How to Tell If a Guy is Serious about You?

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After dating for a while, you would love to know if a guy is serious about you and where your relationship is headed. You need to be certain that he is serious about you so you can give it you’re all. It can be difficult for a guy to express his feelings and reassure you that he would love to have you all his life.

However, there are signs you can look out for if you are looking at how to tell if a guy is serious about you. The following are signs that when combined, you can be sure that he is serious about you and is looking forward to taking your relationship to the next level.

7 ways to tell If a Guy is Serious about You


1) He listens to you

People say that women love to talk. As much as there is some truth in this assumption, you will be glad to know that when a guy is serious about you, they will listen and take part in your conversation. To him, this is a way of getting to know you better as well as a way of getting an opinion from you regarding the topic of discussion. In addition, watch out to notice

if he gets tired when you are talking. When a guy is serious about you, he will have an interest and probability is that you will keep talking and he will remain eager to listen.

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2) He respects your opinion

When a guy requests for your opinion over a certain matter, he is probably serious about it. To solidify this aspect, he will respect your opinion and give it consideration. Avoid guys who ask for your opinion just to brush it off. He will also make a habit of discussing things with you.

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3) He includes you in his interests

When you notice that your guy will drag you along to the museum just because he loves art or when he will ask you to cycle with him in the evening, he is trying to get you to experience what he likes. He is trying to draw you towards his interests so you have more interests that are common and the more the reason to hang out together.

4) He looks forward to spending time with you

There is a difference when a guy is always getting some extra time to hang out with you and when he hangs out with you when he has too much time on his hands that he does not know what to do with it. If a guy will get off his busy schedule just to spend time with you, he is probably serious about you. In addition, take not on his punctuality when you have a date. A serious guy will try to be punctual on every occasion if not appear slightly earlier than expected.

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5) He introduces you to his friends and family

When a guy goes the extra mile to introduce you to his inner circle of friends and to his family, you can be sure that he is serious about you. Ensure that he is not introducing you to friends just to show off.

However, the move to introduce you to his family is a definite that he is serious about you. Other signs to back this up are if he invites you to family dinner and/or thanksgiving alongside other family events. In addition, you will also attend social events with him so you can get to know his friends better. Also, take note of how he treats your friends as he will be nice and friendly too.

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6) He is transparent

When a guy is serious about you, he will be transparent with you and he will not try to be evasive during conversations. You will notice that he gives you straight answers. Whether the point of discussion is about work, where he and his friends went out, or his activities, he will not try to evade or change topics. He will actually be glad to talk about it even when you were not a part of the activity.

7) He provides a shoulder to lean on no matter the situation

When a guy is serious about you, he is always there for you when you need him and not just when things are all cozy. He takes to heart about how you are and he will genuinely worry about you. He will also stand up for you even in public. He will check up on you just to make sure you are doing great.

It is important to watch out for the signs on how to tell if a guy is serious about you before you can make any assumptions. It can be tricky, but it will help you secure your relationship and give it you’re all. This is because the thought that he may be paying with you does not linger in your mind.