What girls like in guys?


What girls like in guys can be different. Girls are definitely different and their likes and preferences will vary even when it comes to guys.

However, there are similarities on what girls like in a guy just like you will find there are things they will agree they do not like.

It can, however, be confusing but many guys still want to be on the right side hoping that they offer what every girl hopes to have.

If you are looking to identify what girls like in guys, the following pointers will guide you through identifying what they look out for in men.

What girls like: 7 Things You Must Know


1) Confidence is a winner.

A confidence man is able to portray most of his other impressive features to the ladies. If you are good at sports, hold on to that strength and make the best of it.

Confidence will be observed in other aspects such as in the manner you walk, your speech, as well as in the overall way you carry yourself.

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2) Physic

Your physic is very important. Every girl likes a man who is sensitive about the way they appear. It is true that not all men will ever have a similar physic but there is much more to physical appearance than going to the gym and having six packs.

Talking of a guys physic, you are looking at not slouching your shoulders, standing tall in the crowd, as well as exploiting your strengths when it comes to your body.

By taking advantage of what you love within your physic, you will notice that girls will also notice the same strength.

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3) Charm

Charm goes hand in hand with a great sense of humor. A charming man is a ladies man but in a positive manner.

This is because he can make a compliment without having to fake it. Natural charm makes it easy for women to talk to you and you are welcoming and warm.

4) Neatness

Every girl loves a man who understands his wardrobe and is sensitive to looking great. This starts with your hair, your nails, and to your clothes.

Ensure that your clothes are well ironed and that they fit right. It is a turn on that a guy will dress up without the help of a woman.

The hair should be combed at all times and the cut should be picked out with care to ensure it works great with the facial features. A rugged man is a turn off for every woman. This goes hand in hand with cleanliness.

Cut your nails and ensure you use a good deodorant to complete the entire look. Get one that is manly and the women will not help but turn their heads just to check out who walked passed them.

5) Sense of humor

There is nothing as boring as a guy who is boring. A sense of humor is noticeable by every girl and you can bet on it that any girl would rather spend time around a guy who has a sense of humor than one who does not.

This is because, with a sense of humor, you are interested and you can keep a conversation going. Make the girls happy and you will be hanging around more girls that you can handle.

6) Courage

This is because girls would love to know that they can rely on you when things seem to get tougher. The ability to indicate courage and bravery will turn on any girl.

This is because they know that you are reliable when things get tough and that you will not be running in the same direction, as you will be.

This does not mean you are required to fight off a lion. Girls will love it that you can protect her from bullies or be able to get back something someone bullied her out off.

It may not necessarily mean that you have to do it all right but the gesture that you tried will not be easily forgotten.

7) Intelligence

Intelligence contributes greatly towards girls liking you. Ask yourself why girls will approach the guy who could help them figure out what is happening.

When referring to intelligence, it is important to note that one has to be all rounded. It is not just about being book smart and you have no idea what the rest of the world is going through.

This prevents limiting the topics to address. It can be a challenge but you do not necessarily have to know it all.

What girls like in guys – Other factors to consider

what girls like in guys can go on and on from this list if you were to get down and start to group different types of girls. .However, the above summarizes the overall aspects that girls like in guys.

Working on the different aspects will help you get the girl of your dreams. Even being a bad boy will still require that you adopt similar traits.