Best Topics For a First Date

What to talk about on a first date is a question that is often asked by so many. A first date can be tricky especially since each person is tensed and not sure of what the other prefers.

The main objective for every first date is to impress the other party which leads to many other dates thereafter. In this, you cannot afford to mess up on the first date.

One of the most important things to consider is the topics of discussion. What to talk about on a first date can be tricky and for many men and women, it is not easy.

Once you both meet and take your seats, this is practically the most difficult session and it may not be clear on the things to talk about on the first date. Once you get through this step, the rest of the evening or day picks up.

What to talk about on a first date can be tricky and for many men and women, it is not easy. Once you both meet and take your seats, this is practically the most difficult session and it may not be clear on the things to talk about on the first date. Once you get through this step, the rest of the evening or day picks up.

First date questions and best topic to discuss

There are a number of first date questions and things that must be accompanied by the topics of discussion in an effort to mate your date successful. In addition, these points of reference will make right about any topic worth listening to. It is important that you are warm and welcoming. This gesture eases the tension so you do not have to feel like you are walking into a den.

This part should be easy with a simple genuine smile. Secondly, avoid using pickup lines especially in the first few minutes of the date. It kills the moment and the likelihood that the date will be short as pick up lines have nothing to follow up on.

6 Things to talk about on a first date

Once you use the named approach strategies, the following are things you can talk about on a first date. Whether you are male or female, these pointers should get you started.

Appreciate the presence

appreciate the presence

This is the best way to start a conversation. Start by appreciating that she was able to make it and how glad you are. In this, the female will no doubt give a response. With the response, there is a path taken on what to talk about.

Women love attention and by simply expressing how happy you are to see your date is a great way of kicking things off. What seemed like a sentence or a simple question can get a conversation going the entire day.

Compliment the appearance

compliment their appearance

Everyone loves to dress up for a first date. Acknowledge this fact and it acts as a motivational aspect to make your date comfortable around you. Many individuals kill a conversation by generalizing the whole aspect.

Rather than bringing everything together and saying your date looks nice, why not mention something in particular that captures your eye.

This goes a long way into identifying points of interest for both dates. This works especially for ladies as they like to hear that their effort is being appreciated.

Ask after your date’s day

This can be a captivating incident for both dates as they both have different experiences within the day. This conversation can last a while if approached well. This will be determinant on the way you frame your questions.

This is in an effort to avoid one-word answers such as good, okay or nice. Be specific. This allows your date to talk on and on and questions can pop in between to keep him or her going through the date.

Even when your day was hectic, it is important that you try to be the leaning shoulder your date required, listen and be understanding.

Mention a current incident

mention a current incident

This broadens the point of interest and allows your date talk about anything. Whether it is on the news (this is not the same as talking about politics), social events or even comedy can be picked out. However, no matter the topic of choice, watch your date’s reaction.

This will help you to either change the topic or dwell more on it. Remember, different people have different preferences and points of interest by knowing your date interest you will know what to talk about on a first date.

Since the date is about the two of you, try to lean towards more common interests to avoid excitement on one end and boredom on the other, making the conversation two-way and more interesting.

Introduce a memory

introduce a memory

This works better if the two of you had met before you could have gone to the same high school, college, have worked together before or have lived in the same neighborhood.

If you really serious to know what to talk about on a first date. There are memories that are quite a trigger and will get the two of you talking in length. Even if you had not met anywhere before, this could work in your favor.

You can narrate some of your precious memories that are worth sharing. During your narration, your date could chip in on the possible occurrence or also introduce a memory of his/her own to either agree or disagree with your outcome.

This is a good way of making a conversation two-way and not killing a conversation before it can surface to save your date.

Avoid conversing about past lives

This is a no-go area for either of the dates. This is the first date and it is advisable that you avoid the past love life of either one of you. This is because it may hurt your date or remind her of things he or she does not want to talk about or even remember.

The key objective is to enjoy the date as you hope to get a second and more date. Do not touch on something that you know may cause pain.

Though men prefer to appear as the hero or knight in shining armor, this is not the time to do so. The first date looks at creating a comfort zone for you and your date.

How to create a great first date discussion

Here are some great starting points for topics that you can use on the first date.

Talk about family

talk about family

This direction can never go wrong. Talk about siblings especially as this is the safest way to go to show you care. However, avoid getting into so much detail as it will seem like the conversation is prying into personal affairs.

Keep the discussion relating to age, what they do or even their preferences and not anything personal.

Talk about hobbies

These choices of topic tend to increase excitement on your date as this addresses what they like to do. This is their point of interest and they are not only comfortable but also have a lot to say about it. With the simple question of their hobbies and why they prefer them, you will get a book-length of answers.

Talking about hobbies also allows individuals to plan for the next date if there is going to be one as it directs you on what your date is comfortable doing. You also get to learn common interests that act as a plus for both of you.

Talk about career choices

talk about career choices

Every career has a history behind it. It is either you pursue the career of your choice or you ended up settling for what came your way.

Either way, you have something to tell during this conversation. While some people end up with dream jobs, others are still working their way towards attaining this goal.

This topic of conversation can be lengthened to serve over a longer period of time if you looking to know what to talk about on a first date.

By the time both dates are done talking about their career choices and what they would prefer given the chance, you will be laughing together by the end of the day.

It is, however, advisable that you avoid hating on a given career as you may touch on a sensitive matter.

Talk about friends

talk about friends

This does not necessarily mean you know each other’s friends. It can get crazy about how friends influence a conversation. This diverts the attention away from your personal lives for a while. It can be exhausting to talk about yourself especially to a total stranger.

Talking about friends will create a clear image of what it would be to hang out together. This is not to say that you can judge your date in accordance with their friends but it would create a rough version of what may happen.

Talk about extra-curricular activities

Unlike hobbies, these are the things that keep your date busy during their free time or on the weekends when they are not working or studying in school. Other than hobbies, you will also identify possible passions. While a hobby may be swimming, you may find that there is also a passion to care for children.

You will find out that she spends some time in a children’s home caring and supporting the children there. This conversation can be an eye-opener in the long-term and can open up other sub-topics to keep the conversation going. You will be shocked how engrossed one can be when carrying out this conversation.

Talk about travel

talk about travel

Many individuals prefer to talk about a movie. The problem here is that the movie may not be part of what your date knows to leave alone likes.

Talking about travel is more fun as you can describe what you like about the place. In addition, you also get to know what your date prefers which may get you closer together.

Talking about movies is also a conversation that will not last long unless you are both fanatics of the same movie which also means you have probably watched it over and over.

In reference to destinations, you get to find out more which may capture your interests. You get to learn more about an individual’s cultural background.

Show interest in your date

It may sound interesting talking about yourself and going on and on about your achievements. However, showing interest in your date is an indication that you are willing to tone down your achievements and listen too. It makes them feel special.

What to talk about on a first date can go on and on. In an effort to remain on the safe side on what to talk about on a date, there are things you should avoid at all costs.

At this stage you should start to see some signs that she likes you… or not. To be sure that you understand her wishes, take a look at these tips on reading a girls mind.

While there may be many other topics to talk about, the following should be avoided as much as you want to expand on the topics you can cover.

3 Best first date conversations

Things you shouldn’t talk about on a first date

  • Avoid talking about politics as different people have different preferences. This may lead to an argument.
  • Avoid religion-related topics.
  • Do not start a conversation on your date’s older relationships. Respect that it is the first date and that is prying into their personal life. Unless someone wants to talk about it, do not ask.
  • Do not talk about sex. This will kill every chance of staying on the date.
  • Avoid over-complimenting your date. The exaggeration sells you out and everything you say sounds rehearsed rather than from your heart.
  • Avoid knocking back a compliment. Appreciation is better than knocking back in the first date.


The above pointers will help to identify what to talk about on a first date as well as things you should avoid at all costs to ensure that you and your date are comfortable and will keep the date for as long as it was planned if not longer.

After a successful first date, you’re now ready for the second one. To get you started, take a look at these 9 ideas for a second date that will make it a day she’ll definitely remember!

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