How to Text A Guy you like If You Want to Make The First Move

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How to text a guy you like especially if you want to make the first move shouldn’t be a rocket science. Many young women have been taught that the man should always make the first move. We are told that we have to wait and hope that he likes us and then does something about it.

However, in this day and time, there doesn’t seem to be as many hard and fast rules about how relationships begin. If you like a man, you can let him know. And what better way than text? Texting is the number one way to communicate in 2016. So, what should you say? When should you say it? Here are some ideas on how to text a guy you like when making the first move:

How to text a guy -21 tips you must use to be successful with him


1) Fun Way to Ask Him Out

“I’ve got two tickets to a ballgame…what are you doing tonight?” This is a perfect text to send, especially if he has texted and asked what you were up to. This is friendly without pressure and a fun way to ask him out.

2) Leave the door open without sounding like you are even trying

“Hey, how about we go out tonight?” This is a relaxed text that you can send especially if he texts that he is bored. You leave the door open without sounding like you are even trying.

3) This is a fun way to ask to spend time with

“Help! I got invited to a work party, but I don’t know anyone there. Want to come and keep me company?” This text works in many ways it lets you know you want to spend time with him in a fun way.

4) Teasing text messages to send him

“Okay, you are cool to text with but how much fun are you in person?” This is a teasing way to suggest a get-together. Hopefully, he will get the hint and suggest a place to meet.

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5) Play With his ego

Playing with his ego is a great tip to use when looking to learn what to text a guy. “I have never had this much fun texting with someone.” This text plays to his ego while letting him know that you are interested in more.

6) Appeals to his competitive

“I think I could beat you at a game of pool.” This appeals to his competitive nature while presenting an opportunity for in-person fun.

7) The direct approach

“I like you we should go out on a date.” Most men appreciate the direct approach mainly because guys aren’t always the best at picking up on hints.

8) Be yourself

The worse thing you can do is to try and be someone else. You want him to like you, but that doesn’t mean for you to change. Keep the texts true to you.

9) Strike a balance between patience and passion

It’s okay to be enthusiastic about this new possibility but don’t let it drive you crazy. You can put your phone down while you go to the bathroom or eat.

10) Keep busy

Don’t just sit around and look longingly at your phone. He will text when the time is right…if it is right. Live your life and stay active so that when he texts, it will be a happy surprise.

11) Send him a link of his favorite song

How to text a guy require the right tactic one of my favorite tips is to send a link to his favorite song. One remarkable thing about communicating through text is that you can send him links to a song you like or an article you think would interest him. Again, don’t overdo it- just send things every once in a while.

12) Put some effort into your texting.

You can be yourself but try to make the exchange interesting and unique. Don’t type one word answers or let the texting lag. Keep him wanting to come back for more.

13) Don’t use endless smileys and “LOL”

Guys are not as expressive as girls are and may not appreciate constant emoticons in the text. Once in a while is fine but don’t blast them with happy faces.

14) Try to relax and enjoy the moment

Texting with a guy you like can be scary but try to move past the butterflies and enjoy the time you spend talking to him. It doesn’t have to be a negative experience; it may be one of the best of your life.

15) Let him know you enjoyed the time texting together

As you end the session of texting, make sure you let him know you enjoyed the time together and that you look forward to texting with him again soon. This lets him know you are interested.

There are some rules to texting guys that you should remember, too. These are some things to keep you from getting off on the wrong text with him.

16) Never repeatedly text a guy

Once you send a text, wait for a response. Don’t bombard him with endless questions about why he hasn’t answered. He may have a very legitimate reason for not being able to respond. Regardless, you just come off looking like a desperate stalker. If you are serious to learn how to text a guy you like you like should really follow this tip.

17) Don’t use sexual talk

Once you are texting with a guy, don’t use sex talk, even if teasing. Guys don’t like that kind of banter if they aren’t in a relationship with you. It cheapens you and probably embarrasses him.

18) Never text after midnight

No new relationship or potential boyfriend needs to be texted after midnight. Save those texts for when you are in a relationship.

19) Let him go if he wants to stop texting

If he says he needs to go on a text, don’t keep texting him. Whether he has something else to attend to or he just needs a break take the hint and leave him alone until you hear from him have to follow when looking to know how to text a guy you like.

20) Don’t always be the one to make the first contact

Allow him to initiate the text conversation sometimes. You don’t want to come off overeager or desperate. Texting should be a two-way street, and you can’t always be the driver.

21) Don’t let text conversations just die

On the other hand, don’t let text conversations just die. If he texts you, then be polite and answer. Don’t just leave texts hanging out there in the cyber world. He may think you have lost interest or just downright rude.

What to text a guy you like to make him obsessed with you?

How to text a guy you like shouldn’t be a rocket science as long as you follow the guideline above. So, it is possible to be the first to text and not appear desperate. It is all in the way you approach the interaction. If you tackle it with confidence, you will find it to be a rewarding experience. It is nice that we don’t always have to sit and wait for the guy we like to make the first move. We can take control over our destiny and make things happen. Just take the plunge and use our tips on what to text a guy when you want to make the first move.