How to Text your Ex Back to make them want you


Breakups are a difficult experience and not many would want to go through it again. This does not necessarily mean that you have no feelings for your ex or you will not call or text your ex back after the breakup. Sometimes, it takes a breakup to realize that you love your ex more than you thought.

However, after a breakup, the lines of communications tend to fade away. Making a call is a confusing decision considering he or she may refuse to pick your calls. The option of texting at this point sounds welcoming when looking to text your ex back.

The following is how to text your ex back and look towards rekindling what you had together.

4 Things you must do before you text your ex back


1) Avoid any hateful or rude texts

It does not make sense when you are constantly sending hate texts or rude texts to a person you really want back. Breakups can be difficult but once you have decided that you still want them back, the respect and charming self should be evident once again.

When you were angry, you probably said some nasty stuff but you can turn things around by being sweet and charming, however, do not go all in and start pouring out every bit of nice thing you have ever heard. It is important that you also monitor your ex’s reaction after a positive comment.

Your aim is to get him back but you need to make sure that they are warming up to the idea. If you have nothing positive to say, then it is best that you do not say anything at all. Work towards the positive and let go of the bad.

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2) Spamming them with text messages

You are looking to be charming and not start to behave like a stalker. At no cost should you start sending your ex text messages all day with intervals of a few is not only irritating but you are proving to be a bother. This is more so with men who think that this action serves to fulfill the idea that women love the chase.

This is not the same thing. Keep in mind that when you appear to be needy, you are definitely becoming unattractive. Whether your text is declaring your love for your ex or has nothing to do with the topic in question, spamming your ex’s phone with texts will not win him or her back.

3) As you get started, keep it cool

Trying to get your ex back is rather a 50/50 ratio of achieving this objective. Depending on how you text your ex, you may be able to increase your chances or killing them of getting him or her back.

Do not be pushy and do not start to talk about any sensitive matters in the beginning. You are only trying to get both of you on the same page at this point. More importantly, do not review the issue that led to your breakup, not even when they were at fault.

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4) Initially Apply the 30-day no contact rule

It is recommended that you do not start to text your ex immediately after your breakup. After all, you are more likely going to face word lashing if you try. Apply the 30-day no contact rule to give your ex some time to cool off and feel better.

Once they are at peace with themselves, you may start to send texts. You can simply try to find out how they are doing. After this is done, you can text your ex.

Once you send the first text, wait for a response. It may not exactly be what you were hoping for. In some circumstances, your ex may not reply to the first text. This is not a bad sign as it may mean you should give them more time. This stage helps you to test the waters as well as set the mood.

After testing the waters, their response will guide you on the pace and response you offer. A negative response only requires that you give them more time. Different people take different time to let go of the pain.

Texting your ex back When you want them back

If you really want them back, you will allow them the time. While giving them the time they require, it does not mean that you should not text them. This means that it is time to be understanding and prove that you are the right person to be around. Just remember the rule on not becoming a bother by sending millions of text messages.

Follow the above guidelines and you will be text your ex back into your life. Remain concerned, be loving, exercise patience, give them the required time for them to cool off and relax, and do not spam their phones with text messages.

This may sound easy but it requires an individual who is patient and determined. The above applies to whether you want your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend back.