi” will definitely not work especially now that there is stiff competition in the online dating world. Your introductory message will set the mood of your conversation.

Having read a potential profile, you can effortlessly write a good message with some personal touch, but avoid being creepy about it. A message with a personal touch shows that you are genuinely interested in the person. Another way to make the message more appealing is to keep it casual and brief. You don’t want to make anyone feel pressured, do you?

Flirt If You Can

It’s just like body language flirting when offline dating. Generally, flirting will differentiate love and friendship interests. This does not permit you to be downright nasty with her or suggest an intimacy with her.

You have to be careful not to paint a perverted picture of yourself or offend her. It is a good way to make clear of your intentions but if you come too strong she might confuse your good intentions with bad ones.

Don’t Forget to Be Yourself

The worst mistake you can do is pretending to be someone you are not. No one wants to be lied to, especially not when they are trying to know you. There is no specific method you can use to prevent coming off as a boring or arrogant person.

I would recommend you not to try to be someone who you think other people will like. Also, avoid misrepresenting yourself through posting old photos of you or even those of other people. You may be throwing a potential long-term relationship out the window. Instead, just be yourself.

Retain an Air of Mystery, But Don’t Play Games

If you really want to get a girlfriend, do not dare to play games. If you fail to reply to her messages or act disinterested, she will move on to the next guy. However, according to a certain deal breakers survey, about 44% of women consider blasting their phone with messages a deal breaker.

Always leave space for her to keep guessing. Also, remember that she will only need assurance that you are serious and want to be in a relationship with her. If you have been talking for long enough and feel like she is a perfect suitor and interested in you as well, ask her to be your girlfriend.

Patience is key

Dating, whether online or offline is flat out hard. One of the major reasons you might prefer online dating to offline dating is because you don’t have time to go for countless dates before finding a partner. It is also important to note that people are committed differently and hence online dating may not be one of the top priorities.

Do not give up just because you did not get a response right away or after a few days. As hard as it might be, all you need is patience because your worthy partner is still out there somewhere.

Be Graceful With Rejection

As pointed out earlier, online dating can be discouraging. It may take a while before you find a suitable partner. Don’t let rejection drive you to bitterness and change your interactions with other people while dating online.

It is true that online dating experience, especially for men, is usually not as smooth as women’s. So learn to accept reality and make a decision to always be graceful with rejection and to move on from such situations.

Wrap Up

I hope you learned a few things from my article. Did you enjoy the read? My intention is to get you a girl of your dreams and I hope that by implementing these eight items, you will find true love. Yes, true love is hard to find and a lot of men do not know dos and don’ts when looking for a partner.

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8 Important Things To Consider Before You Date Your Ex

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Should you date your ex? That is a big question that many people want an answer too. You invested a lot of time and energy into your relationship before you broke up. You may still have feelings for your ex, but you may not be sure if you should rekindle an old flame. Many people have different opinions and mixed feelings about dating an ex.

Sometimes when you break up with your ex you may still have feelings for each other, so should you go down memory lane and try again? There are things that you should consider before you decide to date your ex. Here are eight important things to consider before you decide to date your ex:

Dating your ex again: 8 Things you must know


It Probably Won’t Be The Same

When you first started going out, you may have had a certain spark or fire in your relationship that brought you too together. Dating an ex again will probably not be the same as before. Pain can really affect people in different ways. When you break up with your ex, it causes a lot of pain and ill feelings towards each other. Although you may have reconciled and you are considering going out with each other again, your relationship may never be the same. You had probably made a promise, that you would never hurt your ex and that you care about them but when you broke up things changed. It is important to take into consideration that the spark and fire that used to be there may have died down.

What’s Done In The Dark Comes Into The Light

If you are wondering if dating an ex again would be wise you should take into consideration that the past may come back to haunt you. For example, if you cheated on your ex then there will always be some type of trust issue in your relationship. The previous mistakes that you have made in the past in your relationship will add tension to your rekindled relationship. Your ex may think if you did it before you may do it again.

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Some People May Not Support Your Relationship

Although you may have rekindled the love that you have for your ex, your family and friends may not support you. It is not that they don’t want you to be happy. They just don’t want you to get hurt again. Your friends and family saw all that you went through during your breakup, and they don’t want the same thing to happen again. You can’t blame them for being concerned because your ex broke your heart. Before you decide if you should date your ex again, you should consider what your family and friends may think. It would just make it harder on the both of you if you do not have the support from your family and friends.

You are familiar with each other

I have talked about some downfalls of dating your ex again, but there are some positives. One of the greatest things about dating your ex again is that you guys are already familiar with each other. You know there favorite food, their secrets or you can tell when they like something or don’t like something. You know what really pisses them off or what makes them happy or smile. You know how each other’s mind works and that can be a great reason to get back with your ex.

Start A New Adventure

One of the most exciting things you can do when you get back with your ex again is to start a new adventure. You should shake it up a little bit and try new things. Some places can be sentimental or can create memories that you probably don’t want to remember to try a new spot or start a new hobby together. If you are willing to make a change, I think it is worth it to date your ex again. Trying something different can make the rekindled relationship seem brand new again which can help heal past hurts.

You Are Always Suspicious

Starting your relationship over can create a lot of doubts in your mind. Depending on the reason why you may have broken up, you could build a wall up from your ex which can be hard to tear down. This is normal for all relationships, but it is more common when you have a bad breakup. It is not that you do not trust your ex, its just you do not want the same thing to happen to you over and over again. This can be an enormous test to see if you should be dating an ex again. You should feel comfortable in a relationship, if you do not feel comfortable, then you should not date your ex.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

Now that your feelings are out in the open because of your breakup, you can hear things straight from the horse’s mouth. All of the feelings that you have had inside can now be brought to the table. You are more honest with your feelings when you break up with an ex because the truth always comes out through heartbreak. This is a good reason to get back together with your ex. If you can share your feelings with each other, it is worth rekindling that flame again.

They Realize Your Worth

Finally, they realize your worth. This is the most important thing to consider when you want to get back with your ex. They realize when you had left out of their lives how much value you truly were to them. They regret the things that they never did when they had the chance to. They have realized what they did wrong, and they know if they would have given you the love you needed or appreciated you more than maybe you guys would have never broken up. Now things are different. They see how much you are worth. There are no more games and no hidden feelings. Everything is out, and the open, and they are willing to give you another shot. That is a great reason to get back with your ex.

Should you date your ex? I hope I answered that question for you. Love can be a very beautiful thing but can also be very fragile. Dating your ex again is really up to you, but these things that I mentioned are things that you should consider. Never make an irrational decision. Follow your heart and listen to your intuition and figure out if that flame is worth lighting again.

How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You: 16 Tips You Must Learn

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How to make someone fall in love with you require the right techniques. It would be great if life were like the fairy tales and there was a magic potion that would make someone fall in love with us. Unfortunately, magic is reserved for books and movies, so we have to depend on other things to help us.

16 Tips To Make Someone Fall For You More


1) Love yourself first

The first step in how to make someone fall in love with you is for you to love yourself. You can’t be in a healthy relationship if you are down on yourself. You don’t have anything to give if you are constantly criticizing yourself. Work on liking yourself before you enter into a relationship.

2) Look for a partner who has the same goal

After you have managed a positive self-image, you want to look for a partner who has the same goals and values as you do. If you have these things in common, the relationship will be more successful. It is important to find the right person before you invest time and energy.

3) Putting  your best foot forward

One sure way to lay the foundation for love is by putting your best foot forward. Don’t be lazy about your appearance when you around the person you are interested in. Dress well and pay attention to grooming so that the other person can see you at your best.

4) Show interest in their life

Another secret on how to make someone fall in love with you is to show interest in their life. Ask them questions about their job, school, hobbies, likes, and dislikes. Use open-ended questions that will prompt them to elaborate, instead of just yes or no answers. Everyone enjoys talking about themselves, so this will get their attention.

5) Surprise them

After you discover some things about the person you are interested in, use this knowledge to surprise them with little gifts. You can get a jersey from their favorite sports team or a stuffed animal with their favorite school colors. Or call them before a big exam or job interview. When you do special things for them, they will know that you were paying attention to their likes.

6) Have a good sense of humor

A sense of humor is also the way to many people’s heart. Who doesn’t love someone who can make us smile or brighten our day? We are all attracted more to happy people, and a sense of humor is a must.

7) Timing matters

When you have a date scheduled with another person, make sure you are early for it. Being late is a sign of disrespect, and those kinds of things stay in someone’s mind. If you see where you are going to be late, always give them a call.

8) Be their cheerleader.

Men and women alike need someone in their life to cheer them on; someone who believes in them and tells them so. Nothing warms the heart like someone who is always there for you.

9) Random texts and calls are nice

Random texts and calls are nice…just don’t overdo it. A call first thing in the morning to wish them a good day is always appreciated. If you call to say goodnight, that will make you the last thing on their mind as they fall asleep. You don’t have to bombard them with texts, just a simple one during the day, so they know you are thinking of them. Make sure you respect if they are working or at school and can’t receive messages.

10) Don’t be desperate

Nothing drives someone away faster than the air of neediness. You should not need another person for everything…all the time. Have your life and don’t always be the first one to call. Men and women both like the chase, so playing hard to get is a wise move sometimes.

11) Pay attention to their family and friends

If you want to learn how to make someone fall in love with you pay attention to their family and friends. Once they introduce you to this part of their life, you want to respect and get along with the other people in their life. It is not a competition, and the better you fit into their lives, the more likely you will have a long-term relationship.

12) Be patient

There is no one timeline for relationships. Let things unfold naturally because if you force it; the other person could resent you. Don’t be in a hurry to get to a preset goal…take each day as it comes.

13) Share a secret

Once you have established a trust with the other person, show them you trust them by telling some private things. Sharing creates a bond that builds with time. When you let them into your heart, it shows them that they are different from everyone else in your life.

14) Keep it strong by writing letters (Old fashioned way)

If you are going through a long distance relationship, you can help keep it strong by writing letters. This old-fashioned form of communication often means a lot to someone. If you take the time to sit down and put thoughts on paper, it shows how much you care, and they have a tangible reminder of you. Also, who doesn’t love seeing a letter waiting for them in the mailbox?

15) Use Facetime and Skype to communicate more

Don’t forget about face time and skype to increase feelings, even if you are far apart. Today’s technology enables us to see our loved ones at almost any time. You can even watch movies together!

16) Treat them like a queen or king in your life.

One of the most important things you can do to make someone fall in love with you is to treat them like a queen or king in your life. Cherish them. Brag on them to other people. Compliment them and be there for them. You will find that how you make the other person feel is what they will remember the most about you.

How to make someone fall in love with you shouldn’t be magic tricks. It takes hard work, commitment and patience to build a love relationship. If you love yourself first and then concentrate on treating that special someone with respect, you will see that they are attracted to you. You need to be genuine and caring to win someone’s heart. Once they do fall in love with you, work hard to keep their trust. If you can do these things, you may find the love of your life, and it will all be worth it.

How to Make Her Fall In Love With YOU-16 Great Ideas That Work

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How to make her fall in love with you is a question that many men often ask. Let me guess, you have met the perfect girl and you want to sweep her off her feet. While there are no magic formulas to make this happen, there are some things you can do to get the odds in your favor. Take the advice of women young and old.

Try some of these habits if you want to learn how to make her fall in love with you

How to make a woman fall in love fast: 16 Great tips you can use


1) Put your best foot forward

If you want to win her heart, make sure you are giving her the best you. Dress for her; take showers, entice her with cologne. A woman loves a sharp dressed man who has put in the effort to impress her.

2) Take the lead.

Most girls appreciate a man who can take charge (sometimes). Plan the date and order her meal for her; surprise her with a movie or show. Don’t be domineering just strong and confident.

3) Take interest in everything about her.

If you can make her feel like she is the most important person in the world, you will win her heart. Take note of her favorite things like flowers, movies, books, and coffee. Learn about her family and friends. Remember important dates to support her when she needs you.

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4) Family and friends are a big deal

You should wait for her to introduce you to her family and friends but when she does, show an interest in them. Talk to them, get to know them. Bring her mom some flowers or her dad some cigars. Let her family and friends see how much you cherish her and they will soon be on your side.

5) Don’t let chivalry die

Even though we are supposedly in “modern” times, girls like to be treated with respect. Most girls appreciate you opening their door or pulling out a chair. When you are gallant, it makes her feel unique and very feminine.

6) Make her laugh

Most girls say they would rather date a man with a sense of humor than a man who is good looking. Ever notice how the comedians usually have a beautiful woman on their arm? Girls appreciate someone who can make them laugh. It is very sexy to find a witty man.

7) Listen to her

This is a simple one but hard for some men to do. A lady wants you to listen to her. She wants to be able to pour out her troubles to an understanding ear. She does not want you to fix everything or solve problems. She just needs to hear her and validate what she is feeling.

8) Become her cheerleader

Everyone needs someone in their corner who believes in them. If you can be this to your favorite girl, her heart will be yours. When she is going through a hard time or doubting herself, you can be there to reassure her. When she is nervous, tell her she can do anything. She will love yours for believing in her.

9) Nurture love

It takes work to build a relationship and to help love grow. You can help this by doing small things that are thoughtful and sweet. Little gestures melt a girl’s heart. If you leave her a post-it note with something romantic, you will make her day. Do anything you can to let her know you are thinking of her.

10) Say it

It seems obvious that you must tell her how you feel, but some guys take it for granted. She needs to hear how your feel…you need to say it and mean it. Tell her every day what she means to you. Don’t ever let doubt grow in her mind.

11) Compliment her

We all love getting compliments and girls especially cherish compliments from their boyfriends. Be specific with your words. Don’t just say, “you look great.” Tell her what looks great…her hair…her eyes…She will melt with each thing you say.

12) Include her in your life

Once you have found someone special and you feel the time is right, introduce her to your friends and family. Let her hear you brag on her to them. Let her know that you trust her with the inner circle of your life.

13) Don’t sweat the small stuff

If you get upset over every little time, she is late, or if plans don’t go as you want, you will not be somebody she wants to fall in love with. Shrug off the minor annoyances and don’t keep score of wrongs or mistakes. Let her see that you are flexible and mature enough to handle what life throws at you.

14) Don’t rehash the past.

The worst thing you can do in a new relationship is to revisit the failed ones. Don’t dwell on your ex or bad relationships. Turn the page and make sure you are giving both of you a fresh start. Don’t make her pay for other’s problems in the past.

15) Timing is critical

If you want to impress a girl, you will be on time or early for your dates. It is rude and disrespectful to keep someone waiting. Be courteous and she will appreciate you for it.

16) Men can be nurses too

If your girl has gotten sick, you can step in and take care of her. While women are usually the ones who look after everyone, it is nice to have your man take care of you. Make her soup…rub her back…get her medicine. You will win her heart instantly.

The most important way if you want to learn how to make her fall in love with you is just to be yourself and to show your feelings. If she is the right one for you, your sincerity and personality will be enough.

How to Make Him Fall In Love – 13 Tips You Must Use On Your Man

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How to make him fall in love shouldn’t be difficult. That is an age-old question. Since the beginning of time, women have searched for the magic formula to capture a man’s heart. Luckily, we live in a time where research and experience have given us some hints on how to make him fall for you:

How to make a man fall in love with you – 13 Tips You Must Use


1) The easiest person to be is…yourself

There isn’t a man around that is worth changing who you are as a person. Now, there is nothing wrong with pretending to like baseball or horror movies to be more in sync with him, but you should never change who you are at the core. Men can spot a phony or a fake quickly, and it is a big turn off for them. So, be you and if he is the right one he will like you as you are.

2) Be your best self

Now, just because you want to be yourself, doesn’t mean that you can’t beat your very best. When you know, he will be around, make sure you are looking and smelling good. Entice him with that sexy perfume and dazzle him with an outfit that shows off your best features. Men are primarily visual creatures, so it is important to catch his eye.

3) Humor

Men like to be around women who don’t take themselves too seriously. Guys like to laugh and appreciate a lady with a great sense of humor. Some men even say that a girl with a good sense of humor can be sexier than a gorgeous woman. You don’t have to be silly or an air-head-just witty and quick.

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4) Ask questions

If you want to win a man’s heart, ask him questions about himself and his life. Show you are interested in actually listening to his answers and following up with a comment. It’s okay to throw your likes and dislikes in there, but don’t monopolize the conversation. Try to ask open-ended questions that require more than a “yes” or “no” answer.

5) Little gestures

Men like to be surprised with sentimental little gifts or thoughts, just like women do. You can leave a sweet or funny note on his windshield at work or show up at his office with his favorite coffee. Text him a song that he will like or one that expresses how you feel. Guys like to receive candy or homemade cookies on a date, too.

6) Be there for him

Make a note of special dates coming up for him. It could be a crucial ballgame he is starting in or just a dental appointment he is nervous about him. A simple call or text to let him know that you remember will mean a lot to him. If he has a difficult exam coming up, help him study or if he is moving-enlist some of your friends to help.

7) Get to know his friends

Men value their buddies and if you want to be a part of his life, you need to get to know them, too. Some women make the mistake of viewing a man’s friends as competition for his time and care. But truthfully, a man appreciates a woman who gives him his space and he will enjoy being with a woman who can get along with his circle of friends.

8) Get to know his family

If it is appropriate and your guy introduces you to his family make an effort to get to know them. Ask them questions and do things for them and you will be doing it for him, as well. If you can get the approval of his relatives, you will have a big advantage.

9) Keep him guessing

No one needs to play games in a relationship, but there is such a thing as being too available. Make sure that you are setting aside time to spend away from him. Keep dates with your friends and family. Don’t try to keep track of him minute by minute. Give him a chance to miss you.

10) Always be honest and open with him.

If you had nothing to hide…then you would hide nothing. Don’t be overprotective of your phone or coy about being around other men. He has to know that he is special to you, so don’t play around with his trust.

11) It’s okay to be vulnerable.

If this guy is someone special in your life, it is okay to open up with him about things that are hard for you to talk about. Problems, health concerns, family issues…whatever it is you should be able to lean on him and speak to him. This also shows him that you trust him and need him.

12) Bring him into your circle.

Introduce him to your family and friends.This is one of the best tips if you want to learn how to make him fall in love with you. Don’t isolate one from the other. The more you include him in your life, the more he will realize that he is special to you. Make him an actual part of your life and it will bring the two of you closer. Encourage him to go with you on family outings or friendly get together.

13) Tell him

After you have gotten to know each other, it is good for him to know how you feel about him. Don’t assume that he knows or that he can read your mind. Sometimes you have to talk to a man. Don’t pressure him to return your feelings that have to come in his time. If he doesn’t immediately affirm his feelings for you, be patient. He may need to process it.

How to make him fall in love with you shouldn’t be a rocket science. So, as you can see, there are some things you can do to help build a relationship. There aren’t any tricks or magic spells for you to use on a man, though. You have to be yourself, be kind and take a chance. Relationships take daily effort, from both people. Once you get him to fall for you, don’t take him for granted…think of new ways every day to let him know how much you care. If you nurture and tend to his needs as well as your own, you will find that love is possible.

Dating After Divorce – 10 Crucial Tips You Must Learn

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Dating after divorce can seem daunting and impossible. Once you have lived through a broken relationship and the ending of a marriage, it is easy to become bitter or jaded. You get married expecting it to last a lifetime and when it doesn’t, it is the painful-no matter who leaves who. The good thing to remember is that you are not alone in this situation; many people have lived through the ordeal of a divorce and gone on to find happiness again.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel take the advice of friends who have walked this path before you. There are also many resources such as online articles, support groups, and counselors who are available to help you navigate this time in your life. Make sure you take advantage of all of these resources before you try the dating world again.

Here are some more tips to help you make the transition to dating after divorce:

10 Tips You Must Learn If You Want To Date After Divorce


1. Give yourself time to heal

The amount of time it takes for one to heal after a divorce is as different as the people involved. Some people roll with the punches while others need time to process the changes. The worst thing to do, however, is to jump right back into dating before you have healed from your divorce. You need time for closure and for hurts to heal.

2. Make sure you have a support system

This doesn’t mean that you have to go only on group dates. It just suggests that you have a solid group of friends who can be your cheerleaders and help you through the maze of dating. If you have someone objective to talk to, it helps you figure things out. It also creates a safety net for you when other people know where you are and who you are with…just in case you need something.

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3. Be positive

It is easy to fall into bashing the opposite sex after a divorce but try to avoid that way of thinking. A positive attitude creates what you are looking for. It also helps you to cope and to find humor in situations that are sometimes tricky. Try to see the world and other people as potential friends and that is what they will become.

4. Like yourself

Before you can find someone else to share your time with, you must like being with yourself. It is easy to get discouraged or down on yourself after a hurtful breakup. That is why you should take the time to heal and to learn to like yourself again. Put the blame and the unkind words in the past. You are great, and you have much to offer, but you can’t give that to someone else…until you have given it to yourself.

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5. Think outside the box

Dating after a divorce is the perfect time to reinvent yourself. Try a new hairdo or a new fashion style that you couldn’t when you were married. Get involved in new hobbies or groups that you would never have as a married person. You have free time now to try all sorts of new things.

6. Evaluate your “type”

After a divorce, you have the freedom to examine the qualities you want or need in a partner. You have learned some valuable lessons being married…things you like and don’t like about someone in your life. It is okay to make changes in who you date and adventure out. It is true that opposites often attract.

7. Patience

Many times after a divorce, we want to rush out and date someone just to show that we can still attract the opposite sex. Maybe you have something to prove to your ex or others. But this is just a trap. Take your time…there is no time limit or hurry to jump back into dating. Go out with lots of different people and explore life.

8. Talk to your kids

This is a huge consideration when you date after divorce. If you have children, no matter what age- your dating life will affect them. It may not affect them negatively but to be sure, you need to have an open discussion with them (based on their age) about the fact that you may go out. It will be difficult for them to see a parent go out with someone other than the other parent. One word of caution: do not take every person you date to meet your children.

Keep it separate until you are serious with someone. Let your kids have space at your home that is private for a while, where they can be themselves. There will be time for introductions if your dating becomes long term. Put the children first. They did not have a choice in the divorce, and they deserve your undivided attention sometimes.

9. Start with a new slate

As hard as it may be, don’t begin a dating relationship with the past hanging over your head like a dark cloud. Make peace with what has happened and don’t go into a new friendship, looking for trouble. This is a new person in your life that should not have to pay for your ex’s mistakes. Also, avoid constantly talking about your failed marriage. There will be a time and place to do it but then close that book and move on.

10. Catch up

One very practical thing to consider when dating after divorce is that things may have changed since you last dated. Depending on how long you were married, you may be out of the dating loop. Whether it is online dating or new rules for daters, you need to catch up. Spend some time with some single friends who can clue you in.

Dating after divorce can be a daunting task. So, in the end, it is really up to you to determine if you are ready to date after divorce. Every person is different, and there aren’t any right or wrong answers. You need to give yourself time to heal and don’t feel pressured to date or anything else. Live your life and do what’s best for you and your family. Never fear…there is life after divorce!

How to Text A Guy you like If You Want to Make The First Move

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How to text a guy you like especially if you want to make the first move shouldn’t be a rocket science. Many young women have been taught that the man should always make the first move. We are told that we have to wait and hope that he likes us and then does something about it.

However, in this day and time, there doesn’t seem to be as many hard and fast rules about how relationships begin. If you like a man, you can let him know. And what better way than text? Texting is the number one way to communicate in 2016. So, what should you say? When should you say it? Here are some ideas on how to text a guy you like when making the first move:

How to text a guy -21 tips you must use to be successful with him


1) Fun Way to Ask Him Out

“I’ve got two tickets to a ballgame…what are you doing tonight?” This is a perfect text to send, especially if he has texted and asked what you were up to. This is friendly without pressure and a fun way to ask him out.

2) Leave the door open without sounding like you are even trying

“Hey, how about we go out tonight?” This is a relaxed text that you can send especially if he texts that he is bored. You leave the door open without sounding like you are even trying.

3) This is a fun way to ask to spend time with

“Help! I got invited to a work party, but I don’t know anyone there. Want to come and keep me company?” This text works in many ways it lets you know you want to spend time with him in a fun way.

4) Teasing text messages to send him

“Okay, you are cool to text with but how much fun are you in person?” This is a teasing way to suggest a get-together. Hopefully, he will get the hint and suggest a place to meet.

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5) Play With his ego

Playing with his ego is a great tip to use when looking to learn what to text a guy. “I have never had this much fun texting with someone.” This text plays to his ego while letting him know that you are interested in more.

6) Appeals to his competitive

“I think I could beat you at a game of pool.” This appeals to his competitive nature while presenting an opportunity for in-person fun.

7) The direct approach

“I like you we should go out on a date.” Most men appreciate the direct approach mainly because guys aren’t always the best at picking up on hints.

8) Be yourself

The worse thing you can do is to try and be someone else. You want him to like you, but that doesn’t mean for you to change. Keep the texts true to you.

9) Strike a balance between patience and passion

It’s okay to be enthusiastic about this new possibility but don’t let it drive you crazy. You can put your phone down while you go to the bathroom or eat.

10) Keep busy

Don’t just sit around and look longingly at your phone. He will text when the time is right…if it is right. Live your life and stay active so that when he texts, it will be a happy surprise.

11) Send him a link of his favorite song

How to text a guy require the right tactic one of my favorite tips is to send a link to his favorite song. One remarkable thing about communicating through text is that you can send him links to a song you like or an article you think would interest him. Again, don’t overdo it- just send things every once in a while.

12) Put some effort into your texting.

You can be yourself but try to make the exchange interesting and unique. Don’t type one word answers or let the texting lag. Keep him wanting to come back for more.

13) Don’t use endless smileys and “LOL”

Guys are not as expressive as girls are and may not appreciate constant emoticons in the text. Once in a while is fine but don’t blast them with happy faces.

14) Try to relax and enjoy the moment

Texting with a guy you like can be scary but try to move past the butterflies and enjoy the time you spend talking to him. It doesn’t have to be a negative experience; it may be one of the best of your life.

15) Let him know you enjoyed the time texting together

As you end the session of texting, make sure you let him know you enjoyed the time together and that you look forward to texting with him again soon. This lets him know you are interested.

There are some rules to texting guys that you should remember, too. These are some things to keep you from getting off on the wrong text with him.

16) Never repeatedly text a guy

Once you send a text, wait for a response. Don’t bombard him with endless questions about why he hasn’t answered. He may have a very legitimate reason for not being able to respond. Regardless, you just come off looking like a desperate stalker. If you are serious to learn how to text a guy you like you like should really follow this tip.

17) Don’t use sexual talk

Once you are texting with a guy, don’t use sex talk, even if teasing. Guys don’t like that kind of banter if they aren’t in a relationship with you. It cheapens you and probably embarrasses him.

18) Never text after midnight

No new relationship or potential boyfriend needs to be texted after midnight. Save those texts for when you are in a relationship.

19) Let him go if he wants to stop texting

If he says he needs to go on a text, don’t keep texting him. Whether he has something else to attend to or he just needs a break take the hint and leave him alone until you hear from him have to follow when looking to know how to text a guy you like.

20) Don’t always be the one to make the first contact

Allow him to initiate the text conversation sometimes. You don’t want to come off overeager or desperate. Texting should be a two-way street, and you can’t always be the driver.

21) Don’t let text conversations just die

On the other hand, don’t let text conversations just die. If he texts you, then be polite and answer. Don’t just leave texts hanging out there in the cyber world. He may think you have lost interest or just downright rude.

What to text a guy you like to make him obsessed with you?

How to text a guy you like shouldn’t be a rocket science as long as you follow the guideline above. So, it is possible to be the first to text and not appear desperate. It is all in the way you approach the interaction. If you tackle it with confidence, you will find it to be a rewarding experience. It is nice that we don’t always have to sit and wait for the guy we like to make the first move. We can take control over our destiny and make things happen. Just take the plunge and use our tips on what to text a guy when you want to make the first move.

How to Make a Guy Fall In Love With You- 12 Easy Tips That Really Work

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Are you sure you want to know how to make a guy fall in love with you? Times have changed, but some things never do. Women have many different ways to make a man fall for them, but you need to know how to do it right. Below you will find some tips that will help you to spice up your relationship.

How to make a man fall in love with you – 12 Crucial tips you can use


1) Appearance

Appearance is the key if you are looking to learn how to make a guy fall in love with you. No matter how you cut it, the first thing a man will notice is the way you look. Attention to the principles of general hygiene is a given. Beyond that, men like trim women, so try to keep your weight in proportion to your height. A few extra pounds may be permissible. Look down. If you can’t see your feet, you need to do some work!

2) Don’t wear too much make-up

The general rule of thumb is to wear just enough so it looks like you don’t have any on. Most men like long hair. Wear it long if you can, but if you have short hair, just keep it neat and don’t use a lot of hairsprays. This way, he will still feel comfortable running his hands through your hair.

3) Dress like a lady (during the day!)

A man likes to have a woman on his arm that looks good. Remember, this is the day of “no commitment.” A girlfriend can dress a bit sleazy, but when a man falls in love, he starts to think about the future. If you really want to learn how to make a man fall in love with you, tone it down just a bit. Whenever possible, think knee-length dresses, skirts and blouses and not-too-high heels.

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4) Attitude

This is very delicate. I know times have changed, but underneath it all, the caveman still exists. Whether he admits it or not, a man wants to be the boss (or at least be able to delude himself into believing that he’s the boss). This may seem like rampant manipulation, but it’s not really. Southern women have this down to a science; it’s called the “satin glove.”

If you want to know how to make a guy fall in love with you -this is important, ladies. Let him “help you over the mud puddles.” He will adore you for it and you will reap the rewards in many different ways.

5) Habits

Nobody’s perfect. Drink with moderation, and if you smoke and he doesn’t, don’t lie about it, but don’t smoke in front of him. Don’t gossip or talk about past relationships. Men hate the former, and as for the latter, he will know you weren’t born the minute he laid eyes on you, but he probably won’t want to be reminded.

6) Intelligence

Men don’t really like “dumb blondes.” Allow him to see your intelligence. Just don’t flaunt it, or show off.

7) Interests

Find out what his interests are, and get him to talk about them. If his interests are different from yours, there is absolutely nothing wrong with boning up on the subject, so you will be better able to communicate with him.

8) Affection

Women like affection, but you don’t want to appear too affectionate to start; after all, he may have a puppy dog at home! Respond to his sincere expressions of affection, but don’t be too gregarious, allow him to lead the way.

9) Skills

If you can’t cook-learn. If you can cook, serve him a nice meal now and then. Men admire women who can cook and keep a nice home. At heart, men are like little boys. They want to make sure you will be able to take care of them.

10) Finances

Be sensitive about his career aspirations, his income, and his assets. Men have an aversion to women who are too conscious of money and status. Whether he shows up in an old Ford, a hot red sports car, or a bicycle built for two, act like it’s a carriage fit for a queen. He deserves this. After all, the important is that he showed up! In a restaurant, let him order, it’s much easier and safer that way.

11) Intimacy

Intimacy is another great tip if you want to know how to make a man fall in love with you. Venturing advice on intimacy is fraught with potholes because it depends so much on the personality, background and prior experiences of the individual. Suffice it to say that he is probably ready and willing, and you will know when the time is right.

You can “let down your hair” in the bedroom, of course. Dress more provocatively, but leave something to the imagination. Color and texture often affect a man’s libido, so make sure what you wear is soft and pleasant to the touch, and it should be a color that becomes you.

12) Try to strike a balance

50 years ago, women were not allowed to enjoy sex; that has taken a 360-degree turn in the last few decades. However, we’re talking love, not a long-term (or short-term affair). If you want to know how to make a man fall in love with you, heed this advice: You do want to be responsive; don’t just lie there like a mannequin, but it’s best to let him take the lead, at least until you get to know each other.

However, it’s best to take the above tips as guidelines only. Above all, be yourself. There is nothing so obvious, or as threatening to a man, as a phony.

How to make a guy fall in love with you fast?
How to make a guy fall in love with you shouldn’t be difficult but require the right strategy. For example, if you are the casual type and you like to let your hair blow in the breeze, forego the hairspray altogether and wear a headband or a hat. If you hate wearing dresses or skirts, add a feminine-looking blouse and a nice pair of shoes to your jeans or slacks.

Are you overly fond of wine? Indulge a bit; just don’t drink him under the table. Maybe you are a little shy about sex? Don’t worry about it he will probably think it’s refreshingly sweet. Let nature take its course; you will hit your stride as a couple as time goes by. So, if you are sure you want to know how to make a man fall in love with you-now you know. This is powerful knowledge, use it wisely.

Falling in Love With Your Best Friend- 9 Crucial Things You Should Do

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If you are reading this post you probably searching for an answer with the question: What if I fall in love with my best friend or What if you’re falling in love with your best friend? What to do? The best relationships begin with friendship because it provides a solid foundation to build on. If someone is a friend, you know all about them.

You have been through good and bad times together. There is a history of trust and respect between the two of you. All of these things add up to a great relationship. But what if you are in a friendship, and you suddenly realize that you have feelings for that person? What if you’re falling in love with your best friend? Don’t worry you aren’t the first person this has happened to. Here are some things to consider:

What if I Fall in Love with My Best Friend -What to do?


1) Give yourself some time

If you suddenly realize that you are falling in love with your best friend,  you need to give yourself some time to process it. Don’t tell anyone right away but use this time, to be honest with yourself about how you feel. Make sure it isn’t a momentary attraction that is fleeting.

2) Don’t be mad

The question of what if I fall in love with my best friend remain unanswered for so many. If you decide that you have developed some romantic feelings for your best friend, don’t feel guilty or be mad at yourself. Attractions happen naturally and sometimes without warning. This is nothing you had planned, but you must deal with the reality. We don’t ask for particular feelings they just happen. Attraction to specific people is something you can’t control.

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3) Talk it over

If you can, find a mutual friend who knows both you and your best friend. Speak to them and explain what you are experiencing. A mutual friend can be more objective about how he thinks the best friend will accept the news. This objective friend may also have insight into whether your best friend is likely to return your feelings.

4) Don’t avoid your best friend

Since you have some confusing feelings; your first tendency may be to avoid your best friend. You may feel awkward or self-conscious around them. But remember, they don’t know how you are feeling. It would be bad to cause a rift with your best friend just because you are confused. If anything, you should spend more time with your friend just to verify what you are feeling. Pay attention to moments of closeness to see if you are indeed falling in love.

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5) Ask yourself about it

After you have decided that you are falling in love with your best friend, and you have talked it over with someone trustworthy, you must ask yourself some important questions. First, do you want to risk the friendship by telling them how you feel? There is a chance that your friend may react badly, and this could damage your friendship. Or, on the other hand, they may be feeling the same way. You have to weigh the consequences and decide what you can or can not handle.

6) Take the risk and Discuss that with your best friend

If you ultimately choose to take the risk, you need to go about it the right way. It would not be a good idea to blurt it out at a ballgame or club. The best thing to do is to set aside some time when you can talk to your friend in person, one on one. Don’t make a huge deal out of it just tell them you want to speak.

7) Give some thought to what you want to say

As the big day gets closer, you may want to give some thought to what you want to say. It ‘s nice to start off with a positive about how much the friendship means to you. Then, you can build on that to deeper feelings. Be honest and direct…this is not the time to be coy. Just tell them how you feel but let them know that you aren’t expecting an immediate response from them. Give them time to ponder how they feel.

8) Build On your friendship

The best case scenario for this situation is that they feel the same way about you. If this happens, you will find a type of happiness that most people can’t describe. You will be in love and a relationship with your best friend. What could be better? You will be able to build on your friendship to find a remarkable relationship. Here is someone who already knows everything about you and still loves you anyway. That is the best of both worlds.

9) Plan for the worse just in case

If the worse happens, and your best friend does not feel the same way as you do, it may cost you the friendship. However, a good solid friendship should be able to survive this if it was done with honesty and respect. Your best friend should not turn against you for being honest about how you feel. A true friend will be able to work through this with you.

No matter the outcome, you have to remember that we don’t ask about our feelings. We don’t decide who we will fall in love with. The only thing we can control is how we handle it. You have to decide if you want, to be honest with your best friend and take a chance. You could just deny your feelings or hide them, but that is a miserable existence. Nothing is worse than caring deeply about someone and not being able to show it.

Falling In Love with your best friend – Is It Good Or Bad?

There is nothing wrong with falling in love with your best friend. In fact, it can be ever one of the best relationships since you two already have a chemistry. Take that chance and let them know how you feel. It is a risk, but the outcome could be worth it. If your best friend is also your soulmate, you will be happier than you can even imagine. Nothing is better than being in a relationship with your best friend. You could spend the rest of your life with your best friend. If the worse happens, and you lose the friendship- try not to blame yourself. You had to try and what is friendship without honesty?

Real friends will be able to navigate this situation, either way. If the feelings aren’t reciprocated, your best friend shouldn’t let that affect your bond. A true friendship will endure things that come up, and that’s what makes these friendships special. You can weather the good and the bad times together. If you get a relationship out of it, that’s wonderful and if not, hopefully, you will have a funny story to laugh about with your best friend.