Are you wondering how you can turn a guy on? Well, you can turn on a man in several ways. Though many argue that it is dependent on what the man likes, it is not necessarily true. There are key pointers that are bound to turn on every guy.

7 Ways to turn a guy on

The added advantage is that men can be turned on by what they see even before they get to touch. For women, it can be a little easier to turn on a man as opposed to a man turning on a girl. For every girl out there, the following tips will help you to learn exactly that.

Go mild on perfume

go mild on the perfume

The market is filled with the perfume of all kinds. In this, you need to be very selective before settling for one. It is therefore advisable that you use a mild perfume to avoid irritating him or overcrowding him. When it is too strong, you are bound to chase him. He will try to back away in an effort to stay away from all the strong scent. This also applies to any scented products that you are using. Be sure to also read our tips on other ways to get him to notice you.

Touch him when conversing

touch him while conversing

Touch works fast and easy in your favor. If you are looking to learn how to turn a guy on fast that will be  Do not rush to stripping naked and getting all over him. Make this the usual routine but play around. When having a conversation, ensure that you are facing each other and that you are very close to each other. This will ensure that you can play with him.

When conversing, laugh and simply touch his thigh. If you are used to each other, you will have a lot of opportunities to get to touch him without making it look like you are getting desperate. Make any excuse to touch him. Adjust his collar and slowly run your fingers down his chest pretending to be checking if the adjustment is fine. This gentle and sensitive touches will him on the light a light bulb.

Try on some makeup

try on some makeup

Makeup can be a plus for you especially if you know how to apply it. If not, simply try to apply the basics such as an eye pencil and some lipstick. This adds a more feminine look. However, keep in mind that if your guy does not like make-up and he puts the state on the table, then it is best that you try adding some color with makeup. Ensure that your makeup matches your skin complexion and color. Do not overdo it. Simple makeup can go a long way into getting his attention and turning him on.

Show off some skin

show off some skin

Given the chance, your man would want to see you naked without anything on you. However, since you cannot walk around naked, you can get this desire to work in your favor. Rather than stay naked, it is advisable that you show off some skin. When deciding to show some skin, you do not have to go all the way and reduce your clothing extremely.

It is important that you remain comfortable and confident. In this, ensure that you show skin to the point that you are still comfortable. If you are rather sensitive, you can leave out some cleavage, legs, and thighs, as well as your hands.

Use your voice

As a woman, your voice can work in your favor if you are looking to seduce a man and turn him on. All you have to do is make it warm and sweet. Talk gently which will enable you to feel more feminine near him. However, do not strain yourself to avoid sounding like a broken record. Try whispering when you are close to him.

Be yourself and stay healthy

be yourself and stay healthy

Bing yourself means that you do not go to extremes you would not venture into under normal circumstances. This also contributes to you becoming attractive to the eye. Your general appearance should complement who you are and it should reflect on your personality.

Avoid dressing skimpy, as this will only lead to a one – night stand that you are more likely to regret. Being yourself will also prevent the chances of you having to pretend. Look for the signs that can tell you if he likes you. Guys can tell when you are uncomfortable and the aspect of pretense is a turn off as it makes you sound like a fake.

Be happy

There is nothing as good as being happy and joyous. It gives a positive reflection of your personality. Being cold and unhappy will make the guy feel like he made the wrong decision about you and he is more likely to be looking for a reason to leave than to stick around. A happy woman will smile warmly and this can easily turn a guy on.

How to touch a guy

Final thoughts

Turning a guy on a fast can be easy with the above tips. It all starts with playing with his mind, teasing him, and making him very comfortable. As a woman, you do not have to sit back and wait for him to make the next move. You can use the above tactics and initiate the experience while at the same time holding on to your dignity and pride.

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