The Perfect First Date: What You Should Do

How to act on a first date is a question that asks by many men and women. First dates are considered strange but many times, they end up being fun. First dates provide an opportunity for individuals to make their first impression as this may lead to more dates or each may go their separate ways.

6 First date tips you must know about

If you are looking to have more dates in the future, you are looking to impress. The following are tips on how to act on your first date so it turns out enjoyable. They are basic and they do not have to empty your bank accounts. Enjoy your first date rather than keep worrying.

Confirm on the invite

confirm the invite

For a first date to happen, one must have invited a partner. Once you receive the invite, you may not have to respond immediately but it is important that you confirm on your attendance on time.

This is the very first step to highlighting your maturity. Remember to agree to a time when you are comfortable with to avoid getting late. Getting late, especially with no just cause will highlight a negative impression. In the event, something delays you, make a phone call so that you do not appear rude.

Be yourself

remember to be yourself

The easiest way to get through the first date without any worries is by being yourself. In this, in the event you have a second and more date, you will not have to pretend through every one of them. After all, it takes so much effort and energy, to remember what to do. Also be sure that you have some great topics in mind that will jump-start your date!

By being yourself, you will be able to highlight what you are all about and you will not even notice when time flies by. You will be able to open up and this leads to a firm relationship with an initial strong foundation.

Be creative

be creative

No one ever stated that a first date has to be over dinner. Get out from the usual thinking and do something different. Anyone can make a different suggestion rather than agreeing to a first date only for you to get bored through the entire date and desperately wait for time to elapse. It is in these times that one thinks that time is moving slower than usual.

Some suggestions may be taking an evening walk together, going out for drinks rather than a meal, or identify a fun activity. There is nothing wrong going out for dinner but if you can, bring out your creativity and make it memorable especially if you plan on more dates.

Avoid getting too personal

avoid getting too personal

It is important to remember that you are out on a first date. Getting too personal or asking questions that may intrude into one’s life, is not advisable at this point. In addition, avoid questions that tend to indicate you are simply trying to make conversation. Get into it and ask questions that are not limiting such as finding out each other’s hobbies. This will leave both of you comfortable and out to enjoy it. By this time you should be able to see if she likes you or not. When someone is too inquisitive, it raises questions that make you uncomfortable. Keep it generalized and relate to concerns that are fun. Topics such as politics and religion should not be part of the date. Look to complement one another.

Avoid the constant use of your phone

avoid your phone

It is rude to have a first date and all you are doing is checking your phone and replying to text messages. It is actually recommended that you switch off your phone. Well, unless you are in a career line where you may be called in for an emergency. This ensures that you are focused on your date and participating in the conversations will be easier. Give each other an opportunity to get to know each other better. The key is to make this date memorable and fun and if you are not paying attention, the likelihood that the date will be over sooner than planned will be very high.

End it right

At the end of the date, your role does not change. How you choose to end it is very important. It is not necessary that you walk all the way home considering that each of you may be driving home. If you acted right and the date went well, it is time to express your gratitude. Try a simple but warm gesture that will not suggest otherwise such as a hug or a warm and gentle tap at the back. Remember not to rush out as this is rude. Take your time and acknowledge that you have a great time. At this stage, you better prepare yourself for the next step. It’s a great time to learn some new techniques that will make you a great kisser. She will definitely love that…!

Make sure that both are having a good time

How to act on a first date does not have to be something as complicated as people make of it. with the above guide, you will be able to have fun as well as look forward to another. Other important aspects such as retaining eye contact, complementing each other as well as the use of body language such as smiling and giggling contribute greatly towards making the day count as memorable. When you’ve had a successful first date, it’s time to think about some ideas for a second date. Take a look at our best recommendations for a great second date!

Awesome first date ideas

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