How to Tease Your Man and Make Him Want You?

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How to tease your man does not require a rocket science. Relationships require that you spice them up with time in an effort to ensure that the spark remains alive. While men want to be in control of a relationship and feel like they own it, a woman plays a major role in keeping the relationship alive.

Making your guy want you will always get him to fancy you and want to stay in the relationship in the long-term. While teasing may be easy for some women, it can be tricky for many.

Getting to know what your man likes is a plus when you want to tease him. This is because you do not have to think too hard to find out where to get started. If you are looking to find out how to tease your man and make him want you, even more, the following pointers will guide you through.

How to Tease a Man: 5 Great Tips You Can Use


Dress to draw his attention

Every woman should be able to dress up in relevance to her physical appearance. A woman’s appearance is key and by dressing up, you are able to accentuate their body especially the “assets” they hold. Get rid of your of those pajamas and give your man reason to look right at you.

Make the attire brightly colored and ensure your hair is well styled. This should be easy depending on what your guy likes. This should be able to play with his mind and tease him psychologically.

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In reference to dressing, you need to consider makeup as well. It is important that you do not overdo it. Pink chicks and green eyeshadow may look appealing on the movies but it does not go well with everyone. Make it simple and ensure it goes well with your skin complexion.

Wear outstanding perfume

The scent has a lot to contribute towards turning on a man. Invest in a nice mild perfume and it will drive him crazy. A very strong scented one is likely to irritate him. Perfume has a way of marking his territory. Every time he smells this scent, the first thing that will come to his mind is his girl. This is a complete turn on as it keeps you in his mind. While you can change your perfume from time to time, it is advisable that you familiarize him with a specific one so he can easily relate to it.

Touch him

Touch is one of the best tips when looking to learn how to tease a man. This is not about going all out and getting all over him. This is about doing it indirectly so you do not make it obvious as it plays with his mind. Try nudging him a little with your elbow. Just find a reason to come close to him and touch him lightly be it on his chin, chest, or face.

Physical contact goes a long way into making your man want you. His head is also another target. Make the touch soft and gentle and he will like it. These simple touches leave a long-term impact and the thrill will always remind him of you, even when you are not next to him.

Compliment him

Men love to hear what they are good at and once you identify his strongholds, you can be sure him hearing it from you in a positive way will turn him on. However, do not just throw unrealistic compliments as he will know and he may think that you are mocking him.

Every effort he makes, make him feel like he is king. Make him feel appreciated and this will get him to want you around him even the more. Compliments can reflect on his body, his achievements, as well as an outfit.

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Play with him

Every man has a thing for a woman who is playful but at the same time respects him. When being playful, you can decide to play by picking on a game that will allow you to do so without making it too obvious or making you look desperate.

Get into your sexy outfit and try walking past him like you are looking for something. He is definitely bound to notice you and due to the fact that you are not even looking at him will get him crazy. Men love to chase and by playing like this, you are making the challenge more exciting.

How to tease your man to make him love you more?

How to tease your man and make him want you is every woman’s desire. In the event that you cannot do this as a woman, it can be frustrating for both you and your man. However, with the above pointers, you can be sure to tease him to levels you could not think of. They are simple but effective and reliable.

Every woman would love to bring out the best from her man and they love to have that it is reciprocated. This guide will keep your man wanting you and not just at that one time but the effect is evident in the long-term. If you’re really serious to learn how to tease a man the above tips will guide you through this process.