How to Turn a Girl On-9 Tips You Must Use


They say that it is easy for a woman to turn on a man but How to turn a girl on can be a challenge. You no longer have to get her drunk before you can get her to get down with you.

How to turn a girl on does not have to be rocket science. Though women can be different, the following pointers will guide you through a simple process that will turn on right about any woman. It takes strategy and once you manage to hack through, you will be sure that she will be asking for much more than a drink from you.

What turns women on?

The following are what turns women on. Although every girl  are different but you can rest  assure one of them will work for you.

1) Make her feel pretty

Make her feel pretty by complimenting the features you like. Go further and compliment her dressing as well as her hair. This does not have to be complicated because it is obvious that you like her and you can easily point out what drew you to her, just remember not to overdo it to the point that she feels like you are lying. This is because she will no longer be comfortable around you. This will prevent her from leaving.

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2) Be confident

There is nothing as comforting as a confident man if you don’t  trust on yourself you won’t be able to learn how to turn a girl on. A woman gets more comfortable knowing that the man is in control. Confidence brings out a brave man and women love this. Acting confident is important even when you are not. Do not let the girl notice any moment where you lose your confidence. Losing your confidence will lead to her losing the faith in you.

3) Check on your grooming

You can turn on a girl by simply looking stunning. To achieve this, you must be clean and smell good. Do not overdo the cologne because this will irritate her and everyone else who is around you especially in you are in public.

Ensure that you dress well and that your hair is well kept. This should not be a onetime thing but the usual. This will definitely get to her and the outcome is a turned on girl who wants you close to her for all the right reasons.Grooming play a major role when looking to know how to turn on a girl

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4) Start touching her gently

You have managed to start turning her on by simply making her like what she sees. Now, you can go the extra step and touch her lightly. This can help you to play with her and arouse her nerves. Now that you have pleased her eyes, you need to please her psychology. Touch her gently through her skin with the aim of getting under her skin.It is by far one of the best tips to use if you are looking to learn how to turn on a  woman

5) Whisper in her ear and play with her neck

The ear is one of the most sensitive areas a man can tease without having to strip her woman to get closer to her skin. Be gentle and speak sweet words into her ear. Try to get as close as you can to her ear so she can feel even your breath. The anxiety is bound to turn her on, as you should be able to notice her cringe in an arousing way.

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6) Caress her

Caressing a woman will work wonders if you are looking to turn her on. simply ensure that she has allowed you to get this far. This stage will allow you to explore her body where you can identify all her sensitive part.

7) Play with her hair

Playing with her hair will work in your favor for two reasons. First, you will be able to get close to her. You will have a clear view of each other and at this point, you can have eye contact. Second. Playing with her hair tends to caress her neck and part of her face, especially because hair is gentle and soft.

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8) Kiss her passionately and gently

Kissing is a great way of turning her on. Be gentle especially as you get started. It does not really matter where you prefer to start but it is advisable that you do not simply stick to one part of her body or stick to kissing her on her lips. Kiss her neck and her ears. You can gently bite then to create some excitement that will definitely turn her on.

9) Be spontaneous

If you have been going out for a while, it becomes boring if you will be trying to turn her on with the very same tactics. Avoid this and become spontaneous. Give her something to think about and give her the very best but different from time to time.

How to turn her on

How to turn a girl on can be a challenge if you are not sure of how to go about it. However, with the above pointers, you will be able to start to turn her on right from the moment she sees you approaching her. It is not a one-act process and you need to exercise some patience before you can reap the benefits.