How to Text a Girl You Like to Make Her Want You

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If you are reading this post right not, I’m assuming you need help on how to text a girl you like. It is known that when you want to make a girl fall for you, you need to arouse her emotions positively.

While you can do this face to face, you can also do it through text messaging and it will work just great. Texting a girl to make her want you more is even easier especially for shy guys who take their time when approaching a girl

Texting is not only fun but you will also get to know the girl better as opposed to constantly buying gifts and going out to places that she may not fancy. However, you need to know how to text a girl you like and make her want you too. The following tips will help you text the girl you like.

7 Ways to Text a Girl You Like to Make Her Want You


1. Identify the right time to text

When looking to learn how to text a girl you like, it is best to identify when to text her to ensure that you do not get in her way and you also need to check when she can text back to ensure that you can keep the conversation going. In addition, do not text her all the time, you will be crowding her space and more likely prevent her from carrying out some of her daily tasks. Try and pick the right time from her daily schedule.

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It is even better if she will allow you to text in the night. This gives you the added advantage you need to grab her attention, as she is probably doing nothing too serious. However, as much as she will allow you to text her in the night, it is best that you start texting in the evening and keep the conversation going into the night. This will leave you with a positive rapport and the girl will think positively about you.

2) Keep your charm and keep the texts short

Long text messages tend to be boring and many times she may not take the time to read through every long text. In addition, you will run out of things to talk about. In addition, long texts are bound to have errors as opposed to short texts. Start with short texts to first grab her attention and get her to start conversing.

Under all circumstances, it is best that you also keep the texts simple. This is also an interesting way of keeping the conversation going. In addition, she is bound to concentrate on you and give you her full attention. Keeping text messages short will also allow her to keep her from killing the conversation. This is because she may want to want some program but with long texts, she may decide to concentrate on her favorite program but it is best that you keep her interest and you.

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3) Try to keep track of her daily life

It is interesting to know that women love attention but on the other hand, it is best that you do not crowd her space in an attempt to check up on her. By showing your interest, she will open up without seeming like she is pushing too hard. As you text, do not forget to ask after her day. At least, it will give you a starting point for a conversation.

4) Avoid constant flirting

Constantly flirting with a girl makes you appear more of a flirt and a womanizer as opposed to a charming young man. Even after she knows that you like her, try to ensure that the conversation holds much more care and less of flirting. This is why it is important to ask after her day and talk about her interests. This will bring her closer to you and give her the understanding that you want to know everything about her. However, when an opportunity arises, tease her or pull her leg but be sure to identify when the opportunity is right.

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5) Use emojis/emoticons

Emoticons offer a great opportunity to express what you are feeling without using so many words. Try using some smiley faces, some kisses here and there and some laughs. They send a message in the shortest way possible. Start it slow by using smiley faces first. However, if she complains or states that she does not like them, it is best that you let them go.

6) Try to create personal memories

You may be texting but look to create memories. These are the memories she will be looking back at and smiling. They also serve to create a special bond between the two of you. To help you create personal memories through texting, you can mention your favorite things or places to visit. This way, you will be able to leave a mark in your favor as every time she will see or hear of something you like, you will be the first person she thinks of.

If you are looking to get a girl you like to want you, you can try texting her and incorporate the above tips. It is better to know that the girl you like also likes you as well. How to text a girl you like and make her want you is not as difficult as you think. The distance plays a key role in allowing you to express yourself without the direct fear of rejection.