5 Natural Ways to Increase Breast Size Fast


It is evident that many women are looking to change the size of their natural breast size. Many are looking to increase their natural breasts. However, the question of using technologically advanced methods and machinery is not their cup of tea even if they can afford it. For others, the expenditure will not fit into their budget.

Good news is that you can still increase breast size naturally at home. The difference is that you need to be patient as the results are not as fast as using medical procedures. However, you can be sure that there are no side effects. In addition, as long as you do not have allergic reactions, you have nothing to lose. The following are natural ways to increase breast size.

5 Best Ways to Increase Breast Size Naturally


1) Introduce the right exercises

Exercising does not only improve your physical overall appearance but it works to increase your breast size especially with the following workout exercises. They work by firming your breasts, improve the size gradually, and boost the perkiness. Here  are the two most important exercise to increase your breast size naturally:

Chest presses

To carry-out, this exercise all you need to do is lie down, bend your knees to place your feet on the ground flat, and using dumbbells, lift the weights using your chest muscles. Do not do this fast, it is best that they are slow and sure. Repeat the process at least 12 times once you set your mind to carrying out this exercise between 3-5 times every week.


Lie down on your belly; lift your weight and balance n the palm of your hands and toe tips. Lift your weight in this position up and down rhythmically. Ensure that your back is straight and that your hips are elevated for better results. Repeat this process 12 times between 3-5 times every week.

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2) Incorporate the right diet

This comes in handy, especially for thin people. Your breasts are comprised of majorly fat and you can get this from eating the right diet. In this, you are required to increase your calorie intake. However, because women have different fat disposal areas, it is advisable that if you do not like what the calories are doing to the rest of your body, you can stop using this method to increase your breast size. Eating healthy in an effort to balance your reproductive hormones will also help to increase your breast size.

Some of the foods to consider include nuts and oilseeds such as fennel seeds, fenugreek seeds, chestnuts, walnuts, as well as flax seek. Also include soy products such as soybean milk, soy yogurt, and soybeans, all grain cereals, legumes, white meat, green leafy vegetables, fruits, and healthy beverages.

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3) Develop a straight posture

Your posture contributes a great deal to how your breast size appears. If you slouch, the probability that your breast size will appear smaller is very high. Work towards standing up straight and it will have a great change in how your breast size appears. Working on your posture may just be what you need to increase your breast size.

For you to see how far this remedy can offer, all you have to do is stand in front of a mirror and stand straight. If it pleases you, then you can work towards straightening your posture by simply walking straight and your body will adopt the new posture gradually.

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4) Invest in a good bra in your size

The correct bra size is very important for every woman. The wrong bra size is not only uncomfortable but it also affects the overall size of your breasts making them appear smaller. Bras are designed to lift your breasts but only if they are in the right size. With the right boost, they will definitely appear larger. If you are not sure about what breast size you are, you can ask for assistance when shopping for your lingerie.

Alternatively, you can incorporate the use of a push-up bra or a padded bra. These seek to add volume (padded bras) or lift (push-up bras) to your natural breasts making make appear larger. This is a quick fix solution that works instantly and anytime you need it, it is right there.

5) Breast massage

Breast massage is essential for those looking to maintain healthy breasts and can also increase your breast size. The massage methods used to ensure breast size increment include the swirling motion, the lift and shape motion and the pumping motion. You can do this in the bathroom until you notice the necessary change.

A natural way to increase breast size fast

If you are looking to increase your breast size and the medical versions spook you out, you can do it naturally from the comfort of your home. While others methods such as using a push-up bra offer an instant change, other methods require patience such as exercising. However, incorporate the different natural ways to help provide long-term benefits in increasing your breast size.

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